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    The Role Of Liberal Arts In A College Education Essay

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    The Purposes to Liberal Education is a brief, but extremely accurate and clearly-written explanation of what he feels a liberal arts education entails. The author has had extensive experience in the field to education and has been able to shape and impact many students while being the Dean at Harvard College. For this reason, consideration of his ideas on the liberal arts is merited, His standard of liberal education and view of what an educated person should know may be useful for anyone who is interested in becoming a ell-educated and fuel-rounded person.

    University educated students can not only secure meaningful employment and perform well in the workplace, but navigate easily in the complicated web of the social, political, and cultural aspects of life. This paper provides an overview of Rooks article with the summary of his standard Of the liberal arts education and definition Of some useful tips for further self-improvement. The author considers that the standard Of a liberal arts education consists Of five key elements. First of all, any educated person has to be able to lay out their ideas and opinions in a clear and efficient way both orally and in writing (Rooks 49).

    This component also implies critical thinking skills that are significant for development in society. Secondly, an educated individual should have an informed acquaintance with the major fields of study and the means by which knowledge can be gained (Rooks 56). The author does not mean that students of the liberal arts should be experts in various subjects, Instead, he merely offers an ideal to which every educated person should aspire. General knowledge of various disciplines is a prerequisite for liberal education.

    Thirdly, educated people have no right to remain “provincial” in the sense that they should adapt to the modern world and learn basics of other cultures and times (Rooks 57). Simply put, we cannot forget those that have gone before us. Fourthly, liberal education implies understanding and the ability to employ moral and ethical considerations when thinking about problems or issues. (Rooks 51). Finally, an educated person should be specialized in some discipline, i. E. Have a major (Rooks 57). This in-depth understanding of some field stands between informed acquaintance and professional competence (Rooks 57).

    Overall, the article is very informative and insightful and relates well to a liberal arts education and what could be expected from students Obtaining such an education. The author presents a persuasive explanation of the five elements of the standard he is promoting. This article may be useful for comprehension Of the idea of liberal education in general, as well as acting as motivation to broaden ones education. Personally, have found the article quite valuable and thought-provoking, since t has given me inspiration for learning outside of my favored subjects.

    My educational goal is to become a well-rounded and educated member of my community, and hope that a broadened education will assist me with achieving this goal I agree faith Rooks that with an education in the liberal arts, would most certainly understand the value and use of expanded knowledge. It is not enough to be an expert in one narrow field, while ignoring the rest Vital and interesting information (Rooks 57). It does not mean that want to be knowledgeable in every subject, but now consider it important to have basic impression of the core fields.

    In addition, the knowledge of other cultures and times may help me when traveling, communicating With people educated in a different generation, and trying to understand the dynamics of events that happen around the world. Therefore, suppose that Rockroses article should be read by anyone who aspires to become a sophisticated and educated member of society, as it can surely aid in becoming one.

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