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    Two Contrasting Organizations Tesco And Oxfam Commerce Essay

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    Tesco is a shopping marketplace where we can buy our indispensable things. It can besides be define as a planetary food market and general selling seller headquartered in UK. Sir Jack Cohen founded Tesco in 1919, when he began to sell excess nutrient material from a stall in the East End of London. Tesco foremost appeared above a store in Edgware in 1929 and since so the company has grown and developed. Tesco is the 3rd largest retail merchant in the universe measured by income Tesco private limited corporation ( PLC ) is the biggest ace marketplace in UK which has 29 % of portions in market compared to other companies like asda which has 17 % portions in market. PLC private limited company and do n’t let its portions for sale publicly. Plc company makes net income more than public companies. A Plc company has no bounds of portion and portion capital and there is no bound to the members ‘ liability because there is no restriction on members ‘ liability

    Purpose of Tesco is to do money and invest and sale quality merchandises. And supply dependable stuffs to consumers.

    Why do Tesco be? Tesco exist to supply the goods and services that people and gaining money and net incomes from provides occupations for people the Tesco provides daily need merchandises. Merchandises that clients demand like nutrient, apparels, Home electircs, Sound and vision, Bed and bath, Furniture and kitchen, Clothing and jewelry, Toys and gift, Baby and yearlings, Garden needs.

    Merchandises and services supplied at net income, at cost and below cost. Tesco is acquiring net income by presenting new trade names and besides selling goods at lease.tehy are acquiring net income on merchandises by providing them to other states and at whole sale. They can sell merchandises by presenting off bundles to clients at low monetary values for a specific continuance which means to do them as a regular clients to derive net income in future. And besides out of seasons sale which shows selling at low cost.

    Aims of TESCO are as tesco is UK ‘s finest nutrient retail merchants holding 519 shops in England, Wales, and Scotland. And 105 shops in France managed by wine manufacturer and 44 in Hungary managed by international. Tesco offers best sensible monetary values. Tesco meets the demand of clients sentiments sing progress merchandise quality, pick, shop installations and service Tesco is the chief profitable investing with progressive return. Tesco is presenting immature endowments and sound direction of workers and preparation patterns and giving occupation on marit footing non by personal relations.Tesco keeping its relationships with merchandise shaper ‘s provider on quality and monetary value standards. Tesco is co runing on doing of nutrient in industry. besides Supplying good environment and protection.


    can be defined as Employee or executive who has the rule duty for a concern, or project The public sector in this type of ownership merely British people can acquire ownership in Tesco to derive net income.

    Exclusive Traders controlled and financed by one individual. Least expensive signifier of ownership to form. Exclusive owners receive all income generated by the concern to maintain or reinvest.

    Partnerships contains 2 -20 members who portion their assets and net incomes from concern.

    Public Limited Companies ( PLCs ) portions to the general populace it contains Minimum of 2 but no maximal figure of stockholders

    Private Limited Companies contains financed and controlled by between 2 and 50 stockholders.

    Franchises.A concern which has bought the right to merchandise under established name in different cities.e.g McDonalds, KFC.

    Co-operatives it contains Groups of people who enter concern and portion the benefits clients Co-operatives, Producer Co-operatives, Worker Co-operatives.

    Charitable trust for assisting dearths and roll up financess from rich.and besides receives financess from GOVT.


    It is a problem stand-in organisation which includes 14 states organisation with 3,000 spouses in around 100 states to diminish poorness and unfairness.It can be define as an International organisation which helps and supply preparation and fiscal assistance to people in developing states and catastrophe countries. A UK based organisation which was established in the 1942. Oxfam is runs, development plan and exigency response by co operation of internationally connected associations. Oxfam international was formed in 1995 by an independent non authorities organisation.


