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    Why I Want to Be a Nurse and the Knowledge That I Should Get

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    An intensive care unit nurse (ICU) requires an understanding of critical care. John is an emergency medical technician, and his wealth of knowledge will help while caring for patients on the ICU floor. If a patient goes through a swift modification of condition, he will be ready, willing, and able to know the next step in care (Lewis-Pierre, Amankwaa, Kovacich, & Hollis, 2013). Although he is an introvert, John may come out of his shell once he grasps the flow of the intensive care unit. An ICU nurse obligates to cooperate with patient’s, their loved ones, and associates (Lewis-Pierre et al., 2013).

    A conversation between John and I will take place to enquire of his stand on working with others. Many people are in and out of the ICU and John must be able to update the families of the ill patient. Working with a group that interacts well with others allows a learnng opportunity for John. Since John wants to be a flight crew nurse; he will work hard at his objective to accomplish the two years it involves in the critical care unit (CCU). The prior employers whom John operated under gave him a glowing review as a person who knows how to think critically.

    Good use of his critical thinking will come in handy while arranging and treatment administration for his patients (Lewis-Pierre et al., 2013). John’s understanding of nursing will create a stronger clinical team on the 11PM-7AM shift. A few men are already on the night shift, and this is another way to help John to come out of his shell and interact with the other guys. Since the night shift operates outside of working hours, it will also permit him to be open to trusting relationships.

    The second nurse will be Mary. Mary receives the position for 3PM-11PM shift. According to Innes & Calleja, (2018), new nurses appointed to the ICU are efficient due to the nurse providing orientation. Mary is a previous licensed practical nurse, so she knows how to connect with patients’. Mary needs to be more confident in deciding the actions to take with her patients. The only way to increase confidence is to practice. The purpose of placing her on the second shift is for Mary to revitalize the group.

    Nothing is wrong with assertiveness, yet it is a problem when the group is unwelcoming to other nurses. If the nurses see this, so are the patients’. As a leader, break the ice by welcoming the future of nursing (Mary). It creates a chance for one of the nurses to teach the future. Although she had a position in a critical care unit before, Mary did not perform in the place of a registered nurse. She may know her way around the CCU and now the time is here for a positive orientation from the best nursing group.

    Innes & Calleja, (2018), came to the conclusion which says the nurse who precepts the new nurse will be able to recognize if a new nurse is self-reliant or not and if the nurse is not the preceptor will reassure the new nurse by using the information taught over the years as a nurse. Teamwork is how nurses provide the most exceptional care to patients.

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