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    The Way I Am Essay

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    People usually ask me “ How is school? What is your major?, Why are you so skinny?” but they never asked me “what do you want to do in life?” Considering the question, it seems like everyone wants to have a good job and have financial stability, but no one wants to work 60 hours per week, long commute and a bunch of paperwork to do all day. They want to be rich without putting any effort into work, without any sacrifices and tend to give up when encountering setbacks. When it comes to answering that question, I just simply say “ I am still trying to develop an ability to see the big-picture.”

    Big picture help for purpose, goals and vision. My vision comes from influence in my background. Being raised with hard work and effort made me who I am today. Five years from now, I want to be successful in my career. I want to buy a house for my parents, buy a new car, and adopt more dogs. Since I was little, I always wanted to help people who are in need. I remember when I was ten, I gave five dollars to a homeless man, it was a fortune to me but I thought he needed it more because my purpose in life is to help others live well, to improve the health of others and to ensure the safety in my family. I also have a passion for helping stray dogs and cats. I am optimistic. I am honest with myself and others, I am an introvert. People think that introversion is a weakness, but it is actually a strength because I think more than I speak and when I speak, it is important because I only speak when I have something relevant to say.

    I am also a good listener, that is why people love to share their thoughts with me because they know I will listen. In contrast, there are fews disadvantages of being an introvert. I have a fear for public speaking because of my shyness. People misjudge me because they think I am rude and antisocial. People describe me as a stubborn, careless and introverted but that is not true because I want people to know that I can be an extrovert too but it depends on the situation, I care about people that care about me. I am not stubborn. I just want to do what I want to do and I am not afraid to make mistakes because mistakes make me wiser. That is what set me apart from others. Right now, I am trying to discover who I am by living in the present, not to spend too much time thinking about the past, or not to worry about the future.

    I am also trying to develop a growth mindset because those with a growth mindset never give up when things get hard, see challenges as opportunities, and are inspired by the success of others. Having a growth mindset will help me overcome obstacles in the real world, have a lower risk of depression and enjoy life.

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