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    The Positive and Negative Effects of Mongol Practice and Belief Sample Essay

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    The Mongol imperium was the world’s largest imperium. The Mongol’s patterns and beliefs had both positive and negative effects. The big Mongolian imperium promoted communicating and diverseness ; nevertheless. despite this positive consequence. the Mongolian imperium housed the deceases of many guiltless people. In add-on to this. the Mongol imperium fostered assorted faiths. but enforced the same patterns on everyone. no affair what faith they may follow ; this brought order amongst the Mongolian imperium.

    The Mongolian imperium was. and still is to this twenty-four hours. the largest imperium known to adult male ( Doc 1 ) . Under the Mongolians. communicating was vastly improved ( Doc 6 ) . There is a possibility that papers 6 is biased. Document 6 came from the Golden Horde. which was a Mongolian state. Since this papers came from the Mongolians. this papers is nil but positive feedback of the Mongolian imperium. So everything written in this papers may non be exactly true ; it could be “candy-coated” to give the feeling that the Mongolian imperium was an astonishing imperium. and that nil but good derived from it.

    The betterment of this communicating was fostered by the system of station Equus caballuss ( Doc 8 ) . The system of station Equus caballuss is a centre that has many roads widening from it into different states. and these roads are filled with yams. or posting Stationss. every 25 stat mis. which are filled with three to four 100 Equus caballuss ( Doc 8 ) . The Khan’s. or the Mongolian emperor’s. courier ( s ) travels/ travel this station Equus caballus system. commanding nevertheless many Equus caballuss needed. in add-on to “spreading the word” ( Doc 8 ) . In bend. this communicating amongst many different states gave rise to variegation. For illustration. Iranian viticulture ( winemaking ) thrived under the Mongols. every bit good as the Iranian silk industry. which thrived under the Mongols due to their conquering because it opened up contacts with other states. such as China ( Doc 6 ) .

    Despite the benefit of communicating and variegation under the Mongolian imperium. this imperium fostered the deceases of many guiltless victims. After the Mongols would plunder a metropolis. they would drive out the city’s citizens and chop off their caputs. and after the caputs were they would screen the caputs into hemorrhoids: one for work forces. one for adult females. and so one for kids ( Doc 4 ) . In some instances they even buried people alive inverted ( Doc 5 ) ! However. this papers. papers 5. may be biased. This papers came from a Iranian manuscript. so the Persians could hold over exaggerated the stringency of the Mongols and portrayed them as wicked people. It is really possible that the Persians could hold does this particularly if they despised the Mongols for taking over their land.

    Very few people survived. if any were to hold survived. so the subsisters were most likely craftsmans or slaves. since the Mongols sought them out before they began to slay the city’s dwellers with an axe ( Doc 3 ) . However. dwellers of metropoliss were non the lone 1s who suffered blackwash ; soldiers of the Mongolian ground forces suffered manslaughter every bit good. In the Mongolian ground forces there was a captain who oversaw 10 soldiers. so there was a captain supervised one hundred soldiers. and so on ( Doc. 2 ) . If a few work forces out of a group of 10s were to run off. so all of the 10 work forces would be put to decease ( Doc 2 ) . Same applies to work forces in a group of one hundred ; if ten work forces were to fly from a group of one 100. so every adult male. from that group of one hundred work forces. would be put to decease ( Doc 2 ) . This type of barbarous order applied to many fortunes. whether it was soldiers running off. non contending boldly. or non delivering their captured comrades ( Doc 2 ) .

    The Mongolian imperium adopted many faiths. and out of these faiths the most dominant were Christianity. Islam. and Buddhism ( Doc 9 ) . Despite the diverseness in faith. every individual. no affair what their faith. was obligated to follow the same rules. The followers are some rules the people populating under the Mongolians had to follow: non to acquire drunk more than three times per month. non to perpetrate criminal conversation. non to perpetrate larceny. and to be respectful and sharing towards one another ( Doc 10 ) . Besides work forces could get married as many married womans as they could maintain ; nevertheless. they had to do certain they did non get married their female parent ( s ) . sister ( s ) . or girl ( s ) ( Doc 10 ) . Women. who were married womans. were to do certain that whenever their hubby was to go forth the house. to travel runing or to contend in a war. that they maintained the family ( Doc 10 ) . By everyone following these rules order was maintained throughout the Mongolian imperium. Robbers and stealers were non found throughout the Mongol imperium ; hence. houses and carts. in which people stored their wealth. did non hold locks or bolts ( Doc 7 ) .

    An extra papers that would be helpful would be a journal of a mediocre Mongol citizen. Many of the provided paperss are from high Mongolian functionaries or Persians. which could be biased. Knowing the life of an ordinary Mongolian citizen would paint a better image of how Mongolian life was. It could explicate what society was like. what conditions people lived in. how frequently people were killed. and so on.

    Wholly the Mongolian Empire was balanced ; they were neither truly good nor truly bad. They had a twosome of positive influences. such as their promotion in communicating and variegation. every bit good as they maintained order throughout their imperium. However. the Mongolian imperium proved to be a effect in that they killed so many guiltless people.

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