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The Human Factors Analysis: Crash of Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701 Essay

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The Human Factors Analysis: Clang of Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701.

The aircraft accident study and analysis, look into all processs and challenges affecting air power safety issues. From a human factor point of view, most air power accidents are attributed to human-machine mistakes. Integrating psychological scientific discipline and safer environments into a multidisciplinary attack improves the extenuation procedure. Underscoring the belongingss of human factors, influence, restrictions, and applications in air power industry could present new ways to extenuate human mistake. Correlating human factors in aircraft accidents evolved the ability to break the safety procedure in a work environment.

Another term in human factors is the rule of work public presentation and situational consciousness. In both instances, they present a challenge to the air power industry. Work public presentation and deficiency of situational consciousness can be classified as knowing and unwilled mistake. Unintentional mistake is attributed to the bad cognitive judgement and action. Equally good as knowing mistake, which correspond to the misdemeanor of safety patterns and processs. To extenuate human mistake, critical stairss to advance safety patterns, procedures, and good determination devising is implemented. But, keeping the effectivity of a safety direction system, particularly aviation safety, proactive communicating and human interactions can forestall or pull off the figure of safety-related air power accidents and incidents.

The function of human factors in air power encompasses a broad scope of proficient and mechanical failures. But, understanding the human mistake and its belongingss represents a challenge to the air power industry. Even now, to extenuate human factor in a on the job environment a important behavioural analysis can beef up the extenuation procedure. As a general attack, air power industry uses the subjects of cognitive scientific discipline to understand the logical thinking behind the human mistake.

Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701: Events and Findingss.

Human factors and the ergonomic undertaking analysis in air power constitute a great per centum of all major air power accidents. Depending on the accident fortunes, human mistake is identified as a conducive factor. It is critical that the research worker place the likely causes accident for a future safety mention. In add-on, the accident probe requires a thorough study that includes the primary findings, actions, and recommendation. Let analyze the “Crash of Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701, Jefferson City, Missouri October 14, 2004. The flight was runing under the 14 Code of Federal Regulations ( CFR ) Part 91” ( National Transportation Safety Board, 2007, p. 1 ) .

At 2215:06 Pinnacle Airlines flight 3701 crashed into a residential country of Jefferson City, Missouri. Both engines flamed out when the pilot induced an aerodynamic stall and were unable to re-start. The captain and first officer ( OF ) were killed in the clang.

During the acclivity, the captain induced three offprint pitched up manoeuvres doing an increase on the pitch angle and a perpendicular burden. ( National Transportation Safety Board, 2007, pp. 12, parity. 1 )

The flight informations entering system ( FDR ) showed that the pilot engaged in inordinate pitch airplane-nose-down ( AND ) and airplane nose-up ( ANU ) manoeuvres. Between 2127:15 and 2127:17, the FDR information confirmed the automatic pilot was disengaged during the 2nd ANU manoeuvre at 15,000 pess. A few seconds subsequently and at 24,600 pess, the aircraft was on a degree flight place. A 3rd pitch-up manoeuvre was followed after the degree flight place ensuing in an increase on the pitch angle and perpendicular burden. During the air traffic control ( ATC ) transcript alteration, “the aircraft maximal climb rate of 41,000 pess was cleared by the ACT. Further transcript analysis revealed that at the maximal ascent rate, the aircraft perpendicular velocity was approximative 500 fpm” ( National Transportation Safety Board, 2007, pp. 14, parity. 1-3 ) .

Between 2152:22 and 2124:36, the cockpit voice recording equipment ( CVR ) indicated the flight crew recognize the aircraft maximal height and the crew decided to go on at 41,000 pess. The CVR besides revealed the ACT concerns at that height. After the 2nd pitch-up manoeuvre, “the FDR information showed an increase in the angle of onslaught ( AOA ) from 7a?° to 12a?° and shortly after to a decrease of -20a?°” ( National Transportation Safety Board, 2007, pp. 15, parity. 1-5 ) . After the aircraft entered an aerodynamic stall, the FDR and CVR informations recorder the dual engine failure after the unsuccessful recovery from the stall place.

