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    Violent Video Games

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    Violent video games have been being created since the first console. Yet only recently have we been blaming them for aggression in the player. We as humans have a tendency to blame our violent behavior on other things rather thin ourselves.

    Now aggression is being defined in many ways in this situation but mainly people point to the anger that’s brought out in the real world after the game or maybe it’s the gamers’ tendency to have outburst will playing the game. Both these thing show anger but do they really show that the game is what caused it. This same situation could be put in the place of me eating a potato and getting angry right after is it really the potatoes fault no. everyone get frustrated here and there could it not be that the player is only getting frustrated with the game same as if I was to get frustrated with trying to open something. Anger is a mysterious thing we all have it just some of us choose to show it more than others whether it be for one reason or another.

    Aggression is not the same thing a assertiveness. will playing games that include a vs. mode if the player was to die or be defeated by another player they usually want to retaliate and most people call this aggression but it’s not it’s the player trying to show his assertiveness over the other or that he’s better so basically if you have in aggressive beaver after the game its not from the game it’s something that was already inside of you it’s something that has been bubbling up for some time little things here and there push it further and it just so happens that the last thing to push you to the edge was a game it could have been anything. Data is a huge part of this idea of games causing violence in the player and there are many facts backing up that that they don’t. Research from oxford showed a rise in aggression when the player has a difficulty completing the task at hand in the game not just in violent video games.

    This shows that it’s not the game it’s the task which goes for everyday things in real life as well. Richard M Ryan, the co-author of a research study from the University of Rochester stated, that “aggression stems from feeling not in control or incompetent while playing. If the structure of a game or the design of the controls thwarts enjoyment, it is this, not the violent content, which seems to drive feelings of aggression” (Vincent). So this means that it ‘s not the violent content in the game causing the aggression its the fact the you don ‘t understand it or are just bad at it this gets you frustrated and angry. Another way to look at it is games are not harming us there helping.

    there allowing us to cope with our emotions, to enjoy challenging situations, and to relieve stress. games give us an opportunity to escape they allow us to get away from all our problems there not there to fix them but they do allow us to be less tense reality is a harsh thing and sometimes its good to just get away. Not only do violent video games benefit the player with their fears and anxieties, they also increase interaction between themselves and other players. Fifty-seven percent of males who are gamers play online while forty-three percent of females play online. games are not a bully pushing you to being a violent person or telling you not to be you no games are a outlet to let your imagination roar and your personality blossom its a place where you can be yourself and vent a little violent video games do not cause aggression in the player they help the player. there is even more data to back up the fact that video games do not cause aggression in the player here is a couple quotes from some studies that were being done.

    The website, Procon. org, reported that the “sales of video games have more than quadrupled from 1995-2008, while the arrest rate for juvenile murders fell 71. 9% and the arrest rate for all juvenile violent crimes declined 49. 3% in this same period”(Perry).

    This specifically shows that there is no correlation between the two and if you want to say there is then video games help stop violence. procon. org also reported, “A causal link between violent video games and violent behavior has not been proven. Many studies suffer from design flaws and use unreliable measures of violence and aggression such as noise blast tests. Thoughts about aggression have been confused with aggressive behavior, and there is a lack of studies that follow children over long periods of time.

    ”(perry) studies need to be more conclusive before such a claim is made. Video games can also be a place for experience a place to learn not all video games are not just pure violence. They can show us how to build and how to be an architect some video games even allow you to build whole cities. they can show you how to save a life there are so many implication a game can be used for recently a new gaming VR headset was previewed it allows the player to be fully emerged in the gaming world they are studying to use this to help doctors practice surgery or to allow the crippled to stand and walk again in virtual world when you combine this with motion capture like the kinect the possibility are endless so games are not just some brutal violent world for kids to run around in it also a place for many more things.

    According to ProCon. org Within hours of the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16, 2007, the attorney and anti game activist jack Thompson where trying to blame the tragedy on games in the end it was found that the shooter never played games. This is a something that gets tested time and time again and every time it’s throated. In the end this only proves my beginning statement that people like to blame other things rather thin themselves they can’t accept that a human can just be like that.

    Most anti gaming groups push forward that the violence in games is hurting our kids the most. That it’s setting a bad example for them showing them scenes far past their age. And that there’s nothing regulating these things and that there’s no way of telling what they’re buying their kids. There so afraid they’re going to buy them something that’s going to scare them.

    Well first of all science has proved them wrong in that the violence is hurting them it’s actually been proven that games can help as i earlier stated. Second ninety two percent of parents are present at the time a child purchase a game and eighty three percent of the time the parent gives them permission to play. On most of any game console there are parental control in which they can set so they can only access thin they can control whether or not a game of a m rating can play on that console. third the video game industry has created the rating system and almost any and all games sold in stores have to go through and survive strict scrutiny by a board of legal agents finally according to procon. org research has failed to prove there is any link or ever has been a link between video game violence and real world violence beside if there was a link wouldn’t you think that crime would have reason over the release of these games actually crime has dropped forty-nine percent between 1995 to 2008 in the same time game sales quadrupled. Violent video games do not cause aggression in the player.

    this will always be a widely talked about topic and will always be backed up by science and research as much as people would like to say video games cause violence and aggression. It’s just not the case people chose for themselves and they have their own free will it’s never been the game to use the aggression and it will never be. Aggression resides in all of us and how we chose to show it is our own decision. Games have been around for years and they’re here to stay. people are always going to have their opinions and option in what they chose however our population is growing to the point to be afraid of many things and once again we like to blame things other than our self for our own mishaps that is human nature.

    We have only just began to open the envelope of the future if we keep blaming progress for our own mistakes thin progress will never be made if we keep saying and trying to prove people wrong in something that has already been proven thin we will as a whole never succeed. The research theses people who believe games cause violence are doing are highly unorthodox and unneeded they use different and contradicting information every time there methods of measuring aggressing are not actually measuring it they are using loose definitions of it as well as violence how is it to be valid if they’re not even going by theses standards they also forget to put out other factors that make or cause aggression. All these thing just point to one thing there not fairly evaluating these games or people so there false accusations. violence in video games do not cause aggression in the player.

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