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    The Value Of Liberal Arts Education Essay

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    The Arts People’s life can’t be imagined without arts. They are not only entertainment for us, but also the way of expressing our thoughts and exchanging them through time and space. As the thoughts are often different, the art is so varied. So every nation has its von art with specific features. I wish to speak about British arts. In fact the position of the arts in Britain may be described as a mixture of public apathy and private enthusiasm. The reason Of it is that government financial support is quite low. So many forms of the arts in Britain rely heavily on private sponsorship.

    The reason for it is probably a low profile Of the arts in KGB. The art subjects at schools tend to be pushed to the sidelines. TV programmer devoted to the arts are shown late at night. And finally the artists have comparatively little public recognition. Nevertheless we should admit that British arts are famous all over the world not without a reason. I think, it is better to start with what British people are the most proud of. Theatre, The theatre has always been very strong n Britain. Obviously, there’s Loon’s west End and Shakespearean Stratford- upon-Avon, but would like to remark that provincial theatres have great shows too.

    They are called “repertory” theatres, every town has its own “repertory” theatre, where the carne group of professional actors stages a different play every week. What’s more I should mention that today “pantomimes” are quite famous, That is a lavish performance of a well-known fairy story, but men and women swoop their roles, so the male lead is often played by female and vise erase, Finally, I should say that British theatre has such a fine acting tradition that Hollywood is forever raiding its talent for people to star in films.

    In contrast, cinema in Britain is generally regarded as not quite part of “the arts” at all – it is simply entertainment. Another important part of art is music. Listening to music is a very common leisure activity in Britain. But for the vast majority Of people in the country, it is not the classical music that they listen to. Few classical musicians become famous to the general public. If speaking about the influence f the British artists on music should mention the ass’s.

    At that time British groups had changed the modern or “pop” idiom. The Beetles were responsible for several innovations like writing the words and music by the performers themselves. The words of their songs also helped to liberate the pop idiom from its former limitation to the topics of love and teenage affection. Since that time popular music in Britain has been an enormous and profitable industry. One more thing should talk about is literature, British people are literate nation, over f them has a library card.

    In fact, the written word is the one form of the arts with which the British are generally comfortable. But the most interesting is that although many of the best “serious” British writers manage to be popular, the vast majority of the books that are read in Britain are called “middlebrow’/ literature Moreover, reading has always been a part toothier elite and they even organize reading groups to discuss different books thieve read, And finally want to tell about tine arts and museums.

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