About 2201:5 the pilots initiate the subsidiary power unit ( APU ) bleed air restart. Between 2203:09 and 2208:17, the engine failure continued and the crew was forced to fall at a rate of 1,500 pess per minute. About two proceedingss subsequently, the air traffic accountant asked the pilots perform a landing attack to the closest airdrome. The traffic accountant cleared Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701 to the closest airdrome, runway 30 at Jefferson Memorial Airport ( JEF ) . At 2214:02, after interchanging the set downing attack information with the air traffic accountant, the crew realized the failed attack. About 2214:53 and 2215:00, the CVR recorded the aircraft concluding attack at.58 maritime stat mis ( NM ) and at an height of 930 pess. Seconds subsequently, the low terrain dismaying sound and six second after the aircraft impacted the land.

Brief great sum-up of the accident fortunes in a well-supported organize and logical mode. Primary findings: place the factors lending to the job, accurate inside informations with external beginnings. From a human factor point of view. Aircraft accident study composing and analysis. Accident probe processs and challenges. Critical idea affecting air power safety issues.-p.12


Clearly province the important of the job and relevant constructs, theories, results prediction that supports immediate actions to decide the job, outside beginnings.

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FAA actions on the recommendations. Primary air power safety issues associated with the accident. Alternate actions ( 2 each-advantage and disad ) : attack to work out the job, ground for alternate advantages and disadvantages and give the cause for contemplation on the consequence of implementing one or the other.

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Industry Executions of the Recommendations. Status of the recommendations and what has been done since the accident to forestall return. Reason is clear. Advantages and disadvantages are thought arousing. Answer the inquiry. “What if we tried something wholly different? ” A determination to implement could likely merely be made and strongly defended without permission.

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[ Heading 5 ] . [ Like all subdivisions of your paper, mentions start on their ain page. The mentions page that follows is created utilizing the Citations & A ; Bibliography characteristic, available on the References check. This characteristic includes a manner option that formats your mentions for APA 6th Edition. You can besides utilize this characteristic to add in-text commendations that are linked to your beginning, such as those shown at the terminal of this paragraph and the predating paragraph. To custom-make a commendation, right-click it and so snap Edit Citation. ] ( Last Name, Year )


Last Name, F. M. ( Year ) . Article Title.Journal Title, Pages From – To.

Last Name, F. M. ( Year ) .Book Title.City Name: Publisher Name.

National Transportation Safety Board. F.M. ( January 9, 2007 ) . Crash of Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701 Bombardier CL-600-2B19, N8396A Jefferson City, Missouri October 14, 2004, p.1. Retrieved hypertext transfer protocol: //


1 [ Add footers, if any, on their ain page following mentions. For APA data format demands, it’s easy to merely type your ain footer mentions and notes. To arrange a footer mention, select the figure and so, on the Home check, in the Styles gallery, click Footnote Reference. The organic structure of a footer, such as this illustration, uses the Normal text manner. ( Note: If you delete this sample footer, don’t forget to cancel its in-text mention every bit good. That’s at the terminal of the sample Heading 2 paragraph on the first page of organic structure content in this templet. ) ]


Table 1

[ Table Title ]

Column Head Column Head Column Head Column Head Column Head
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Row Head 456 456 456 456
Row Head 789 789 789 789
Row Head 123 123 123 123
Row Head 456 456 456 456
Row Head 789 789 789 789

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Figure 1. [ Include all figures in their ain subdivision, following mentions ( and footers and tabular arraies, if applicable ) . Include a numbered caption for each figure. Use the Table/Figure manner for easy spacing between figure and caption. ]

For more information about all elements of APA data format, delight confer with the APA Style Manual, 6th Edition.

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