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Women’s Role in Society: D. H. Lawrence Essay

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For many years, women played a small role socially, economically, and politically. Because of this, many writers portray this role of women In their works of literature. D. H. Lawrence was the first great writer of the twentieth century to come from the working class. Much of his work deals with Issues of class and society. HIS famous novels such as Sons and Lovers, Women In Love, and Lady Chatterer’s Lover are about the position of men and women In society. In “Give Her a Pattern,” from Phoenix II: uncollected Papers of D. H. Lawrence, Lawrence criticizes men for not accepting women as real human beings of the feminine sex.

The feminist movement of Lawrence time continued to evolve becoming more powerful. However, D. H. Lawrence purports a fact of life that “men are fools,” and that women follow patterns men set for them. Men don’t know what they really want, since most times once they achieve something, they move on to improved things. A man has this perception of how he portrays the perfect woman or wife, yet once he finds a woman of his liking, he will pursue her until he Is satisfied and then Immediately begins to see other women, which he now wants more.

Women on the there hand are always looking for the right type of “pattern’ to follow so that they become more attractive to men. Usually after marriage, the woman’s pattern falls to pieces because men begin to admire other patterns and therefore other women. Lawrence believed women of his day were unable to make a choice without the direction of their men and they were unable to control their emotions. He states that women need to become stronger, more powerful, and more independent. There is always something wrong with the female character that needs to be fixed.

They did what was asked of them without much of a fight. It was not until women started standing up for their rights that they were heard and taken seriously. A woman can have Just the same power over a man as a man might over a woman. In society today, I believe that both men and women both don’t know what they really want. It used to be that women lived up to the men’s expectations and did everything they way they like it. However, now it is a completely different ball game. Women are much more independent and don’t necessarily need a man to support her.

Women do still follow a pattern according to the man she likes. Women don’t easily give homeless away to the men anymore and therefore men have it hard to impress their dream girl as well. They also have to follow a certain pattern according to their choice of women. Men and women both after finding the one they like tend to look for someone better. It is part of human nature, greediness. There is always someone better but It Is up to you to choose who the perfect one for yourself is and much confidence Is needed to find that special someone.

The movie “Hitch” Is a perfect example that depicts the relationship between men and women. Alex “Hitch” Hitchers (Will Smith) is a legendary “date doctor” who, for a reflections bachelor, Hitch discovers that all of his tried and true tricks of the trade are no match for Sara Meals (Eva Mended), the one woman he truly loves. Men are shown to follow a certain pattern to impress the girl of their dreams and Sara on the other hand is shown prevailing and independent. “…

He’s Just some guy I went to some thing with once” (Hitch). This quote states that women (despite the fact tat they are gentler) think almost identical to the way men do. Hitch’s love from high school left him and left wounds in his heart, which proves that women leave men as well in search for someone better. One of Hitch’s clients, Albert Brenna, is hopelessly in love with Allegro Cole. She is beautiful and is always center of attention; however, she is trying to find her voice as a woman.

The belief that women are somehow “less than” men and unable to decide for them, still prevails today. Therefore, the role of women is not yet equal to men. Lawrence has written a number of novels in which women take on very powerful roles and lead interesting lives. A part of the literary group in England who experimented in new kinds of thinking, writing, and lifestyles, Lawrence steps into some dangerous territory. However, he has also received criticism from feminists about his portrayals of the relationship men and women share in society.

He finds himself caught between two sides in life’s oldest battle-the battle of the sexes. He was a male chauvinism of his period. He believes that women should stand up for themselves and men need to accept woman as human beings and not their puppies. Much of what D. H. Lawrence states in “Give Her a Pattern” still holds true in modern society, however, now men also have to live by a “pattern. “Works Chitchatted. Dir. Andy Tenant. Writ. Kevin Busch. Peer. Will Smith, Eva Mended, and Kevin James. 2005

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