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    The GPS Technology Sample Essay

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    Throughout clip people have developed a assortment of ways to calculate out their place on Earth and to voyage from one topographic point to another. Early seamans relied on angular measurings to heavenly organic structures like Sun and stars to cipher their location.

    The 1920s witnessed the debut of more advanced technique-radio navigation-based at first on wirelesss that allowed sailing masters to turn up the way of shore-based senders when in scope. Later development of unreal orbiters made possible the transmittal of more precise. line of sight wireless pilotage signals and sparked a new epoch in pilotage engineering. Satellites are foremost used in place determination in a simple but dependable 2D Navy system called Transit. This laid the basis for a system that would subsequently revolutionise pilotage for ever-the Global Positioning System. The Global Positioning System ( GPS ) is a orbiter based pilotage system.

    The construct of GPS was introduced by the United States Department of Defense ( DoD ) . It is in the twelvemonth 1994 that the GPS was wholly developed. The GPS is developed to supply uninterrupted. extremely precise places.

    speed and clip information to the land. sea. air and infinite based users. The purpose of system is to utilize a combination of land Stationss. revolving orbiters and particular receiving systems to supply pilotage capablenesss to virtually everyone. at any clip.

    anyplace in the universe. regardless of conditions conditions. THE GPS SEGMENTSThe Space SegmentThe infinite sections. besides known as orbiter section. consist of 24 operational orbiters go arounding about Earth in 6 orbital planes about 600 GPS orbiters are non geosynchronous. First orbiter was launched in the twelvemonth 1978.

    The orbiters take about 12 hours to revolve Earth. These orbiters revolve the Earth in a round form with an inclined orbit. Out of the 24 orbiters 21 are working orbiters and the staying 3 orbiters will be in standby. In the event of a satellite failure.

    one of the trim infinite vehicles can be moved in to its topographic point utilizing modern propulsion and counsel system. Each orbiter circles the Earth twice every twenty-four hours at an height of 20. 200 kilometres. At a clip 5 to 8 orbiters can be viewed by the user. there by guaranting world-wide coverage. The information from three orbiters is needed to cipher a navigational unit’s horizontal location on Earth’s surface ( 2D-Reporting ) .

    but information from four orbiters enables a receiving system to find its height ( 3D-Reporting ) . Each orbiter contains a Cesium Atomic Clock and all these redstem storksbills will be synchronized and are accurate within a few nanoseconds. The Control SegmentThe GPS control section ( CS ) . called the Operational Control System ( OCS ) .

    includes all the fixed locations ground-based proctor Stationss located throughout the universe. a Master Control Station ( MCS ) and the up-link senders. The proctor Stationss are merely GPS receiving systems that track the orbiters as they pass overhead and accumulate ranging and ephemeris informations from them. This information is relayed to the Master Control Station.

    These land Stationss around the universe are responsible for supervising the flight waies of the GPS orbiters and synchronising the satellite’s onboard atomic redstem storksbills. This information is relayed to MCS where it is processed and compares the existent orbiter place with the GPS computed place. The MCS receives informations from the proctor Stationss in existent clip 24hrs a twenty-four hours. and uses that information to find if any orbiter are sing clock or ephemeris alteration and to observe malfunctions. Correctionss are done and so it is uploaded to the orbiters twice per twenty-four hours by the uplink aerial.

    The User SegmentThe GPS user section consists of all the GPS receiving systems and the user community. Initially the GPS service was available for military intent merely. But in 1980 the Government of United States made the GPS service available to civilians besides. The Fig 2. 3 shows a GPS receiving system. GPS receiving systems convert signals received from infinite vehicles into place.

    speed and clip estimations. The GPS pilotage set contains antennae. receiving system. information processor and a show unit.

    The orbiter signals are farther processed by informations processor of the pilotage set to demodulate the informations and so decrypt it to acquire the user’s 3D place co-ordinates. The GPS receiving systems are used for pilotage. placement. air power. transportation.

    geology and other intents. WorkingSee the instance of a lightning followed by a boom. A few seconds after seeing the lightning we hear the boom. If we know the clip taken for the sound waves to go from the lightning topographic point to the hearer. we can cipher the distance between the hearer and the lightning topographic point.

    Similar rule is used in the working of GPS. The GPS system plants by finding how long it takes a wireless signal transmitted from a orbiter to make a land-based receiving system and so. utilizing that clip to cipher the distance between the orbiter and the Earth station receiving system. Radio waves travel at about the velocity of visible radiation. 3?108 m/s. if a receiving system can find precisely when a orbiter began directing a wireless signal and precisely when the signal was received.

    so it can find the extension clip. From extension clip. the receiving system can find the distance between it and the orbiter utilizing the mathematical relationshipvitamin D = V ? T Where vitamin D = distance between orbiter and receiving system ( metres ) v = speed ( 3 x 108 m/s )T = extension clip ( seconds )Time is the most of import factor in the working of GPS. Time synchronism between the GPS receiving system and the on-board redstem storksbills is really of import.

