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    What Is Mean a Responsibility

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    Responsibility is an important trait that can mean life and death, also poor and rich. Teens have been lacking with passing high school to everyday driving however they still get the rights that educated people get when they pass. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to responsibility but the teens who pass high school are showing they are responsible.

    The United States has been the #1 country in the world, it will fall behind despite the freedoms of the country, the reason why is teenagers are being a bit complicated as they cause accidents more than anyone else because the U.S gives them the freedom to drive, join the military and many others that can be fatal, as soon as the person passes or redos high school.

    In order to produce better adults for the future the adults needs to figure out when the teens can be considered adults as of now the teens are failing school and to make matters worse supervision of the teens is lacking as well as connecting with them, which has been driven off by texting and social media time.

    As you already know the U.S is considered the best however the freedoms still apply to teens who fail high school. According to “Teenagers’ Texting Time Fails to Translate Into a Sparkling Prose” by John Hechinger , as he says “… Adds to concern about American schoolchildren’s knowledge of math and science relative to other countries, particularly China, Japan and other Asian economic rivals, lagging student performance has bedeviled U.S presidents…”

    The “adults” have been voting however they did not even pass high school bringing wrong people into office or putting numbers in the wrong person.This is affecting our whole country and it can hurt it. Less people are voting for good people because they don’t the actual truth, they can’t think for themselves making them irresponsible. Responsibility isn’t something a person achieves as soon as he/she turns 18 they must put their heart, sweat and tears to earn it.

    Schools are the reason why smart people are in the U.S but not enough and not long after those educated people are overran by “ignorant adults.”

    The majority always wins, which right now the U.S has plenty of high school dropouts and uneducated “adults.” According to “Camera in the Classrooms? Sure!” by Lane Filler, she states that “…Schools sent students with a tiny vocabulary, no self discipline, poor nutrition, terrible sleep habits, unstable home lives, and emotional behavioral problems can’t produce great scholars.” it’s a matter of luck and not everyone is given an equal opportunity.

    Let’s say this continues as it is, the Education system is failing our students as it is, as the teens who graduate have good habits because of good habits, this generation needs to be smart as technology is getting better and better, and it will soon set us back into the 1900s, if teens don’t get off the phones and pass their classes, the U.S is doomed.

    Social media, every person uses this everyday but teens use it more. It is a habit that no one can get out of. Teens text at school, at home, even in the bathroom surely they would get better at spelling and writing. According to the article “Teenagers’ Texting Time Fails To Translate Into Sparkling Prose” by John Hechinger, he says “On the writing exam, 24 percent of students were considered proficient in writing and 3 percent, advanced.”

    The United States isn’t producing enough students that are educated.24 percent is very low compared to other countries which remember the U.S is the best country and if teens can’t be decent in school, why give them all the rights when they fail high school? It’s like giving someone free stuff which everyone knows, nothing is free in this world.

    Finally, these subjects are very different but they connect to one important trait of humanity, that is responsibility. People must be responsible to keep a country running well, Teens in high school must be able to care for themselves and keep good habits. Social media needs to be limited if students they get distracted by it all the time. Adults should be able to pass high school if not you are not considered an adult. Being responsible isn’t earned by turning 18, it is earned by passing high school as nothing is free nor easy, becoming an adult shouldn’t be easy but considering our moments now, it is.

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