    Plants with local spouse organisation

    And helps hapless and poorness. And recognizing

    Peoples Their rights e.g. instruction, wellness


    Oxfam provides life salvaging AIDSs during

    Emergency and aid people for




    Puting the force per unit area on leaders to do long lasting alteration

    Oxfam International is group of 13 independent association contains Germany Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, , Great Britain, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, The Netherlands, Quebec, Spain and the United States.

    Why Oxfam exist? Oxfam exists to do a planetary impact on the causes of poorness. Today largely states countries are confronting jobs and Oxfam is the most efficient organisation to assist them. Campaign initiatives, be aftering and seting into pattern new tactics and schemes to distribute clime change.oxfam is seeking to do relationships globally with international NGOs to develop prosperity.

    Aims of OXFAM: Relieve agony caused by natural disasters.Oxfam supports peace and apprehension based upon common tolerance and regard. Strengthen people ‘s capacity to assist them. Oxfam works for trade justness, just trade, instruction and assistance, wellness, HIV/AIDS, struggle, candidacy and natural catastrophes, human rights, and clime alteration.

    Oxfam ‘s International intent.

    The chief intents of Oxfam are Promote, aid and manage relationship between the Oxfam international to make assist all disasterd people globall.and gaining name at international degree And taking poorness OXFAM has its commission in different states which are as under Oxfam GB ( Great Britain ) .Oxfam Canada.Oxfam America.

    Oxfam GB ( Great Britain ) independent non-profit organisation is the biggest household for aid and has big capacity of workers and income for dearths. In UK OXFAM GB was originated in 1942.

    Oxfam Canada is first member of Oxfam International, and was developed in at start Canada Oxfam faced problems shortly Canada began to analyze its function in the development procedure.

    OXFAM in AMERICA an independent non-profit organisation was developed in America in 1970 and fight for independency and shelter.

    Advantages of Oxfam are they do n’t hold to pay revenue enhancement. they get ready to assist other. they receive money from man of affairs and Government.

    TESCO Stakeholder

    Stakeholder can be defined as a individual, group or organisation that has direct and indirect place in organisation. It is affected by organisation ‘s regulations, constabularies and determinations.

    Tesco has many stakeholders. Government, Customers, Employees, Local Community, Suppliers, and Pressure Groups: they all have equal importance in edifice of Tesco Customers. Normally a client wants choice goods at a low cost. They would besides desire a assortment of merchandises to take from cardinal holders

    Diagram of stakeholder in organisation










    Cardinal stakeholders in a concern organisation

    Customers. These are the people who buy merchandises from stores and to salvage lives of destitute people. Customers want dependable merchandises and at low monetary values.

    Employees it ‘s how you manage in any state of affairs ; understand the client ; be foremost with the client use your strength to present unbeatable value and expression after the staff so they can look after the client, teamwork trust and regard.

    Directors they are responsible for concern aims and pull offing all strategic determinations.director holds treatment at board meetings. Where they make scheme for bettering concern,

    Directors they are responsible for obtaining ends making ambiance of work among workers, each director has grips accounting, jurisprudence selling, and gross revenues production.

    Suppliers they supply merchandises at commercial degree like banking.they supply goods to different subdivisions.

    Owners they are the concern, assets holder, and pay the workers. Pressure groups non put up campaigners for election, but seeks to act upon authorities policy regulations.

    Trade brotherhood ‘s map is discuss wage and working conditions and creates discipline among workers

    Employee Associations they set up wage bundles and employees for deciding statement.

    Stakeholders of Oxfam

    Stakeholder can be defined as a individual, group or organisation that has direct and indirect place in organisation. It is affected by organisation ‘s regulations, constabularies and determinations.

    Volunteers they are the workers who help in edifice Oxfam ‘s strength. Volunteering is a personal

    Choice, non a mandatory occupation. Express values in activities that are meaningful. And co operates for assisting in medical specialty, instruction, or exigency deliverance.

    Campaign protagonists

    The Individuals, famous persons, politicians and organisations across the tally run for roll uping financess and to take illiteracy and poorness.

