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    Thoughts and Feelings of Music Essay

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    What does music signify in modern culture today? Is music an outlet for emotion or is it just a sound made from a speaker? According to Tyrome Bowie music is an outlet to express emotions and a source of energy to let out frustrations in the common world of life. He is a man with relentless talent and a vision shown threw his art of music. Although he is not a well-known musician he has worked with extraordinary people that some might say paved the way in the music industry. Just like a normal citizen in the world he works a nine to five job and goes out to normal restaurants to eat.

    He’s not a superstar or a famous songwriter for a major record company. He’s a father, a devoted husband, and a provider for his family. Music to Tyrome is a vitamin something that lifts him up when he is down and gives him the strength to go on without fear or worry. Holding on to his bass guitar like it was a part of him, like an extra extension to his heart. You could see the passion in his movements as he played a song dedicated to his wife (my Aunt) which passed away in December of last year. Most musicians play from the heart, the very soul of their emotions is expressed with every movement of the string.

    That’s what I could see in his eyes as he played his big bass guitar, full blown passion. Which all of this couldn’t have been possible without the influence of his mother. According to him his mother gave him the support he needed to pursue his dream as a musician. She was the one that put up with the learning process, the sour notes, and the countless hours of practice. Even his son Ty Jr. wanted to learn how to play the sax due to his dad’s influences in music and his passion. He even made his room into a studio, rearranging his bedroom to fit a small studio in his room.

    This was the beginning stages of a child’s dream to become something big in the world of music. Growing up listening to Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller, Victor Houden, and Bill Dickens which were all fantastic bass players he adopted the passion to be like them. Most kids at that time were into basketball, football, and baseball but he had a different sport in mind the creative art form of music. He played with many great artists including Ramsey, Steve Jennings, and a personal friend Tony Taylor. All of which weren’t famous musicians in our eyes but they were some of the greatest artists that influenced him to become who his is today.

    There’s only one instrument that he feels safe with and comfortable with playing and of course it’s the bass guitar. It’s like a blanket to him shielding him from harm and keeping him out of the streets as he says. This instrument was not only away to escape the world it also keep him away from it as well. Without his guitar he could’ve easily been drawn into the crowd of teenagers hanging outside getting into trouble. Music gave him a purpose in life and created a lifetime bond within him. When asked why the bass guitar was his favorite he stated most of the bass players in his day got the girls.

    Of course when you are a teenager that’s what concerns us the most. Apparently in his day bass players were the ones that got all of the notice and recognition. Even with the constant distractions he still managed to practice and pursue his dreams. Over the years he has met and worked with a lot of people including Joe, R. Kelly, and Donnell Jones. Working with these various artists he was able to key in on his own unique style of music. Which he describes as a neo soul and jazz combination a perfect description of his music and style. As a child he first fell in love with the bass guitar and the deep feeling it gave when he played it.

    One of the most exciting times he remembers is when he was out fishing alone on the docks. He remembers listening to the radio and hearing one of his songs being played that he produced and recorded called Mississippi. When you’re in this business you make a name for yourself in various ways. He is a musician that has experienced the excitement of crowded clubs and sold out events but you would never know him, he’s never been on T. V. Even though he’s never had an album released or an appearance on a popular show displaying his talent as an artist.

    He still has worked with countless people and gave them the bass sound of his guitar in the background. This is the creative mind we never see or hear about, but he is the driving force that gives us the emotion we feel in the songs we listen to. So when you listen to your favorite artist and your favorite song remember the bass guitar playing in the background. Think of the young man with a dream to become one of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen. Support your child’s dreams and aspirations, one day they might just make it in their own way.

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