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    Ways of Seeing by John Berger Essay

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    When thinking of good art or bad art what is there to think? I believe that art is art. While reading “Ways of Seeing” I see that most people need to understand the true meaning of art. Art is painting, drawings, sculptures, and etc. Art can be formed in many shapes or sizes. In the essay Mr. Berger states that “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak. ” When Berger states that children look and recognizes before it can speak shows a lot with art. This means that as a child i learn things not only from my mother but from how I seen it and remembered it.

    For an example I learned that my bottle was my form of food and that my pacifier was and from of way to keep me calm and something to hush me up from the crying. With using my eyes I form to see what I want to learn them on my own with my own thoughts. When looking at an picture do I see words or figure or possibly an design? I see and figure or more I hardly ever see words in an art visual. Art can also be seen from feelings. “When in love, the sight of the beloved has a completeness which no words and no embrace can match”- line 4. I never thought that being in love is a type of art.

    With being in love it can be seen as two types of art. The first thing is good and soothing art. When being happily in love you see good things like smiles, hugs, laughter, and more. Then there is bad love when it can be seen as good love turned into bad things in one picture. With seeing two types of love in a picture one way it can be smiling and happy and as soon as you flip the picture upside down you see frowns. Why does art mean so much to the world? John Berger claims that art carters to the tastes and interest of the rich. In which way is this false?

    When Berger made this statement made me believe that he only have one mind set and it is for the rich. When going to really nice art galleries to see very nice picture they are usually expensive, why? I say they its very expensive when most very good paintings have a copyrights to the picture. Which means that no one can claim this painting without permission or also repaint this painting in the exact same way that the copyright is made like. When good paintings takes a while to think of thoughts deep within for the works of art. Sometimes art can be assumed to be high price because the venue it is placed at.

    I firmly believe that his statement was false because art is not only made for the rich and wealthy people. Art is made for everyone to learn to stimulate their minds to go into a different form of thoughts. It’s mainly formed to look outside the box. when being lower class, middle class, high class, rich or poor doesn’t matter your train of thought because with being any class you can look at the same picture and get the same thought as a rich person. The art galleries and painting can be arranged from high prices so that the artist can get over on the buyer to get more money.

    Most paintings can be so simply and price ranges can be from One Hundred Dollars and up, why because most times the artist claims they spend several hours painting or drawing so they should be able to charge more. The artist wants to be paid for the labor and the money they had to use to for all the materials like frame and paint and the utensils. I strongly believe that art is not only catered to the tastes and interest of the rich. It is created because it comes from their heart and mind of the artistic creators. When clothing lines like Ralph Lauren Polo, Gucci, Coach, Nike and etc. o people that that is it only for the rich? I believe not because all can afford and all can buy if they have enough money.

    Most artist and creators should have an open mind to what they price their belongings at if they want to have very good sales rate and sales income if they make their prices affordable. In today’s world modern art can be anything you want it to be. Art can be clothes, shoes, people, and more. Modern art is is a form of art that is traditional. When I look at art from the earlier days like in the 1860s till 1970s the art is more dull and plain. When I look at art now in today’s world I see more colors.

    Looking at art today I can see that more artist in today’s world possibly took a risk can did bolder things that most artist wouldn’t do. Most artist today mixed colors and did different shapes and more. I have say my kind of art is human body art. I like the fact that these people are very comfortable with their body to let the world see. The artist will paint the body of their model. The model would have all type of color and all type of designs. Body art can be from paint and tattoos and also jewelry. When I went to my first body art museum i was very amazed because of all the different type of art I was seeing.

    The artist will have them in different stands and they would move around and form a different stand. Do I think that today’s art relegated traditional art? Yes I believe that art have changed since the modern days. Why, because many people look at art as something meaningful and now sometimes in today’s world most people wouldn’t recognize good art. Which is why I believe that is why he believe that poor people would never understand art. Most poor people are and form of art because that is what most people seen and took their artistic mind and got there painting from them.

    Poor people are a form of art because they have nothing to show but what they have left which is their self. When looking at poor people you can see a picture of them that stays in your head. From them sitting on the ground and standing on the corner and more. Art can be seen from different points of view of the world. Berger stated that back in the day people had to go to the church to see murals on the walls and ceilings. Berger thinks that it is basically weird that you can take a picture on any device it was taken on and you can travel with it anywhere. Sometimes you are supposed to see thing as there but you see them as you them.

    History is a form of art also. Back when we as the people was not equal. We as in black in black people was seeing things different from the whites. All most people wanted to be is to be equal and that was the overall big picture. Most people seen that very different. As people grow up you have to learn to see the bigger picture. We see things the way we want sometimes because of the way we were brought up in the world. It is crazy because most people views are not the same at all. When you go to and art gallery i look at the black history as a picture of hurt and people wanting better.

    Most people that didn’t want to be equal or that wasn’t taught or brought up to be equal see different. They probably see that it was ok to be treated that way. In today’s world we don’t see things as other at all we see what we want. When you see what you want you see what you believe in. When you see what you want you possibly do not see no right or wrong. Why because that is what you was brought up to believe in. When seeing things the way you want and not how they are supposed to be seen can affect the artist. This can affect the artist because it defeats the purpose of their point of view of their art.

    A picture was form for peace and positive and you may see war and negativity. Why because you are simply brought up in today’s world to see thing the way you want to see them. Is this fair to the artist no it is not because it makes them think that his picture has another concept then what is was made to be. Sometime the artist may change his whole artistic concept to make people in today’s world think outside the box and see the bigger picture. I believe that one day most people will turn to see the bigger picture that we are supposed to see. We are supposed to see thing as the way they are not how want to see them.

    It is not fair to the artist and their whole concept of their artistic account. We as people have to be able to allow our mind to expand to see more than the average. Why does mean so much to the world? Reading John Berger “Ways of Seeing” has made me see art in such a different way. Art is important because it creates both independence and coordinated effort. They make it conceivable to utilize individual qualities as a part of important ways. It additionally gives chances to representation toward oneself, bringing the internal world into the external universe of solid reality.

    Also an approach to express dreams that are past the limit of words and a medium for social edification. Information of expressions of the human experience is an essential establishment for edified citizenship in our undeniably entangled world. Just like the reactions of craftsmen to the occasions of 9/11 are only one indication of the crucial part that expressions of the human experience play in investigating the passionate measurements of experience, in molding the way individuals discuss basic issues and in defining dreams without bounds, both for specialists and their gatherings of people.

    Everything that happens around the world is a form of art even if it does not appear in today’s world. John Berger made me open my eyes and see the bigger picture of the form of art. Art can be anything you put your mind to. If you open your eyes to see thing as they are you are an artist because your mind have painted an image that sticks to you for the rest of your life. I also believe that art is not ruined by the today’s world. I just very firmly believe that art has transform into a very new generation.

    This give people a chance to see the best of both worlds that art has formed into. Why because both generations of art has some very good art pieces in it. When you see good art back in the modern day’s you seen very strange things that related to the world that was around them. In today’s world art is much straighter to the point. Possibly made for the people now not to think as much as they should. This is why I say more people should be taught to think outside the box and see the bigger picture.


    Berger, John. Ways of Seeing. London: British Broadcasting :, 1973. Print.

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