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    The Tragic Consequences of the Rebellion on Animal Farm Sample Essay

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    “The tragic effects of the rebellion on Animal Farm could hold been prevented”What did travel incorrect on Animal Farm?
    In George Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’ .

    many things went incorrectly. Many agree that the effects depicted in the book could hold been avoided. but what truly caused these tragic occurrences? Did these effects occur entirely because of Napoleon’s absolutism. or did the animate beings willingness to collaborate besides contribute in the ruin of Animal Farm?Bonaparte was one of the chief provokers of Animal Farm’s ruin. He was portrayed as a heartless and selfish dictator.

    who terrorized the other animate beings. and whom was willing to make anything. including slaying his companions in order to derive power and authorization. He did this utilizing his guard Canis familiariss.

    who invariably monitored the animate beings and punished any that dared to travel against Napoleon’s many bids. Immediately after Jones had been removed from the farm. the animate beings chose to seek out a new leader to steer them through the revolution. They did this without thought of the effects that could happen. and therefore they shortly settled on Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon.

    being the sly and cunning animal he was. hastily devised a program which allowed him to acquire rid of Snowball. and finally take any competition that would impede him from being the lone leader. However.

    it can be argued that Napoleon’s absolutism could non hold occurred if the animate beings did non blindly and naively follow and believe every word that Napoleon planted into their heads. as it was the animate beings who volitionally handed over their freedom and voice to Napoleon to make as he wished with them. One of the most naif of the animate beings. the sheep. was besides used to Napoleon’s advantage.

    As they evidently could non read on their ain. Napoleon steadfastly established the axiom ‘Four legs good. two legs bad. ’ into their consciousness. and caused them to reiterate the phrase over and over until they themselves believed the bunk they were declaiming. The naivete of the animate beings was they key to which Napoleon was able to take over the farm so rapidly and easy.

    Another factor to see was the manner Napoleon terrorised his alleged companions in order to derive power. He did this by utilizing his personally trained guard Canis familiariss. who invariably monitored the animate beings and punished any that dared to travel against Napoleon’s many bids. Soon after Napoleon’s regulation commenced. the animate beings found that the morale that had existed in Old Major’s clip. and even Snowball’s clip was easy decreasing.

    There was shortly a distinguishable division of equality that placed the hogs above all the other animate beings. The regulations that were placed at that place to steer the animate beings were easy altered without the other animate beings detecting to accommodate Napoleon and the hogs: “But a few yearss subsequently Muriel. reading over the seven commandments to herself noticed that there was yet another of them which the animate beings had remembered incorrectly. They had thought the 5th commandment was “No carnal shall imbibe intoxicant. ” but there were two words that they had forgotten.

    Actually the commandments read: “No animate beings shall imbibe intoxicant to excess” ( page 103 ) . This continued on until and the regulations were all-together removed and replaced with a individual regulation: “All animate beings are equal. but some are more equal than others. ”The hogs besides used their seemingly brighter heads to hale the animate beings into holding with everything they said.

    This was particularly the instance with Squealer. as he had a manner with words and could writhe statements to his advantage. The hogs used this as purchase over the other animate beings. stealing supplies and nutrient in order to merchandise for their ain wants such as whisky.

    “Milk and apples contain substance perfectly necessary to the wellbeing of a hog. We hogs are encephalon plants. The whole direction and organisation of this farm depended on us. Day and dark we are watching over our good menu. It is for your interest that we drink the milk and eat these apples. Do you cognize what happens of we hogs failed in our responsibility? Jones would come back! ” Napoleon.

    along with many other offenses. besides badly abused his power being the leader of the animate beings. He ne’er raised a on the job manus. but alternatively merely stayed indoors and gave out instructions. “The hogs did non really work. but directed and supervised the others.

    ” ( page 35 ) This is besides the instance with the other hogs. as they believed themselves to be superior to the other animate beings. Another illustration of how he abused his authorization is how he changed Snowball’s image from a hero into an enemy: “Napoleon decreed that there should be a full probe into Snowball’s activities. With his Canis familiariss in attending he set out and made a careful circuit of review of the farm buildings the other animate beings following at a respectful distance” ( Page 78 ) . He twisted the truth utilizing his power. so that Snowball was made into the whipping boy for everything which went wrong on Animal Farm.

    Napoleon besides terrorised the other animate beings into squealing to offenses that they did non commit: “And so the narrative of confessions and executings went on. until there was a heap of cadavers lying before Napoleon’s pess and the air was heavy with the odor of blood. which had been unknown at that place since the ejection of Jones” ( Page 83 ) . It seems as though the more fright that was present in the animate beings. the easier it was for Napoleon to pull strings them. which caused an even greater division in the equality of the animate beings.

    In the worst conditions of Animal Farm. after the bombardment of the windmill. Napoleon pushed the animate beings to work harder under the pretence that it for the interest of the farm when truly it was for his ain selfish aspirations. This lead to the decease of Boxer. who was one of Napoleon’s most faithful followings. and solemnly believed that Napoleon was ever right.

    Boxer pushed himself even under terrible hurts merely to carry through Napoleon’s bids. but that did non do Napoleon to waver in directing him to the knackers in order to obtain yet another instance of unnecessary whisky for the pigs enjoyment. Because of Napoleon’s greed and opprobrious power. the strongest and most faithful farm animate being was destroyed.

    In decision. it can be seen that the ruin of Animal Farm can non be wholly blamed on Napoleon’s leading. However. he played a major function in get downing the descent to devastation.

    The farm animate beings played rather a large function in the tragic effects which came from the one time glorious revolution of Animal Farm. as they about refused to hold a head of their ain. and allowed Napoleon to take them to carry through his ain wants and aspirations. Many believe that if the animate beings had allowed themselves clip to exhaustively believe through Napoleon’s demands. and had the bravery to voice their ain sentiments as a group.

    the ruin of Animal Farm could non hold occurred.

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