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    Tragedy Of Mcbeth Essay

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    Macbeth is a story about Good versus Evil on one mans mind. It is a tail about how a brave and intelligent man deliberately murders one of his fellowmen: his friend, his relative, his guest, and his king; as a consequence of his first murder, kill two other innocent men. Macbeth has lust for power and brings absolute destruction on himself and his family. When he cannot turn away from his evil course, it leads him to further appalling crimes and finally to disgrace, alienation, isolation, despair, and a violent death.

    In Act, one Scene 3, three witches are talking to Macbeth. Macbeth is not quite sure what to think of these prophesies-whether they are good or bad-and struggles with their possible significance. At this point in the play, Macbeth is good nature and finds his thoughts of murder. His mind focuses less on the reality of the present and focuses more on the possibilities of the future, thus his ambition takes over and becomes the single driving force in his life. Macbeths conscious is raising serious doubts as to whether or not he should kill Duncan.

    He is worried not only that he may make a mistake and ruin his chance of attaining the throne, but also that Duncans virtues arouse so much pity that damnation will come upon his murderer. Macbeth is definitely not comfortable with killing Duncan. Finally, he recognizes his ambition, and the fact that it may cause him to falter. Act two Scene 1 Macbeths inner struggle and mental anguish is so great that he is now hallucinating, as he sees a dagger before him. He realizes that this dagger is a product of his feverish mind.

    At this point in the play, evil thoughts and deeds horrify Macbeth. This is shown when the imagined dagger returns, with blood on it. Lady Macbeth says that the alcohol that made the attendants drunk has given her courage. Omens of death wish the king a good night, and Macbeth is going to kill him, as the drunken attendants are unconscious. When Macbeth shows up, she is afraid they woke up and it did not work. She would have done it if Duncan did not look like her fate. Macbeth did it though (killed him). One attendant woke up and said Murder but then they went back to sleep.

    In Act IV, Scene 2 Lady Macduff is wondering why her husband left. She thinks he was mad, looking like a traitor, loveless and cowardly to leave his family and possessions. Ross tries to comfort her, telling her he knows what is wrong at that moment. Lady Macduff has an interesting conversation with her son Sirrah about what they will do without a father. The messenger tells her to leave, that she is in danger. Lady Macduff does not know where to go, and she has done no wrong. As she realizes that doing well is sometimes a bad thing.

    The murderers arrive kill the son, but Lady Macduff escapes. Act V, Scene 3 Macbeth is wondering how the prophecy will come true, and tries to remain confident. Macbeth comforts his servant for seeming afraid but is told of the English forces. Macbeth tells Seyton this revolt will either remove or leave him happy, as right now he has none of things due a man of old age. Macbeth asks for his armor, planning to defend himself to the end. Macbeth asks the doctor to cure his wife. The doctor wishes he were not there. Malcolm hopes to regain the safety they once had.

    Menteith is sure it will happen. Malcolm tells each soldier to cut down a large tree branch and put it in front of him, thereby camouflaging himself. The scouts will think there are less of them that way. Macbeth waits in his castle, his only hope of defense. Though they have hopes of what they want to accomplish, now is the time for actual blows and battle to win. Macbeth says let them come to the castle; he can hold them off. If they did not have his soldiers, then he could have met them on the field and beat them back.

    Macbeth has forgotten what it is like to be afraid; having as much fear as a man can bear. Macbeth wishes his wife had died later, at a better time. He comments on how life passes at this little speed, with people dying after a futile life. Macbeth says the messenger comes to speak. He should give his report quickly. The messenger, unsure of how to report what he saw, says Birnham wood appeared to move, thus the prophecy is fulfilled. Macbeth starts wishing this were just all over and prepares for death fighting. Macbeth knows he is stuck fighting, and he wonders who was not born of woman.

    Macbeth tell Young Siward who he is, and Macbeth says he should be not just hateful but fearful to Young Siwards ears. Macbeth says he does not fear any not of woman born and kills Young Siward. Macduff says he must kill Macbeth to avenge his family, and only Macbeth. By the noise of Macbeths armor, he locates him. Siward explains the battle is easy. Malcolm enters the castle. Macbeth asks why he should kill himself when the wounds he might inflict upon himself would look better upon his living enemies. Macbeth says he has avoided Macduff and does not want to kill him after killing his family.

    Macduff says he will speak with his sword instead of words. Macbeth says that Macduff will not hurt him. Macduff then reveals that he was ripped from his mothers womb while she died. Macbeth is angry to discover that the prophecy will come true and only provided him false hope. Macduff tells him to give up and explains he will be put on a pole and displays as a tyrant. Macbeth says he will try despite the prophecy rather than yield to Malcolm. Malcolm wishes no one had to die, but Siward says it is necessary and the cost was not that high for such a good day.

    Ross tells Siward that Young Siward, who just became a man in fighting, died. He tells him not to have sorrow, though. Siward says he died well. Macduff hails Malcolm as king holding Macbeths head. Although Macbeth started out as a good character evil became a factor. He listens to the prophecy and not to his heart, which lead him in the wrong direction. Power is a big factor through the whole play. That is all the characters fight about, and in the end, Malcolm becomes king and Macbeth losses his head. Therefore, which is more important, power or your life That is for you to decide.

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