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    The Importance of Green Technology Sample Essay

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    With the of all time changing universe we live in. green engineering is here for the improvement of our fellow adult male.

    The hereafter of our planet is dependent on world to bring forth a safe. clean. and feasible resource that does non trust on non renewable resources. The history of green engineering. how we presently utilize it.

    and what we can look frontward to in the hereafter acuminate to how we may populate on a healthier. more efficient Earth. Due to the growing rate of civilisation and its of all time increasing progresss. green engineering has become a focal point for many innovators that want a better planet to populate on. Green Technology is defined as: “technology whose usage is intended to extenuate or change by reversal the effects of human activity on the environment” ( Oxford University Press. 2010 ) .

    In other words. green engineering is being utilized as a response in order to continue the universe for coevalss to come. The cognition that we have obtained along with the apprehension that we are prosecuting better engineering. will finally take to a more environmental scruples society.

    Environmental or clean engineerings are footings used when mentioning to green engineering every bit good. These footings have been in the public sphere for about a decennary. but the usage or idea of clean engineering has been around for coevalss without it of all time being defined. There is non much history to be found refering green engineering. However. its patterns in America can be traced back through many coevalss.

    From windmills built in the Midwest that were used to power irrigation in the early 1800s to the electric taxis in New York used in the 1900s. green engineering has been on the American scruples. CBS intelligence ( 2011 ) stated. “An estimated six million windmills one time pumped H2O on the U.

    S. prairies. leting people to settle the west” ( parity. 2 ) .

    Clean Technology has ever been talked about with bookmans. but the push for better engineering has come from society easy larning the importance and magnitude of our footmark on this planet. Another illustration for theinfluence on societies push for the improvement of green engineering is provided as an environmental snapshot from the 1960s and 1970s. Meyer ( 2010 ) provides an history of environmental events that occurred in the sixtiess and the action responses in the 1970s as seen in Figure 1 of this paper.
    It is evident that as these events unfolded. public concerns over environmental safety grew and legal action by the authorities was implemented.

    This is non to be construed that corporations did non take notice every bit good. The involvement was finally brought to a caput as it was realized that green engineering would go highly profitable. The 1969 National Environmental Policy Act was one of the first Torahs put into action that started the tract towards Green Technology. The United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA. 2012 ) provinces.

    “NEPA establishes that all federal agencies’ support or permitting determinations be made with full consideration of the impact to the natural and human environment” ( para 3 ) . This has paved the manner for how we hold ourselves responsible for doing today’s engineering user friendly and good for the environment. We have come a long manner with green engineering in a short period of clip. This type of engineering covers a wide spectrum. Green edifice. chemical science.

    environmental. and energy are some capable countries of green engineering. Many feel the most of import survey in green engineering is energy use and preservation. The apprehension that coal. gas.

    oil. and fossil fuels will non last with the demand for energy is a ground for the push towards cleansing agent. renewable energy beginnings. Another ground is that society is better educated. The recognition that we are responsible for better life is fueling the demand for green engineering and bring forthing some awe inspiring utilizations.

    Green engineering is most utilised today in the pursuit for alternate energy. Solar energy. air current turbines. and utilizing the oceans energy are in the lead for doing a softer imprint on the planets environment and its resources. Solar panels use the heat from the Sun to change over into functional electricity. That energy can either be stored in batteries or returned to the local energy supplier if still connected to them.

    The thought of this is to use the local grid as a bank to have recognition for the energy you provide and draw it out when needed with small to no charge. The panels that provide this are fast going more cost effectual. easier to manage. and readily available to the mean consumer. Robbins ( 2009 ) demonstrates an illustration of these assuring ‘thin film’ solar cells as seen in Figure 2 of this paper.

    These thin panels have been displayed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. Colorado. Thin movie solar panels are comparatively low in cost and are extremely adaptable because of their flexibleness. Wind Turbines are another agencies that green engineering is doing an impact by planing lighter.

    longer blades. As noted in Green Technology World ( 2012 ) . “Wind power is created when the air current energy converts to other signifiers of energy like electricity. fuel. and power.

    Wind power can be created utilizing air current turbines. air current Millss. air current pumps. air current farms” ( parity. 1 ) .

    It is an highly effectual agencies of tackling the energy brought on by the universes wind currents. Wind turbines do bring forth clean energy but there is some resistance due to birds being killed by winging into the highly big and powerful blades. Another energy driven engineering is ocean tidal or H2O turbines. The basic design is dependent on the high and low tide of the ocean. The rise and autumn of the ocean creates H2O flow that can be harnessed into useable energy. Breeze ( 2005 ) added.

    “The energy carried by a moving ridge depends on the windspeed and the distance a moving ridge travels in the wind” ( p. 205 ) . The tidal flows are highly predictable but the rawness and cost affiliated with doing engineering that can tackle this energy is still rather expensive. Today’s green engineering is still germinating. but the involvement from public and private support demands to be given so that green engineering can spread out and lend for the hereafter.

    The hereafter of green engineering and its positive impact on the universe seems to hold eternal possibilities. Piezoelectric floor panels. atomic merger power. and revolving solar panels are a few points that persons are researching.

    Often times with research done for green engineering. it is non specifically mentioned. but really much implied. One of the innovators in piezoelectric floor panels was researched and designed by a pupil at the University of Michigan by the name of Elizabeth Redmond. She had working cognition of what piezoelectric effect was and applied that to a new signifier of energy use.

    This engineering is non new as it was brought approximately in the 19th century by scientists carry oning experiments with ceramics and crystals and applied force per unit area that in bend created electricity. “Piezoelectricity is electrical energy produced from mechanical force per unit area ( including gestures such as walking ) . When force per unit area is applied to an object. a negative charge is produced on the expanded side and a positive charge on the compressed side” ( Trimarchi.

    2008. para 1 ) . Elizabeth Redmond is one of a smattering of visionaries that believes someday the force per unit area of a measure or leap can potentially power whatever our civilisation desires. A newer green engineering has been studied for the last 40 old ages called atomic merger power.

    The Sun and stars produce this energy due to high temperatures and conditions that allow positive and negative nerve cells to acquire near adequate to let merger. The current draw back with atomic merger power is in the engineering. Scientists have non found an effectual manner of doing more energy than what it takes to bring forth atomic merger power. This is a possible limitless resource if it can be produced and harnessed in a safe. cost effectual mode. A more touchable hereafter construct.

    compared to the old two. is revolving solar panels. Surveies show that this could go a possibility in 30 old ages. The construct is instead simple.

    Huge solar panels would be launched into infinite and assembled. These panels would invariably absorb the Sun energy. turn that energy into electricity. and beam it back to Earth to be utilized. This green engineering is easy turning in involvement as our energy demands addition. The negative issue with this and all hereafter investings in green engineering is funding.

    The fiscal cost and research is presently outweighing the private and authorities sector thrust to finance their money on uncertainnesss. With the research conducted for this paper. it has become apparent that each person is responsible for the future wellness of our planet. Green engineering is being utilized to control our demands and wants. but until so we need to be good stewards of the universe. Green engineering is present.

    The history of green engineering. how we presently utilize it. and what we can look frontward to in the hereafter acuminate to how we may populate on a healthier. more efficient Earth.

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