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    Trinidad and Tobago Essay

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    East Indian rhythms of chutney music to give us what is known today as Coca Music. Coca music has evolved like all other music over the years, with Californians experimenting with other Caribbean rhythms. Within Trinidad and Tobago we now hear Raps, Chutney Coca, Raga Coca, Prang Coca, Steel Ban Coca, Rocks and Groovy Coca. Coca is indeed defined by its loud percussion beats. Most Coca songs are written to generate crowd response and therefore a Coca song which fails to make the crowd Jump, wave and wine is usually not a good one.

    For instance in typical fast Coca artiste urges audience to Jump and to wave rags or flags. Common nines used by most Coca artiste are “put your hand in the air” and “wave your rags. ” Coca music in Trinidad and Tobago has become World Wide hits and has heavily influenced R&B, Hip Hop and Pop songs. Did you know that Coca music has been experimented within Plywood films, new Punjabi pop and as well as Disco in the United States?

    Coca music has made Trinidad and Tobago recognized on a World stage for instance with notable artiste like Machete Montana who commands large audiences in all the Caribbean islands, as well as London, Canada, New York and Miami, EKES ,Bunny Garlic, Fay Ann Lyons and Patrice Roberts. Coca music has influenced this nation for instance our Trinidad and Tobago men’s Football team is known as “Coca Warriors” while the girls’ team is known as “Coca Princesses. Many Coca songs however included themes like love, peace, and unity but as time passed Coca songs mainly include or encourage over indulgence in alcohol and sexual interest. For instance we hear Coca songs that tell the youths of our nation to get drunk, stagger in the middle of the road and get on wattles. Today however because of the changes in Coca music sexuality and rudeness are in your face, raw, explicit, up lose and personal. Nothing however is left to the imagination.

    According to Seem Hotel Coca music today is such that instead of presenting a decent, respectful skit to render a song, the Coca artiste comes on stage armed with” Wake man” and ” everybody waking, waking. ” Needless to say every “hip” Trinitarian, including the average young child already knows the real sexual translation of the word “waking. ” Who is fooling whom? What is the message these Coca artistes are giving to our young impressionable and ever attentive children. The fact to the matter is that Physical reaction to Coca music is nothing more than public porn performed by adults with clothes on.

    It is at this immoral Juncture that moral decadence in Trinidad and Tobago rears its ugly head. According to Linda Edwards the Moral Decadence is also omnipresent on the TV screens on Carnival days because there is public IMPACTS OF MUSIC By princely syndrome the raisin deter for such public immoral pornographic behavior is that Tragedians want to “free up. ” Coca music however has benefited our nation in many ways but it has strongly impacted our citizens and has thrown all respect out by removing our norms and our values.

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