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    The Effectiveness of Chili and Kamias as Natural Insect Repellant Essay

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    I had to take a few moments to settle my emotions before deciding to sit myself down to write about the remarkable movie that I have Just watched. A movie that got me from smiles to tears to laughter and back to tears; a movie that carried so much value that it is Just priceless. For those who have not watch it, I’ll do my best in laying out the lessons and morales rather than spoiling the story for you. Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of Rizvan Khan, a Muslim who was born with Asperger’s syndrome, a ondition that was discovered only after his mother passed and when he had moved to the US.

    The lesson in this movie isn’t about the discrimination, nor is it of the vast differences in religions, but of love. The one thing that Rizvan had in him, was not the syndrome, nor was it any form of anger or hatred; he carried an abundance of love in him. When he was ill-treated, he did not complain. When he was released, he did not despise. When his wife has asked him to leave, he did not question. Instead, he merely asked in innocence, when was he to return. This story shows a child falling victim to the atrocities committed by a microscopic minority of extremists.

    I say in confidence that not all of humanity feels the same way. It took the bombing of 9/1 1 in the United States of America to show the world, to reflect to humanity their own hatred that they had held in them. It was a wake up call. It was uncalled for. It was a lesson. A lesson of hatred to every human being in the world; Just how easily human nature sips into the darkness and chooses to remain there. This movie showed how n individual, with a health condition did not deter from his goal.

    This movie showed just how selfless one can be, if only he or she chooses to be. I stand true in saying that the feeling of anger, resentment and hatred did pop up during the movie. It was the priceless gift of selflessness that made me let it go. To have sat in my seat and watched as Rizvan, a Muslim, rushes to Georgia splat in the middle of a hurricane just so he could lend a helping hand toa lady who once sheltered him. It was moving to have seen Just how one man’s act of kindness could move the world.

    It brought me to tears to have seen more volunteers coming to aid the victims of the hurricane, all of varying religions. The movie repeats again and again, that there is only two kinds of people in the world, the good who does good deeds, and the bad who does bad deeds; nothing else varies. To put it theoretically, there really isn’t good or bad, because every deed that is done by a person is done based on their past experience. No, it does not Justify one’s mistakes. It merely explains the misinterpretation of many.

    When one understands another better, we would learn to empathise with them. Then, when one empathises, we will all understand why we are who we are today. Why was Rizvan so able to love? It was for a simple reason that he was brought up in love, by love. Rizvan had a mother who taught him that nothing differs human beings. His mother had taught him that she was at peace in his arms with a hug. Rizvan was taught never to give up, and he lived with in it with it. This movie shows that love knows no boundary, religion or time.

    If it takes 10 hurdles to get to where Muslim to rejoice in love, it will happen. If it takes six months to get a chance to tell the President, “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist”, love will get you there. The character, Rizvan taught me a whole lot, but this one lesson prevailed. It taught me that when all seem to fail, love prevails. Whenever I am being put in a situation, I always have a choice, and one of them is always love. Love never leaves, love never hates; love shines the light on the darkness of hate. This movie portrays Just it.

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