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    Why Was Florence Considered Important For Culture And Arts Essay

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    As the birthplace of the renaissance, Florence, Italy has been the innovator and contributor to humanitys freedom from the medieval time. With its various collection of arts, landmarks, and architecture, Florence, Italy has been labeled as a substantial center for culture and the arts. As an amalgam of past and present, Florence has given birth to many talented people such as Michelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, and Donatello. With all its past preserved and shown as a living museum, many who visit are inspired by Florences alluring beauty.

    Florence has always been an admirer for the arts in various hues, solely due to the contributions of the Medici family in creating the grand palaces and funding monumental works of art. The Medici family dominated Florence nearly three centuries, and as the first patrons of the art, they sparked an intellectual movement in art throughout Italy and Europe.

    It was the Medici family who funded most of the arts during the renaissance. Art for the government, commercial, and church buildings were all contributions of the Medici family. Especially their opalaces were filled with large collection of paintings and lavishly styled neoclassical architecture influenced Italy ever since it had been created.

    By the 1700s, Florence was the mandatory stop for young wealthy British aristocrats for studies and purchasing of artwork. That Florence, Italy was an epitome of classical world, it was very important for young men to study its history and the arts. Soon British men were not the only people that visited Florence, but many American stepped onto the Florence soil and absolutely fell in love with the large city, luxurious hotels, villas, and mostly the beautiful view. Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American writer fell inspired at the serene view of the hill top view of Florence, in his later years wrote the book The Marble Faun.

    Other than literature, many unimaginable building structures emerged from Florence. These colossal buildings and structures seem almost too monumental for humans to work with. However, Florence being the birthplace of renaissance simply proved that humans were able to achieve such criterion. The Palazzo along with the Cathedral is examples of an amalgam of different architectural styles used from the past at that present time.

    The techniques that had been lost due to the dark ages were conjured and reused to create variety of wonderful buildings. For an example, the Cathedral had been a gargantuan challenge for many. Building a dome large enough to fit twenty thousand people was at first hopeless, but when the dome of the Cathedral was finally finished, it truly showed the length humans were able to take.

    From the collections of arts, to the advancement in humanity, Florence, Italy has been the foundation and the birthplace for culture and arts. Even through the pit falls of the flood and the horrible aftermath of the World War II, Florence still maintained its beauty and inspiration. Considering that Florence was able to overcome many of these challenges and impediment, it is the sole reason why Florence takes on a role as an important center for culture and the arts. Because the city was able to preserve its past and at the same time support the modern age, it acts as one of the most important center for culture and the arts.

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