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    The Importance of a Liberal Arts Degree Essay

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    In the article “In Defense of the Liberal Arts”, Lane Wallace gives an example of What someone could do if they drop out Of college. It also explains Why staying in college and earning a degree is important. I agree with the article and believe that staying in school Will benefit the student in the long run, even if they don’t think it is important. Students should look at the positive aspects of being in college and getting an education. Being in college and getting an education is important, because a lot of jobs require a degree.

    Positive motivation in working toward one’s goal is also a good virtue to practice while accomplishing an educational goal. Discipline and patience can also play a big role in accomplishing goals and staying on track to get a well-rounded education. Students going into college should realize what is most important in life. They should prioritize their time by putting the most important things first. “In the Defense of Liberal Arts”, Wallace explains how she took a leave of absence, because she was not sure that college was for her. She thought it was non- essential.

    Motivation can be a big key to success if people put the important things first Sometimes the things that seem Nan-essential are the most important things, Students need to realize what they want and then step back and look at the big picture. Going to college is important to most students in the beginning, and then they may get distracted in a new environment and start to make bad grades. All students should concentrate on getting an education and graduating from college, regardless of distractions. In the article, Wallace explains when she got out in the real world she Wished she would have stayed in school.

    She ended up working in a cardboard box factory surrounded by people that hated their job. “Culminating in my job at the cardboard box factory-?where was surrounded by people who hated their jobs, but had no other viable option” (par. 1). The factory workers did not earn an education and therefore may be stuck in a boring job. Getting a good education can benefit people; because they will be well. Rounded and will have more opportunities for a career. Staying on track and in school is essential. A college degree could take someone far in life and lead them in the career direction they have selected.

    It opens doors for opportunities in both career development and life. Having college degree could mean that you might never have to work in a cardboard box factory. Most people can have jobs they enjoy doing and they can be happy when they wake up in the morning it they like their job. A degree means that the student accomplished what they went to college for. It shows employers that they have set their mind on something and achieved it. Employers should take into consideration the educational level of any new job applicant.

    The college graduate has proved they can dedicate their time and achieve their goal. If the classes students take are not going to help them, then they should meet with a counselor and revise their class selection. In the article, Wallace explained that if people take pointless classes they are wasting their time. The students should take classes that fall Within their major. Students should pick a major that can help them to be happy. The article explained, “If you want to be an engineer or physicist, you’d better major in that subject” (par. 7).

    Students should use their time wisely and make the best of being in college, even if the demands seem very tough. Things usually get worse before they get better. If staying in college is tough, it will pay off when the student walks across the stage to receive the degree because the struggle will be worthwhile. A degree is essential, because more than half of all the available jobs require a degree. In the “Defense of Liberal Arts”, it says, “In an increasingly global economy and world, more than just technical skill is required” (par. B), Technical school is good tort some people, because college isn’t tort everyone.

    It students earn a degree, then they tend to be better-rounded, people that go to liberal arts colleges are not just taught one thing like technical schools teach. If students have a liberal arts education there is a greater variety of jobs and there are more opportunities. They may be qualified to do a variety of jobs in different careers. Technical schools only focus on one skill or trade; they do not teach a variety of things. Job applicants that only have technical training do not have as great a variety of career options as the liberal arts major.

    Those with liberal arts degrees have a more diverse education in different subject areas. Although the world does need people that went to technical school, more jobs will require a college degree. Getting a liberal arts education can make a student more open-minded and help them to see things from Other viewpoints. The article tells its’ readers that, “And the liberal arts are particularly good at teaching how different arguments on the same point can be equally valid depending on What presumptions or values you bring to the subject( par. 8).

    Liberal arts challenge the student more and increases critical thinking skills. Liberal arts can boost confidence levels, because the student has more knowledgeable about more subject areas. Confidence is important when people try to get jobs, because an employer can tell if people lack confidence or are unsure. Students that complete a technical education do not have as much education as a person with a liberal arts education, If the technical graduate and the college graduate applied for the same job, the liberal art degree holder would most likely get the job.

    The Liberal Arts goes into more detail about different subjects and pushes students to the limit. Liberal arts school teaches people to think tort themselves and the professors don’t just provide all the answers, The professor wants the student to research problems and issues and come to a well thought out conclusion. They want students to use their knowledge and come up with reasonable answers, A liberal arts education is an ideal education, because people can do more things with that degree The world is growing rapidly and employers are in need of people that have higher educations.

    Students may also have more experience in different fields, because they decided to switch their major. The student may have begun in criminal justice then switched to an education major; thus they could go into to either one of those job fields. Liberal arts gives people more of a variety of what they can do with their lives. The option is open to them when hey get a degree, unless the student goes on to graduate school and plans on more specialization. The graduates have four years of knowledge and a world Of opportunity.

    If they made it through four years Of college, papers, exams and homework it should show an employer that they can stick through anything. It should also show the employer that they have very good patience and self- discipline. Patience and discipline are very important traits to have when people are trying to get a job. An employer looks at those traits in people applying for jobs in their company. People need to have patience, because the depending on the job, it ay require patience. They will already have experience with that, because they stuck through four years of college.

    They need discipline, because their job may require that they have to be there at six in the morning everyday. The good employee has to practice self-discipline to wake up that early everyday. Those are important traits to employers and are good traits to have in order to be a successful employee. Education is important, because that is what helps our world grow and improve. Inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs all come from a liberal arts background. The world needs education for things to keep evolving and improving.

    People are becoming more educated every day, because they want to better themselves and want to be successful in the world The people that stick with their dreams, goals and want to do something with their lives are the people who make it in college. A degree is a huge deal for most people and means a lot at graduation and more as they progress in their career. Having a liberal arts degree can go a long way; people can go in different directions With IL Anyone can do whatever they want, if they have a goal and have the determination to strive for What they want.

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