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    Windshield Survey Reflection Sample Essay

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    While finishing my windscreen study I had many disclosures about the community I have lived near all my life. They will be discussed along with three facets of community life that could impact wellness. each with two nursing intercessions that would bring forth a positive consequence on the wellness index. It will name community wellness partnerships. while placing cultural diverseness and its function in community wellness. All my life I have lived near the metropolis of Watertown population 30 1000. The economic system has been affected for the worse along with many occupation losingss locally over the last 20 old ages. My feeling of the country has ever been that is consisted of largely middle- income to upper- income criterion of life with minimum low income. After finishing the windscreen study “the equivalent of a community caput to toe appraisal. ” ( Stanhope. & A ; Lancaster. 2012. p. 420 ) so re-driving the same path once more was a existent oculus opener. The whole metropolis is so complex the thought of boundaries that aren’t fencings was foreign to me at first but is now so obvious.

    Looking closely at the places and the status the houses. paces. pavements were in gives an thought of the prosperity of the people populating at that place. It can be easy to drive through residential countries on occasion and non truly see the status the community is in. It takes a trained oculus to readily place concerns. The country has a big military base within 20 stat mis so there is a diverse cultural population with a big part being immature individual males. The first nursing diagnosing of intoxicant and drug usage is refering for many countries of the population. From the solider place on leave many with PTSD. to the many other people in the community that maltreatment intoxicant and drugs. The two intercessions would be rehabilitating the person and guidance to forestall backslide status by supplying the individual with effectual get bying accomplishments. The military community has a big Post Traumatic Stress Rehabilitation centre on base for the soldiers to seek attention. The local community has Credo Foundation that has in patient attention for those in demand of rehabilitation services. and outpatient guidance services to assist better behaviours and advancement during the rehabilitation procedure.

    Many other community services exist to supply support for the addicted individual. such as in-patient mental wellness section at the local infirmary. The 2nd intercession would be to make community support for proper nutrition and wellness intercession related to increased wellness issues due to alcohol and drug maltreatment. This could be provided through public wellness testing clinics. wellness just information. Red Cross soup kitchens. The 2nd wellness concern would be the high rate of adolescent gestation. A diagnosing could be anxiety related to deficiency of income and medical attention during gestation due to deficiency of instruction and household support. The intercessions would be to seek aid from the community WIC. PCAP and societal service office for immediate fiscal aid so medical attention would non be delayed. The 2nd would be to supply community support and instruction. parenting categories. etc. . to the vulnerable population on adolescent gestation while making groups within the community to go on supplying support for those in demand. The 3rd wellness concern is the degree of illiteracy in the community much of it related to the high rate of adolescent gestation.

    The first intercession would be diminishing the figure of high school bead outs while increasing the degrees of reading accomplishments in school. This could be done by making community support that will increase the handiness of coachs. support groups. in school and the community. to help child care ( BOCES provides in school twenty-four hours attention ) that will maintain immature parents in school. The 2nd would be increasing the handiness fiscal support so the teenage parents can afford to remain in school. community support and public bureaus ( Catholic Charities. Church nutrient larders ) could supply the aid that may be needed to finish the proper signifiers leting for aid. The culturally diverse populations in the community still face the same issues with intoxicant and drug maltreatment. along with adolescent gestation and illiteracy. Often this is due to linguistic communication barriers and a hapless apprehension of the cultural norms for the specific population. Bilingual suppliers. and written information provided in native linguistic communications is the first measure in bettering communications and apprehension of the populations diverse demands. Communicationss provided in the media via Television. wireless. cyberspace and written word is a everyday procedure.

    The function of the community is to advance public wellness to better the wellness of each person that will in bend improve the wellness of the whole community. The national partnership for action. is an “inclusive wellness and societal system that treats people equitably and creates conditions in which all people can accomplish optimum wellness reflects an educated society and a strong economic system. ” ( Minority wellness. 2012 ) It is so of import for the members of a community to hold medical attention available along with community support so all communities can boom. A function of nurses in the Healthy people 2020 is to be a patient advocator and aid bridge the communicating spread between the medical community and the community’s population. Nurses can supply information on adolescent gestation in the school scene and the community puting through schools. clinics and local infirmaries ; besides in place support through Cornell concerted extension and public wellness. These procedures should ever acknowledge the cultural diverseness of the local community.


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