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    The Melting Point Analysis of Crude and Recrystallized Acetaminophen Synthesized Sample Essay

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    Acetic Anhydride and p-Aminophenol were heated in a vial attached to an air capacitor to synthesise petroleum Datril. ensuing in 0. 097 gms ( 47. 48 % output ) .

    The petroleum Datril was so recrystallized in a dissolver of H2O and methyl alcohol over heat ensuing in 0. 082 gms ( 39. 61 % output ) of pure Datril. Melting points of both petroleum and pure Datril were taken. and found to be 165.

    9 – 170. 9°C and 168. 2 – 171. 5°C. severally. The literature runing point of Datril is 169.

    5 – 171. 0°C. bespeaking that our concluding merchandise was pure. IntroductionThe synthesis of Datril involves the attractive force of the electrophilic carbonyl group of acetic anhydride to the nucleophilic NH2 of the p-aminophenol.

    This occurs because the NH2 group is a better nucleophile than the OH group attached on the opposite side of the p-aminophenol. A new nitrogen-carbon bond is formed. bring forthing Datril with acetic acid as a by-product. During the synthesis of Datril. it is necessary to fade out all solid stuff.

    and heat the reaction at a high adequate temperature and for a long adequate clip period to guarantee completion. Cooling the mixture in an ice bath ensures that all crystals have formed. and drying removes any staying dissolver. The synthesis of Datril does non ensue in a pure merchandise. so recrystallization is necessary to sublimate the substance. During recrystallization.

    it is of import to fade out all of the solid in order to take all the drosss. Acetaminophen crystallizes easy. so chilling the mixture adequately is necessary. Leaving the mixture in an ice bath for 10 proceedingss ensures that the procedure is complete.

    Drying the crystals removes any staying dissolver. Once recrystallization has occured. comparing by runing point confirms the purification. The recrystallized merchandise should hold a thaw point near to the literature value. with a narrow scope. whereas the impure crystals will run at a lower temperature with a broader scope.

    ProcedureChemical reaction Mixture:0. 150g of p-aminophenol was weighed and put into a 5-mL conelike phial. An automatic pipet was used to mensurate 0. 450 mL H2O and 0. 165 mL acetic anhydride and was added to the conelike phial.

    A spin vane was placed into the phial and an air capacitor was attached. Heating:The mixture was heated at 120°C utilizing an aluminium block and was stirred gently. After all of the solid dissolved. it was heated for 20 extra proceedingss to guarantee the reaction was complete. Isolation of Crude Acetaminophen:The phial was removed from the heat and cooled to room temperature.

    The spin vane was rinsed with 2-3 beads of warm H2O over the conelike phial. The phial was cooled to room temperature so placed in an ice bath for 15 proceedingss. The liquid was decanted from the mixture and the resulting crystals were dried on filter paper. The crystals were so placed on a ticker glass for farther drying. The crystals were weighed and a little sample was placed into a capillary tubing for runing point finding.

    Crystallization of Acetaminophen:The merchandise was placed in a Craig tubing and several beads of hot ( 100°C ) dissolver ( 50 % H2O. 50 % methyl alcohol. by volume ) was added and heated until all of the crystals dissolved. The Craig tubing was plugged and set in an Erlenmeyer flask to chill.

    Crystallization was induced one time the mixture was at room temperature by rubing the inner wall of the tubing. It was so placed into an ice bath for 10 proceedingss until crystallisation was complete. The tubing was so centrifuged for 3 proceedingss to take the liquid. The crystals were collected on a ticker glass and allowed to air dry. The resulting crystals ( o. o82g ) were pale brown in colour.

    Melting points were taken for both the petroleum ( 165. 9 – 179. 9°C ) and the pure ( 168. 2 – 171. 5°C ) Datril. Consequences and CalculationsGram molecules p-aminophenol:0.

    150 g x ( 1 mol ) / ( 109. 1 g ) = 0. 00137 mol < p-aminophenol is the confining reagentGram molecules of acetic anhydride:0. 165 milliliter x ( 1. 08 g ) / ( 1 milliliter ) ten ( 1 mol ) / ( 102. 1 g ) =0.

    00174 mol Theoretical Output:0. 00137 mol x ( 151. 2 g ) / ( 1 mol ) =0. 207 gPercent output of petroleum Datril:Crude crystal weight = 0. 089 g( 0. 089 g ) / ( 0.

    207 g ) x 100 % =46. 48 %Percent output of pure Datril:Pure Datril weight = 0. 082 g( 0. 082 g ) / ( 0.

    207 g ) x 100 % =39. 61 %Literature value of acetaminophen runing point = 169. 5 – 171. 0°C Crude Datril runing point = 165. 9 – 170. 9°CRecrystallized acetaminophen runing point = 168.

    2 – 171. 5°C Discussion and DecisionsCrude Datril was successfully synthesized. organizing light brown crystals. All of the solid was allowed to fade out. and the mixture was adequately heated. The crystals were allowed plentifulness of clip to to the full chill.

    A percent output of 46. 48 % was achieved. with a sum of 0. 089 g being formed.

    Recrystallization was done on the rough merchandise. ensuing one time once more in light brown crystals. All of the solid was dissolved in the hot dissolver. and crystallisation occurred one time induced by rubing the interior of the tubing.

    The crystals were decently cooled. and a percent output of 39. 61 % was achieved ( 0. 082 g were formed ) . The runing point of the petroleum Datril ( 165.

    9 – 170. 9°C ) was lower and broader than that of the recrystallized Datril ( 168. 2 – 171. 5°C ) . demoing that ab initio there were drosss present. The recrystallized Datril runing point was really near to the literature value ( 169°C ) .

    bespeaking that the concluding merchandise was quite pure. The low per centum outputs of both the petroleum merchandise and the recrystallized merchandise could hold been caused by several factors. Some of both merchandises could hold been lost when transferred to the ticker glass to be weighed. The hot home base that the reactions occurred on was besides really unstable. and the temperature fluctuated throughout the reaction.

    This may hold effected how much merchandise was formed. as more side merchandises would hold resulted from a higher temperature. The petroleum crystals were besides non allowed adequate clip to adequately dry before recrystallization occurred. Had they been allowed more clip to dry.

    the percent output of pure Datril may hold increased. Overall. nevertheless. the experiment was successful. as pure Datril was synthesized.

    The runing point of the merchandise confirmed the high degree of pureness. and the difference between the petroleum and recrystallized merchandises could be easy observed.

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