    Individual givers this types of givers can do determinations faster, they largely work in under developed states to do them turning states, and experience this easy to work entirely. Donate personally money, apparels for taking poorness.

    Customers are the chief participant in organisation. They help by purchasing nutrient, drinks, and besides assist organisation by used drink bottles and negligees for recycling and do aggregation for Oxfam. Without their engagement it is non possible roll uping money for Oxfam.

    Employees they are workers of Oxfam and work in inundation relieving, nutrient readying, palcing people in save topographic points when they get infected.

    Pressure groups they help in protesting if Government is non funding properly.ank manage work stoppage on roads, institutes, citations and promote people for infected ‘s aid from Govt.


    Board of Directors

    Finance section

    Marketing gross revenues section

    Production section

    Finance director


    Selling director

    Area gross revenues director

    Gross saless staff

    Production director

    Production supervisor

    Production workers

    Human resource section

    Human resource director

    Clerical helper

    ICT section

    Board of managers people are the people of tesco who have decision-making rights, voting rights particular duties which in each instance are separate and distinguishable from the authorization and duties of proprietors and directors of the concern entity.

    Finance section is responsible of balance sheets, net income and loss of tesco and responsible to maintain records of fund and all planning of Tesco fiscal income and loss.

    Finance director responsibilities are to do investing sheets, fiscal studies, activities, and implement hard currency direction schemes.

    Accountant helps directors to do studies, investings ( nest eggs ) , and revenue enhancement executions. Handles net income loss inside informations, cost production, fiscal statements.

    Marketing gross revenues section map is to understand user ‘s demands and fulfil demands with quality of goods and besides pay attending to their demands and fulfil that right.

    Gross saless director gross revenues out merchandises and supply services to the client for the net income and want to go finest retail merchant. They ake merchandises available for all clients.

    Production Tesco is to do certain that the goods of Tesco are formed on clip and is in a suited quality for the clients. And maintain furniture.

    Production director ‘s responsibility is to manage all sort of goods readying demands and continuance when merchandise will acquire ready for clients and at given clip and at exact clip and criterion.

    Production workers made goods harmonizing to the user demands and works precisely in unvarying manner. They have to cognize all about what client wants and what sort of stuff should utilize.

    Human resources keep clasp of good experient staff and merely take hardworking employees and They deal with the enlisting, employees, planning, preparation and paying to employees.

    ICT ( International Computers and Tabulators ) its chief map is to look into that all informations of Tesco is stored decently. All computing machine package are working, all concern web sites are accessing. ( )


    Oxfam embassadors

    Political counselors

    Deputy Chief of mission

    Defense mechanism attached

    Economic counselor

    Public personal businesss

    Chief security helper

    Administrative counselor


    Counsellor office

    Agency representatives

    Director Peace Corps

    Ambassadors are the extremely graded representative within a state for other organisation. and straight linked by Government.

    Political counsellors/ Deputy Chief of mission/ Defence attached they all are straight attached with embassador an communicate all society job with each other and do determinations

    Director is a group of people nominated by the proprietors of a concern who have decision-making authorization, voting authorization particular duties which in each instance is separate and distinguishable from the authorization and duties of proprietors and directors of the concern entity

    Deputy Chief of missionHe or she acts like a embassador in absence of head of mission. He handles affair in absence of head of mission Political, Economic, Public Affairs, Management ) at the Embassy, .

    Director Peace Corps US company that sends American voluntaries to developing states for educational, agricultural betterments.

    Tesco Mission and values

    Planning, ciphering and the passing of information signifier challenger is called mission. Tesco ‘s mission is to gain net income and sale pure goods. And to sale goods online by utilizing website and public dealing in good mode to do regular clients and make significance for clients to gain their life-time dependability.


    Valuess of an organisation defines it criterions. They show Respect to each others Try to give their best.

