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    The Importance Of Having An Education, A Career, And Perseverance Essay

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    Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we ‘re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” I like this quote because it describes my present life. As a result of moving to America from my country Nepal, I have learned the importance of having an education, a career, and perseverance. I was born and grew up in Nepal. My country is developing its resources, but has much poverty.

    There are many more people who are uneducated especially women. These women are married at a young age like twelve to fifteen. My mother is the one who married at age fourteen just because she was not educated. She told me that at her age, girls are not allowed to go to school. Instead of school, they have to work hard in the garden and home. Only five present of girls are educated if they are from rich and royal families.

    Because she worked so hard and had no opportunity for an education, her sacrifice gave me the incentive to study hard and work like men. When my family decided to move in America I discover the importance of education. I was studying on tenth grade, and my life has been just simply like a student. Let me talk about my education. I was studying in government schools like in America that I don’t have to pay until I graduate from high school. My school provides all subject like I learned English, math, science, and social study, but I never speak English like here.

    Back in my country, I was not serious about taking my education and I never thought what my future will be, but now I realize education is most important in my life. As soon as I arrived in America I notice that I have to get a good education to help my family and myself. However, I starte. .g up mood my mother prompt me to move ahead and she give an example of several people who came from another country and became famous like Albert Einstein who was born in Garman and other more. After I heard those words from her I felt that I can do it my best I can.

    Because of those famous people who was coming from another country encourage me to do something and never give up in any field in my life. Now, looking back over my past as a result of moving to America from my country Nepal I felt that I will have a better education which I could not get in my country Nepal. I will work hard and do my best to work on my career and fulfill my dream that comes true. Also I commitment by myself to never giving up to do the best thing in my life. I will always continue to search for new paths.

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