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    The Environment 4 Essay Examples

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    An environment is a place that everyone is acquainted with as it is mentioned on television, newspaper and soon. In simpler term, it means the surrounding in which living organism lives. The environment consists of both the physical and biotic environment. Man and the environment cannot be separated because they both have a close relationship which affects the social life of man.  It is paramount to know more about it since it is a beauty and it is the only home for man which provides food, air, and other important needs.

     Environment essay example 1

    The environment is the main reason for the occurrence of life on earth and calls for the conservation of the planet. The environment is important for the survival of all form of the living organism most especially man which is why this topic is of paramount importance. The role of the environment to a human being in the present and future necessitates the conservation of the environment to ensure that the environment doesn’t turn into a devastating place for human wellbeing and also have great advantages for other living organisms.

    Since we only have one environment which cannot be replaced or created and this environment is facing global warming, pestilence, industrialization, chaos, social problem, deforestation and all sort of pollution. Students and other members of society should know the importance of protecting and conserving the environment.  Environmental conservation is therefore of grief important for the continued existence of human and another living organism likewise the natural resources.

    Environment essay example 2

    The environment is the natural surrounding which has an influence on every living thing. It is big and made up of the atmosphere which is the mixture of gases and suspended particles which surrounds the earth.  The earth atmosphere is made up of about 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 0.9 percent argon, with carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases, biosphere which is called the biotic component of the environment.

    The biosphere consists of the living organisms which are plants, animals, microorganisms and soon, lithosphere which is the outer solid or shell of the earth and finally the hydrosphere which consists of the entire water in the planet earth. These are water found in the air, underground and on the surface of the environment. There are benefits in the conservation of the environment which could be good health for man and animals, good soil leading to better yields of crops and soon.

    Therefore awareness should be made for the conservation of the environment to stop every abnormal irresponsible activity carry out which might be of harm to the environment. Environmental Conservation is a universal term that defines anything we do to safeguard our planet and ensure the conservation its natural resources so the living organism can continually survive and maintain life. Environmental conservation is meant to protect the environment against the abnormal not responsible habits of corporation and business organizations.

    Environment essay example 3

    In English, Environment can simply be defined as everything which can be seen around us from the air to the water, living creature, natural substances, and land. The environment is basically the living and non-living things. There will be no life on earth if not for the environment. The environment is essential for our healthy life, and all elements must be taken care of to ensure the survival of all living creature. The trees, the oceans, and the soil are important for our survival and must be taken care of to ensure their continuous use. People and conservationist should dedicate their time and effort into protecting them.

    5th of June is the world environment day which is a campaign set in order to disperse the need for environmental safety and cleanliness. Argumentative discussions have been made all over the world environmental conservation, but this should be enforced. Afforestation should be made compulsory, and it has a whole lot of advantages because this helps in supplying more source of food for both man and animal, restoration of wildlife, increase research into plant and other natural substances with medicinal activities, soils will also be protected from bad weather which could make the soil lose it value and also save the human life from excess amount of carbon dioxide and making human being live a healthy and long life.

    It could also increase the quality of the soil when the leaves drop and decomposes forming manure to the soil which allows more plants to grow resulting in better air quality and beautification of the environment and land as a whole. The use of less or alternative energy sources by households, companies and other organization would help protect the environment and in turn protect the living organism.  Solar energy and wind power are two alternative energy which is renewable with little disadvantage associated with its use and can be used instead of burning fossil fuels and electricity in which a huge amount of energy is expended.

    This can be done by making changes to our daily activities which will conserve energy and make sure less energy is expended in any activity carried out. For example unplug any unused appliances, plant trees to stop the use of air conditioner, the computer should be switched off when not in use, replace old bulb with efficient light bulbs and soon. Environmental conservation is a title of extensive concern, and it gives us an idea of how to go on with daily activities to protect nature.

    Environment essay example 4

       The environment is the natural world in which an organism has to thrive or maintain its life. It affects the growth and development of a living organism. The environment has the following benefits

    • For healthy life – Free air which is devoid of pollution, clean water which is not contaminated and a clean surrounding are essential for a healthy life. Any pollution in the form of degradation to the water, air, and surrounding could be detrimental to the health of human being.
    • Better soil and more productive plants – The soil is an essential part of the environment which is important for the growth of plants. These plants are in turn used as food for both man and animals.
    • For the production of shelter, clothing, and furniture – Materials needed for the building of houses, production of cloth and furniture are obtained from a plant, animals and natural substances which are found in our surroundings.
    • For the production of food – Food substances and products are obtained from plants and animals and other natural resources. In a nutshell, the environment is vital for the grown of plants and rearing of animals which is the best way in which food  can be produced
    • For the production of medicine – Medicinal substances can be obtained from natural substances like plants and animals which are produced by the environment.

    Technological advancement and Environmental pollution have caused a great deterioration in the environment, and we have water, air, soil, and sound pollution. Take note of every part of the environment which includes trees, ocean, and soils. The big trees help in holding the soil in position and helps a human being in breathing by the release of oxygen also helps filter gases that might cause the earth to heat up.  The tree also acts as a filter to the water absorbed by the soil. Trees are also essential for the water cycle.  The ocean serves as a habitat for aquatic animals and plants.

    It also serves as a life source because more than half of the earth oxygen is obtained from the ocean and stores huge amounts of carbon dioxide to help maintain the temperature of the earth at an optimum level. The soil is also very important because without the soil it will be difficult for both animal and man to feed which is due to the fact that good soil produces good productive crops that man and animal feed on to ensure growth and development.

    Plants and flowers which regulate the climate grow from the soil. Surface water may not be fit for human consumption, but the soil helps filter the underground water and makes it fit for human consumption. Protect the environment by using less energy and alternative energy sources and help to replenish what is being taken away by giving back to the Earth. College all over the world should educate people on the importance of environmental conservation. The environment should be preserved and conserved to ensure a better and reliable future.

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