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    The mount etna Essay (1265 words)

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    Mount Etna is besides known as Mongibello in Italian. To ancient Greeks Mount Etna is known as the God of fire. They besides believe that Cyclops, who is a one eyed monster, lives at that place. Peoples can travel skiing on Mount Etna in winter and you can travel hill walking in the summer, but you have to be careful in instance it erupts when your at that place. Mount Etna besides has some celebrated caves on it which people like to travel and see. There is besides a batch of wildlife on Mount Etna like Frogs, Toads and even some polo-necks are found in some of the pools and lakes, there are besides a batch of birds and even some rare aureate bird of Joves. Mount Etna has a batch of trees so in fall when the tree foliage alter color tonss of people come to see them. Mount Etna is strato vents so its lava is n’t every bit hot as other types of vents.

    It is on the east seashore of Sicily rather near Messina and Catania. Mount Etna has the most sum of eruptions in the universe. It is the biggest active vent in Europe, it is about 3326m high and it has an country of about 1190km? . The vents height alterations every eruption and some of the eruptions have reached the metropoliss near the seashore. The mountain is about 21m smaller now than 1865 because of the conditions gnawing it off. Mount Etna is by far the biggest active vent in Italy, being about 3 times every bit large as Mount Vesuvius which is the following biggest vent in Italy. Geologist ‘s think it has been active for over two and a half million old ages.

    Mount Etna is one of the most active Vents in the universe. It ‘s normally a quiet Volcano non a violent one because it erupts so frequently. Mount Etna erupts most impressive when the blowholes and the top erupt. Ash storms merely go on if the blowholes erupt. The lava from Mount Etna can sometimes acquire up to 1000 grades Celsius.

    Thousands of people live near and on the inclines of Mount Etna, their houses and belongings get ruined rather a batch. The encircled countries of Mount Etna are good for Farms because harvests and veggies grow good on the volcanic dirt.

    One of the eruptions in 122BC caused so much harm to a nearby metropolis called Catania that its occupants were relieved from paying revenue enhancements to Rome for 10 old ages. Mount Etna has 3 blowhole Godheads on its inclines, which have lava, stones, and gasses coming out of them.

    Mount Etna erupted most violently in 1669 when the lava demolished nearby small towns on the underside of the incline. Some other violent eruptions have happened in 1971, 1983, 2001-02 doing the Italian authorities to declare a province of an exigency. All these eruptions have been unsafe but the one in 1669 when it hit the outskirts of Catania was by far the most violent.

    Mount Etna ‘s Volcanic eruption 1669

    Mount Etnas eruption in 1669 is the worst eruption so far in its history. During Mount Etna ‘s history it has erupted rather frequently, so people do n’t normally trouble oneself when it erupts because it ‘s non that violent, but the eruption on the 8th of March 1669 was by far the most violent. On the afternoon of the 11th of March a batch of blowholes from the vent opened between two nearby metropoliss, these blowholes caused a twosome of really unsafe detonations and a immense sum of lava came out of them and flowed downhill. It produced about 830,000,000m? of lava. The eruption was caused by two months of temblors under and on the environing countries of Mount Etna. This was caused by the African crust forcing under the Eurasiatic crust. This made Mount Etna erupt. On the 11th of March a 9km spread cracked unfastened from Monte Frumento Supino to Monte San Leo on the south side of the mountain. The biggest blowhole cracked unfastened near Nicolosi and oozed with lava and it ended up molded like a cylinder cone and it is now a popular tourer point and is called Mount Rossi.

    On the first twenty-four hours of the eruption a town called Nicolosi and two other small towns nearby were destroyed by the unsafe pyroclastic flow which can acquire up to about a velocity of 500mph.

    The following three yearss the lava was fluxing south and another four small towns were destroyed. At the terminal of March another two bigger towns were destroyed and the lava reached the outskirts of Catania at the terminal of April.

    At the beginning of the lava making Catania, the lava flow hit against the wall which was meant to halt the lava flow destructing Catinia. The wall was strong plenty for a piece but on the 30th of April the lava reached the top of the wall and poured into the metropolis which made the wall fall down. After a piece of the lava acquiring into the metropolis it reached the seaport and filled it up. Some of the people that live in Catinia built walls next to all the chief roads to halt the lava traveling onto the roads which would do some accidents and deceases. Other people that live nearby tried to direct the lava flux off from the metropolis but they did non make that good of occupation.

    Effectss of Mount Etnas Eruption 1669

    The effects left behind from the eruption in 1669 were talked about worldwide. More than 10 small towns were destroyed and a batch more were severely damaged by the lava flow. The west side of Catania was besides severely damaged. The West and sou’-west of the metropolis which was the richer side of the metropolis, with tonss of fruit gardens, expensive Villa and a few memorials from Greek and Roman clip were turned into a barren from the barbarous lava.

    Catania was now surrounded by lava in all waies apart from the sea side. The pyroclastic flow damaged the South and south West of the metropolis, unlike the eruption in 1381 when it destroyed parts of the north side.

    The pyroclastic flow does n’t ever make the most harm but it kills the most people because it can go so fast, and people ca n’t acquire off from it. About 200 000 people died and about 27 000 people were besides left homeless from the lay waste toing eruption.

    Home plate Architectonicss

    Most vents in the universe are on a constructive or destructive home base boundary. Mount Etna is on a destructive home base boundary. A destructive home base boundary is when one home base is acquiring pushed under another home base. Mount Etna was made by the African home base forcing under the Eurasian home base which makes a volcano signifier. Mount Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei are two other vents which are besides made by the African Plate forcing under the Eurasiatic home base. Most active Vents are positioned near or along the border of home base boundaries. Scientists are seeking tonss of different ways to happen a better manner of seeing under the earths crust below a vent.


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