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    The Efficiency In Building Maintenance Practices Construction Essay

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    Constructing care direction merely like the “ Cinderella ” of building industry. This is because constructing care direction squad has to make assorted occupation and bear the map of other parties, viz. designers, surveyors, applied scientists, or installations directors. Constructing care direction besides has ne’er been recognized in its ain right ( Allen 1993 ) . There are legion definitions of constructing care as it different to different people. Harmonizing to the Chartered Institute of Building, edifice care is defined as work conducted to maintain, reconstruct or better every installation, that is every portion of a premiss, site and its service to an acceptable criterion. The accceptable criterion is determined by the balance between the demand and available resources. While White suggest that “ maintenace besides is similar with commanding the status of the edifice so that its characteristic lies within specific parts ” ( White 1969 ) . Other definition comes from Bushell and citing from BS 3811, that defines care as “ a combination of any action carry out in order to perpetuate the things in or reconstruct it to an agreed status ” ( Bushell 1985 ) . Another more practical definition mentioned by Allen is “ the combination of all proficient and associated administrative actions to pertuate an point or reconstruct it to a status that it can execute its coveted map ” . Hence, constructing care is really important as it is required since the beginning of the building period. However, its importance was non recognized ( Allen 1993 ) . Care is needed to guarantee the edifice perform good and the best over its life rhythm ( Olanrewaju 2009 ) . A regular and good care of a edifice may heighten the sustainability of any edifice either it a heritage or non-heritage edifice ( Arazi 2010 ) . Lee ( 1984 ) has elaborate more that care is besides required in order to guarantee that edifices are used efficaciously and economically as possible ( Lee 1984 ) . Meanwhile, harmonizing to the investopedia, efficiency intend the grade of public presentation that reflects a procedure that uses the lowest sum of resources to make the greatest sum of results. Efficiency is an of import character as all resources such as clip, money and natural stuffs are scarce. So, it is makes sense to conserve the resources while keeping an acceptable degree of results or a general production degree. Efficient besides can be merely said as cut downing the sum of otiose resources. Therefore, guaranting efficiency in edifice care patterns in this paper means the work undertaken in order to continue and conserve a edifice to heighten the value of a edifice is done with the lowest sum of resources without blowing it.

    However, there are five aims of edifice care that are mentioned by Alner and Fellows ( 1990 ) . The aims are to guarantee that the edifices and their associated services are in a safe status, to guarantee the edifices are suited for usage, to guarantee that the province of the edifice fulfill all statutory demands, to run the care work necessary in order to keep the value of the edifice stock ‘s physical plus and besides to run the work needed in order to keep the quality of the edifice.


    In order to guarantee a edifice is keep, preserve, restore and better without blowing all resources, a figure of efficient ways can be carried out by the belongings director, constructing care direction or any related party. First, the care direction squad should affect in the design phase of the building to pull some schemes in order to do certain the efficiency in edifice care patterns over the life rhythm of edifices. A figure of the design schemes mentioned by Nayanthara ( 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) ( Nayanthara 2010 ) are design for equal safety, design for care demands, design for the environment, program for easy care and design for efficient entree. Design for equal safety is the most important design scheme for maintainability of edifices. A proper design for the burden carrying, joint design and particularization, construction ‘s suitableness and the piping are able to avoid many failures such as snap and leaking of the edifice, hence can supply the equal safety againts those failures. Design for care demands is besides of import scheme as it can cut down the maintainability cost in the hereafter. For illustration in the design phase of the building, the care squad has make the option to utilize the low-maintenance stuffs, constituents and elements in building the edifice. The choice of those stuffs, constituents and elements in design phase may decrease the care cost in the hereafter. While, there are two fragments of environment under the design for the environment, that are micro-environment and macro-environment. Micro-environment can be describe through the grade of exposure to the external clime, degree and the nature of use. While macro-environment can be evaluted as location of edifice and different zones such as industrial, coastal country, urban and rural. The environment facet should be taken into history while planing the edifice as Malaysia has tropical clime which is high humidness, unvarying temperature and has abundant rainfall throughout the twelvemonth. Nayanthara besides mentioned that in the design phase, the builders squad should be after for easy care in the hereafter. This scheme is related to the design for the environment scheme. The builders squad should take the stuff that is lasting in order to less care work and cost, for illustration, the type of pigment for external wall must be upwind shield so that it is long last and no demand to repaint the edifice often. In add-on, design for easy entree for care work such as roof and cellar can guarantee the efficient care work ( Nayanthara 2010 ) .

