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    Vocation of a Business Leader Sample Essay

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    The Vocation of the Business Leader purposes to open the eyes and Black Marias of the people non merely simply concern leaders. but of all the people who are in the place and capable of leading. This lone tells us that we should non believe of ourselves ever. Everything is non about us all the clip. As concern leaders. they should non take for the success of themselves entirely but besides for the success of everyone in the company. Because with great power comes great duties. Furthermore. concern leaders can set aspiration into pattern when their career is motivated by much more than fiscal success. Change is the lone changeless thing in the universe as they say. Not merely does the universe alteration entirely but besides the civilization and people every bit good. Peoples who were given the opportunity of power would ever mistreat it ; utilize this power to derive more. even though at times they have to step on other people’s pes merely to be on top. Though it’s truly difficult to make and pick the right thing because sometimes making the right thing means giving your ain felicity and benefit for the good of all. On the other manus. making the right thing won’t be difficult as it may look if we merely pattern making it frequently. The mantra “For the common good. .

    For the common good” should be repeated over and over once more in our caput. through this simple manner we could remind ourselves to ever take what is ethically and morally right. Greed for wealth. power and celebrity is the root of all immorality in this universe. Jesus created the universe with equity. he created everything precisely for each one of us so that people would non whine and kick about what he does non hold and what other have ; but people have ne’er been contented. As what Economics would specify. the ne’er stoping wants and demands of people. Sometimes. I would gaze at the window of my condo contemplating about what the universe might hold been if merely people were happy and contented of what they have. Then. there would be no pollution. mendicants and raging “sikad drivers” on the street around Taft and possibly our amah wouldn’t be here. If merely people were contented and ne’er have been insecure for what other has. On the other note. my female parent would maintain on popping in my caput stating “Everything has a ground. Ate” . Possibly there is a ground why selfish people exist.

    It may be because Jesus wants us to be exposed non merely merely on the good material. but to state us that bad things besides do be. Not to sock and detest these selfish people but assist them happen a manner to the route of goodness. Leaderships are non the lone people who have duties to carry through but everyone has. Each one of us should assist each other to be the best individual that we could be. To remind one another that power. wealth and celebrity is non the key to happiness. They are simply material things that make our life convenient but it doesn’t mean that they are the prototype of felicity. Happiness is populating in a universe surrounded by people who care and love each other without numbering the cost. It’s about being happy with what you have and sharing the things you have and know to the people who needs it the most.

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