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    The Fast Choice Is the Worse Choice

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    The term “fast food” generally speaking, means food that people are planning to eat quickly. It can also mean any foods that are out of a bag or a box or with a wrapper on it. Anything you can eat fast, that’s already pre-made. Fast food is usually very bad for one’s nutrition and health. The food being sold at these quick stop restaurants contain many substances that are generally unhealthy for the body. Most fast foods are high in calories, sugar, fats, high in saturated and trans fat, sodium, and high in simple carbohydrates. Not all fast food restaurants are “bad” if you choose the right food choice like a salad. However, even the more healthier fast food options are still loaded in fats and sugars. The impact in which these food choices have on your health can be long term or short term. Generally speaking, eating fast food can lead to one or many negative health effects.

    The fast food market is growing, and as it grows so does the demand for the pre-packaged food. Food that has been dehydrated, canned, pre packaged or processed make up about 60% of the average american diet. Most of us, while eating fast food, don’t think of it as poison, but some of the ingredients commonly found in these foods are considered toxic. Some of these “toxic” ingredients are refined grains, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, nitrates and many other ingredients too difficult to pronounce. Trans fat raises your “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides and lowers your “good” cholesterol. These fats clog your arteries and cause obesity and ultimately increase the risk of blood clots and heart attacks. Refined grains are grains that have had their nutrients removed and no longer contain fiber, vitamins or minerals. High fructose corn syrup increases triglycerides, ramps up fat storing hormones and creates cravings causing overeating and weight gain. Artificial sweeteners are presented as good for you but aren’t and actually trick the brain into forgetting that it’s extra calories. Nitrates and other preservatives are believed to cause colon cancer and metabolic syndrome which can lead to diabetes. Other ingredients like artificial colors and MSG are bad for your thyroid, bladder, kidneys and are linked to brain cancers. Food industrys like McDonalds, Burger king and KFC are pushing their way into other countries and getting them hooked, such as China and India where health issues and obesity are becoming an epidemic. People may wonder, why fast food? Well one explanation can be the price of fast food, the cheaper it is the more people will stop and get it, also the amount of locations these stores have, most people drive past a fast food restaurant on a daily basis.

    The most common outcome of eating fast food, is obesity. Large amounts of these fast foods unhealthy calories on a weekly basis can lead to weight gain, which is what leads to obesity. Many studies show that more access to fast food restaurants is greatly related to high chances of obesity and one being overweight. ”According to the centers for disease and disease control and prevention more than 75% of the american population is likley to be overweight and obese by the end of 2020”. Fast food is directly linked to body mass index, and less successful weight loss. When it comes down to obesity and fast food it impacts children more than ever. It seems to be directed to children. For example the toys advertised with the meals on tv, or the huge playgrounds inside the stores, the chicken nuggets, and ice cream, this alone seems to be the biggest contributor to child obesity due to unhealthy fast food.

    Fast food can have a major effect on the skeletal system. The carbs and sugar in the processed foods can increase acids in your mouth, it then breaks down tooth enamel. As you may know when the tooth enamel gets broken down and disappears, more bacteria can go in and that’s when cavities develop. The tooth enamel also can not be replaced, so once it wears away it’s gone. An unhealthy diet including fast food will cause weight gain and obesity as mentioned above, the extra weight is taxing on your skeletal system. The extra weight creates pressure on your bones making it more likely to experience pain and possibly break bones.

    Fast food can have a great effect on the integumentary system (skin, nails, hair). Fast food alone does not affect your appearance, some greasy food from home or chips can also increase breakouts, but it can also be the foods you least suspect. Eating fast food more than three times a week is likely to develop eczema according to the study of Asthma and Allergies. The main reason people are affected by acne from fast food is because they are not getting the right nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Instead you’re getting the Omega-6 fatty acids.

    Brain health can also be negatively impacted by fast food. Scientists are researching the correlation between unhealthy diet and dementia. Professor Cherduin has repeatedly claimed that “people are eating away at their brain with really bad fast food diets and little to no exercise”. Researchers believe that the chemicals in fast food products can cause cognitive dysfunction, including shrinking brains, and depression. There are also metabolic risk factors associated with an unhealthy diet such as type two diabetes. The evidence shows that high fasting blood glucose levels which come with fatty foods combined with low levels of physical exercise are associated with a decline in the brain size and cognitive functions. The carbohydrates and low fiber in a fast food diet creates blood glucose issues.

    Your Cardiovascular system can be impacted greatly by fast food, by having negative effects on your heart and lungs. The bad fat from these foods causes elevated cholesterol and increases blood pressure which are the two tops risk factors for heart disease and stroke. The heart and blood vessels having to work extra hard can create bloating and puffiness throughout your whole body, making you feel exhausted and sore. Excess in calories from a poor diet means excess weight. The extra pounds create stress on your lungs, and pressure on your heart, causes chest pain and shortness of breath. Eating foods filled with sodium not only affects your lungs and heart but will also cause headaches. People consistently eat at fast food restaurants and eat an extra 190 to 250 calories per meal.

    As far the Digestive system is concerned good digestion is critical for maintaining a healthy immune system. The effects of junk food on your digestive system makes the process of digestion slow down and cause stomach bloating. Your stomach needs enzymes to digest the food and fast food does not have them. As food is absorbed in the intestines it requires fiber and water for excretion, fast food does not have such nutrients. This can lead to poor digestion and irritable bowl .

    As the research has demonstrated, fast food has an overall negative effect on all aspects of your health. From brain health to cardiovascular, to skeletal, and even your skin. Research has shown that fast food can cause many health issues from simple headaches to heart attacks. The unhealthy levels of fat, carbs and sugars in these quick, cheap and easy to access meals can start causing detrimental effects as early as childhood.

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