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    Water Pollution In The Brunei River Essay

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    The questionnaire is aimed at recovering information on the occupants ‘ perceptual experience of H2O pollution in the Brunei River peculiarly in the H2O small town. Since the intent of the research is to understand how the occupants of the different countries in the H2O small town ( Kampong Ayer ) perceive H2O pollution in the Brunei River, the mark population is the occupants of the H2O small town as they are the 1s who live on the Brunei River. The questionnaire is divided into three subdivisions which are as follows: Section A – Residents ‘ Percept of Water Pollution in the Water Village, Section B – Method of Waste Disposal and Section C – Personal Particulars. Basically each of the different subdivisions in the questionnaire signifier an built-in portion of the informations needed to reply the purposes set out for this undertaking.

    Furthermore, from the inquiries posed in the questionnaire, I will be able to analyze the relationship between variables such as age, business and highest instruction attainment and the perceptual experience of H2O pollution. Certain inquiries are besides aimed at happening out ways to better the status in the Brunei River. Apart from that, some closed inquiries are accompanied by open-ended inquiries so that I can sketch the possible causal factors that lead to H2O pollution in the Brunei River. The inclusion of open-ended inquiries may so supply more information but they can be rather complex to categorise analyse. And the fact that most of the inquiries are closed inquiries means that it will be easier to inquire, answer and analyze the, nevertheless this besides means that ‘they can endure from the prejudice of restraining the responses into certain classs ‘ ( Parfitt, 2005, p.91 ) .

    Since the instance survey for the undertaking concentrates in the H2O small town, the trying scheme implemented here will be the graded sampling. This scheme is preferred so that the families in the H2O small town could be divided harmonizing to their location, that is, harmonizing to the different parts or small towns in the whole H2O small town itself. By utilizing this method, consistent coverage is ensured ( Lindsay, 1997, p.50 ) . However, the job with this is that certain small towns may hold fewer ( or none at all ) respondents than others and this leads us to the inquiry of distribution of the respondents in the H2O small town.

    For the intent of the undertaking, I am interested to cognize the perceptual experience of the population from the age of 12 old ages old onwards. And merely the local occupants in the H2O small town will have the questionnaire. The footing of the respondents ‘ standards is the fact that, the sentiments of the local occupants are needed as they are the 1 who interact with the environment and they have practically live at that place of all time since they were born. There are no age categories yet in the questionnaire as it depends on the respondents that we can acquire. Age of the respondents will merely be categorized one time the minimal Numberss of respondents have been identified.

    The minimal sample size for this survey is 380 people. This is due to the fact that an estimated 39000 people live in the H2O small town ( Curtis, M.D. , 2010 ) . The sample size is obtained by utilizing the Sample Size Calculator ( CRS, 2010 ) which allows the user to come in the needed assurance degree, assurance interval and the population so that it could automatically cipher the needful sample size. For the intent of this research, the assurance degree was set to 95 % with a assurance degree of 5 and a population size of 39000. The ensuing sample size required for this survey was found to be 380 people.

    Designation of research participants is first done by doing an assignment with each of the small town leaders in different parts of the Brunei Water Village. This is because, it is a normal process in Brunei to first discuss and inquire for blessing to carry on the study from the small town leaders as they can inform the occupants about the study foremost before really traveling into the field and carry oning the study. In add-on, the small town leaders will hold a list of the people populating in their country and therefore this could be used to randomly choose the participants.

    However, since the participants must include people from different age groups such as pupils, working people every bit good as the aged, the administering of the questionnaire will be done in different times of the twenty-four hours depending on who the identified participants are for that peculiar twenty-four hours. For case, if the targeted group of the clip is participants from the aged age group, the study will be conducted in the forenoons. The best is to go to the early forenoon supplications in the small town mosque to randomly pick a few participants. The best clip to carry on the study is on Fridays and Sundays where people do non hold to travel to work. And therefore I can acquire entree to identified participants who are working or are pupils.

    It is indispensable to acquire the perceptual experience occupants of different age groups so that I can compare their positions. Since illiteracy among the aged may be present in the H2O small town, the questionnaire would be administered by making it face to face. This is to guarantee that I can hold a good feedback peculiarly in footings of the open-ended inquiries in the questionnaire. As stated by Cloke et Al. ( 2007, p.133 ) , one of the advantages of administrating inquiries face to face is that it will enable the research worker to construe the reply provided by the respondents easy. This is most likely due to the fact that for this method, all the respondents have to make is merely state the reply and the research worker will enter it himself/herself in the questionnaire. This is peculiarly of import there are a few open-ended inquiries here which may be left answered if it were up to the respondents to make full it in on their ain.

    The replies collected for the open-ended inquiries are an indispensable portion of the study as it will hold an influence in the designation procedure for the causal factors of H2O pollution in the Brunei River. Furthermore, by administrating the questionnaire face to face, I will be able to interact more with the research participants. The aged people in the H2O small town are usually more willing to assist out in the study if they were to be interviewed instead than make fulling in the questionnaire themselves. However, the dependability of the informations obtained from this face to confront method is wholly dependent on how good the interviewer ( which is me ) is able to construe the responses given.


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