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    The Matrix review Essay

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    The Matrix is a jaw-dropping, action packed thriller, based on the fight between good and evil. It pushes the boundaries of science fiction to new extremes, with a blend of special effects and eye dazzling martial arts, which will leave the audience nonplussed. The talented Wachowski brothers have pulled out the stocks, and beyond. As they have created the best movie to hit the screens this year. The plot is about a man called Neo, who lives a double life. The first one is working for a respectable software company; the second is being a computer hacker.

    But little dos he know that he is living in a dream world, controlled by super computers. That is until he meet’s Morpheus, who is part of a rebel group fighting against the machines. However, they will never triumph until they find the prophet, the Jesus of the time….. The talented brothers, Larry and Andy, are new comers to the film industry, with only a selection of films produced, such as the nostalgic twisted ‘Bound’, The story line isn’t very complex: Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and her lesbian lover, Corky (Gina Gershon), plan to steal two million dollars from Violet’s connected husband, Caesar (Joe Pantoliano).

    However, the Wachowski brothers twist and turn this uncomplicated idea into a fairly tangled web of intrigue. The concept of good verses evil, man verses machine has been seen before in such films like the ‘Terminator’. Although the ideas may not be authentic and original, the philosophy behind the film most certain are. With its mind bending, complex plot, challenging beliefs which include God and it questions the one thing which is in the back of everyone’s mind ‘What is reality’. It sublimes the viewers to think that reality is incoherent, and that they are living in a dream world.

    The film raises a delicate question in a refined way, and tells the audience that reality is our enemy. It explains that the only purpose for the human existence is to serve as a battery for the super computers which control us. When Neo is told this, he cannot coupe and cracks. Wouldn’t we all? What is a film without actors? Well the Matrix is the deal, with: Keanu Reeves playing the lost and confused Neo, thought to be the prophet; Lawrence Fishbone, the wise and respected Morpheus; Carrie-Ann Moss, the fighting woman with her undoubted strength; and finally the infectious Agent Smith, the ‘Jew’ setting out for ‘Jesus’.

    The acting in this film is superb with the characters played by the right actors. Some of the actors have been seen in other films, such as Keanu Reeves staring in ‘Bill and Ted’. He is seen as the daft and foolish Ted Logan, going back in time and having strange adventures, with his friend Bill. However, Keanu Reeves in the Matrix is a much changed and reformed character, staring as the confused and mystified Neo. The directors, being manga artist, have implicated their talents into the astonishing special effects, such as the never seen before ‘slow mo’ and ‘bullet time’.

    They explore the realms of gravity and deify the impossible as they allow characters to dodge bullets, and climb up walls with an adroit look. It makes gun fighting a thing of beauty, as characters are flung across the room, shooting and dodging bullets at the same time. With these effects, it gives the film more of a computer generating setting, which it is intended on being. The effects were also used in fighting scenes. This is why the fighting scenes are so distinguished, so co-ordinated and so choreographed.

    The actors had to learn Kung-Fu from scratch and so they had to go through a vigorous four months training, to get the moves and techniques perfect. With the special effects, the jumps, kicks and perfectly timed punches will certainly blow your mind away. The Wachowski brothers took a different approach to the way the characters are dressed. Normally you will see the villains dressed in tight black clothes; however they do not. The brothers made the hero’s dress up in tight black clothes, and the villains in black fitted trousers suits with black sunglasses.

    I think that the directors did this to make good people look rebellious and seen as a resistant, which they are. The bad guys compared to the hero’s, seem as if they stand a chance, although this is far from the case. Another attribute of this film was the music. They had a variety of songs and tunes played, ranging from def-tones and heavy metal, to orchestral and classical melodies. The fight seen would have not been as exhilarating without the use heavy metal and fast past tempos. The music also makes the film feel more down to earth, as it does lacks in some parts of the film, with orchestral music played in sad scenes.

    Overall, I think that this is the best film of the year, even decade! This is because it stands out from other films, especially science fictions, as it has pulse raising fighting scenes and dramatically stunning special effects, with all the techno-babble left out, and of course, the Wachouski brothers wired and delusional view of the creation and existence of man kind today. This is truly a must see film, after all, no one can tell you what the Matrix is; you have to see it for yourself. ??

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