    Desire to be energetic and fit.

    Tesco schemes to go are successful international bargainer, to go celebrated concern party. To be good nutrient supplier to set community at the bosom of what we do.

    Aims Tesco increasing clients by offering purchase 1 gets 1 free. Tesco offers best sensible monetary values. Tesco meets the demand of clients sentiments sing progress, merchandise quality, pick, shop installations and service Tesco is the chief profitable investing with progressive return. Tesco is presenting immature endowments and sound direction of workers and preparation patterns and giving occupation on merit footing non by personal dealingss. Tesco keeping its relationships with provider ( merchandise shapers ) on rigorous quality and monetary value criteria.Tesco is co runing on doing of nutrient in industry. Provides good environment and protection

    Strategic Planning Tesco is seeking to do shopping easy and comfy. Seeking to low monetary value to assist people Lessing monetary values.

    Smart aims of Tesco

    Specific Tesco wants to do net income its sale.

    Measurable Tesco is taking in concern by its major portions in market.

    Accomplishable Tesco achieve its end by increasing its clients and doing net incomes.

    Tesco has achieved it by good quality merchandises.

    Realistic Tesco is 3rd large company in universe.

    OXFAM Mission

    It acts for attitudinal alteration to ease in development, socially and economically. It helps famine and giving life to them. Valuess satisfactory behaviour within organisation. Behavior of persons within the organisation. And Flexible committedness. Use clip and resources expeditiously

    Strategic purposes and aims Oxfam works for trade justness, just trade, instruction and assistance, wellness, HIV/AIDS, struggle, candidacy and natural catastrophes, human rights, and clime alteration. and back uping kids by educating them and supplying nutrient.

    Oxfam strategic planning procedure Oxfam is universe ‘s 3rd largest non-profit-making organisation and Oxfam strategic planning procedure is to works for the remotion of poorness. To contend homelessness and besides for the development of undeveloped country and for advancement of organisation.

    Smart aims of Oxfam

    Specific Reducing Poverty is specific aim.

    Measurable Oxfam is reacting to 26 exigency state of affairss worldwide.

    Relevant accomplishments Oxfam is happening people who have accomplishments to undertake jobs.

    Time-based Oxfam includes 14 states brotherhood working in more than 100 states.

    M1 Point of Views of different stakeholders

    Directors the concern through meetings with top directors and pull offing stretegies for advancement of tesco.Employees should work hard on doing good quality merchandises that will do net income and besides increase wage and conditions of Employees and besides helpful for safety, wellness and pension agreements.

    Customer ‘s positions are to acquiring latest trade names and salvaging by low monetary value merchandises.

    D1 Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation

    Stakeholders stand for great influence in organisation. Developing states employees make stylish apparels and trade names to exercise small power over their employer ‘s to give them occupations and acquiring new merchandises.

    Owners are the organisation ‘s chief stakeholders and addition net income and pays all measures and rewards to workers and remain profit portions with stockholders

    managers pay attending to do scheme and determinations sing organisation Government influences by jurisprudence rights to alter behavior of environmental or wellness and safety. Employees exert chief function in concern net income or loss. When the economic system is active they work difficult and do excess merchandises.

    Customers besides create great influence within an organisation by buying merchandises from shop or online at low monetary values.


    I was given an Assignment of two contrasting organisations Tesco and Oxfam. I found that both organisations are functioning better in their sections and both are for people. in both organisations interest holder are more of import participant because if you do n’t hold excessively many interest holder and your profitable and non profitable organisations will non win in their missions.


    I would wish to urge the both different organisation one is net income deriving Tesco and not-for-profits deriving Oxfam have good client connexion because Oxfam is an international charity which is focused on contending poorness and supplying them shelter.and Tesco is supplying day-to-day demands merchandises for clients and besides supplying financess to Oxfoam so that they can take part in diminishing poorness. So both dramas of import function for clients.

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