    Then merely the Ranging computations can be done accurately. The orbiter sender and the Earth station receiving system produce indistinguishable synchronism ( pseudorandom ) codes at precisely the same clip. This clip will be accurate up to a few nanoseconds. Each orbiter continuously transmits its precise synchronism codification. After a synchronism codification is acquired.

    the receiving system compares the standard codification with its ain locally produced codification to find extension clip. The clip difference multiplied by the speed of radio signal gives the distance to satellite.

    If the Earth station receiving system knows the location of the individual orbiter and the distance the orbiter is from the receiving system. it knows that it must be located someplace on an fanciful domain centered on the orbiter with a radius equal to the distance the orbiter is from the receiving system. If the receiving system knows the location of the two orbiters and their distances from the receiving system.

    it can contract its location to somewhere on the circle formed where the two domains intersect. If the location and distance to a 3rd orbiter is known. a receiving system can nail its location to one of the two possible locations in infinite. If the location and distance from a 4th orbiter is known. the height or the 3D place of the Earth station can besides be determined.

    LEVELS OF SERVICESStandard Positioning Service ( Sps ) . It is the placement and timing service that is made available to all GPS users ( Military. Private and Commercial ) on a uninterrupted. world-wide footing.

    It provides a horizontal truth of 100m. a perpendicular truth of 156m and a 3D truth of 185m. SPS will be provided on GPS L1 frequence ( 1575. 42 MHz ) . Precise Positioning Service ( Pps )PPS is a extremely accurate military placement. speed and timing service which will be available on a uninterrupted.

    world-wide footing to users authorized by the Department of Defense. PPS will be provided on GPS L2 frequence ( 1227. 60 MHz ) . Both L1 and L2 frequences are used for high preciseness plants. . It has a horizontal truth of 20m.

    perpendicular truth of 27m and a 3D truth of 35m. Cryptanalytic equipments are used to forestall the unauthorised usage of these PPS. This is more precise than the SPS. APPLICATIONS OF GPSPositioningThe GPS can be used to happen the exact place of a individual or a vehicle etc really easy. Whatever may be the whether conditions we can easy turn up a individual or a vehicle holding the GPS receiving system.

    The Fig 5. 1 shows the placement of a receiving system in a smoky conditions status. Precise location informations for any point on planet is possible utilizing this GPS. This system is used to turn up individuals and vehicles when they are lost.

    Navigation SystemFor the Navigation intents GPS receiving systems are used in autos. airplanes. ships and even infinite vehicles. The Fig 5. 2 shows a GPS system used in autos.

    The current location of the vehicle and the route maps will be displayed on an LCD screen. Thus the shortest way to the finish can be selected. This is used in Aviation intents to cognize the exact location of the plane and its distance from the different ports. Automatic pilot system is based on this engineering.

    This is besides used by crewmans and other sail ships to cognize their place in sea. The infinite vehicles ( SV ) besides use this GPS to cognize their current locations. TrackingThe way through which a individual or a vehicle moves can be traced easy utilizing this GPS. So it is used in Shipping and Aviation purposes to cognize the way of the vehicle. Its tracking installation is used in industrial applications to cognize the procedures through which the merchandise moves. The speed of the vehicle can besides be calculated.

    Miliatry PurposeGPS is used in military for puting the marks and steering the missiles. During the war period. military utilizations this engineering to cognize the places of their forces and their motions in the war part. Airplanes like F-16.

    B2 Bomber. KC-135 Arial refuelers make usage of this engineering. Missiles like Toma-Hawk are guided utilizing GPS to destruct the marks. When a state uses the GPS guided missiles against an enemy. it is possible for the enemy state to turn up some of the points in its flight by doing usage of its ain GPS. Using these points the existent flight can be manipulated and location from which the missile was fired could be predicted.

    There is a good opportunity that this location would be a military base. Fig 5. 4 shows GPS guided missile. Public SafetyThe GPS engineering is used to assist the people in instance of exigencies. When an exigency call is made by a individual.

    the call is automatically forwarded to a public-safety replying point ( PSAP ) . besides called an exigency call centre. When the call is answered. the call centre operator is provided with automatic location information ( ALI ) . nailing the exact place of the call. The PSAP will give information to the nearby deliverance operation squad and therefore makes the rescue operations fast.

    Time SynchronizationMany synchronism systems use GPS as a beginning of accurate clip ; therefore one of the commonest applications of this usage is that of GPS as a mention clock for clip codification generators. For case. when deploying detectors ( for seismology or other monitoring application ) . GPS may be used to supply each entering setup with some precise clip beginning.

    so that the clip of events may be recorded accurately. For geographically spread Stationss. the clip synchronism is done utilizing the GPS. DecisionThough originally designed to assist US Forces around the universe to turn up marks and travel rapidly. it is now being used across the universe.

    from mountain climbers mounting up Mount Everest to sail boats traveling in to oceans. Its maps have been extended to over positioning. tracking. mapping etc. GPS’s future seems secure.

    Its biggest push now is the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) enhanced 911 authorizations. The new cell phones will be enabled with GPS. GPS receiving systems in future will be able to give truth up to 5mm. there is still room for betterment for GPS.

    as it does so. we will happen it being used more and more in our day-to-day lives. to the point where it would be difficult to execute many travel and industry undertakings without it.

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