    The 2nd manner that can be adopted to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care patterns is by commanding the quality of building or craft. It is really of import to do an confidence of the quality during the building phase to avoid failures such as clefts, spalling and escape. Assurance of building quality could be determined by the consistence of stuffs in the design phase and building phase. The builders squad must purely follow the planning during design phase. In add-on, the election of good contractors, advisers and efficient workers who have good experience are besides indispensable to guarantee the quality of the edifice building. Quality confidence in the building phase may assist in cut downing the failures in the hereafter and hence, the care of edifices will be expeditiously done ( Nayanthara 2010 ) .

    Scheme for keeping edifices can be split into three schemes viz. disciplinary, preventative and condition-based schemes ( R.M.W. Horner 1997 ) . In guaranting the efficient edifice care patterns, a good scheme for the care work should be decently done by the edifice care squad or else, the cost for care will lift. The most important is preventative care agenda. The preventative care agenda must be done after the completion of the edifice over its life rhythms. Preventive care agenda is to continue the physical of the edifice and rub out the disciplinary care cost. An efficient preventative care agenda includes day-to-day care, hebdomadal care, monthly care, quarterly care, bi-annually care and yearly care. Daily care for edifice such as cleaning the lavatories, common countries, land countries, hoovering lifts must be done mundane, even more than one time a twenty-four hours. Daily or everyday care is really of import among others as it involve major runing disbursal. Cleaning and housekeeping work must be carefully scheduled and controlled because costs can be easy become inordinate ( Kyle 1999 ) . With the being of preventative care agendas, edifices and equipment in the edifice will last longer and run more expeditiously. Constructing care squad besides will be seen as a professional squad as they work with the efficient preventative care agenda.

    The forth manner that can be adopted is by utilizing computer-aided system in the edifice care work. In keeping edifices, computerized system is really necessary because a batch of information and informations such as the completion day of the month of edifices, the contractors and applied scientist that involved in building, the fiscal statement, information of past care work, and etc that need to be recorded, saved and remembered. In add-on, belongings atributes such as basic belongings information like reference, telephone figure, individual incharge for care, country, figure of floor and age ; component information like type and theoretical account figure of boilers and pump ; and maintenance information like review rhythms and painting rhythms have to be recorded and saved. Computerized system is much more efficient as it is fast in entering the ample information, recovering any informations needed and capable in analyzing the information ( Pitt 1986 ) . If the edifice care squad work manually with the significant informations, all the plants will be slower and non efficient. Care agenda besides can be done by utilizing computerized system, so it is more effectual and practical for care squad.

    Last but non least, the implemention of Malaysia ‘s Building and Common Property Act 2007 is necessary in guaranting the efficiency of edifice care patterns, particularly for strata belongings such as condominium, flats, gated community developments, flats, commercial edifices like offices, shopping composites, assorted developments and industrial edifices. Malaysia ‘s authorities provide this act after recognizing that there is a deficiency in Housing Developers Act and the Strata Title Act every bit good as being of broad spreads between developers and buyers, for appropriate care and direction of edifices and besides common belongings ( Isma 2011 ) . All this piece, there are many jobs arise between the developers, buyers and direction corporation ( MC ) of strata belongingss. Some of the jobs are developers failed to use for the Strata Title because the direction corporation ( MC ) is unable to be formed. The direction corporation ( MC ) could non be formed due to the commissions of the direction corporation ( MC ) must be entirely the proprietor of the unit and the direction of the edifice is wholly managed by them without interfered by the developer, but, the direction corporation ( MC ) can merely be formed after one-fourth of the aggregative portion unit has been transferred to the proprietor. The direction corporation ‘s power to patterns their responsibility is besides limited and non effectual ( Isma 2011 ) . Other than that, the job besides arise when there are defaulting developers and inefficiency belongings directors who take advantage and seeking to do immense net incomes by supplying lower quality services but bear downing a high fee to the buyers ( Tiun 2009 ) . So, to extinguish the jobs that are arise before, Joint Management Body ( JMB ) and Commissioner of Building ( COB ) is formed under the Malaysia ‘s Building and Common Property Act 2007. The Commissioner of Building is created to guarantee that all parties play their function efficaciously. The efficient edifice care patterns coukd be formed by the empowered of Commissioner of Building to publish warrant to those buyers who does non pay the care charges for six months and it is mandotary to all developers to subject the audited care history annually to the Commissioner of Building ( COB ) ( Isma 2011 ) . With the commissariats, constructing care work for strata belongingss will be more crystalline, efficient and no longer developer who take advantage towards buyers.


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