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    The Contrast between Traditional Education and Homeschooling

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    Recently, in our country, there has been a teacher recruitment crisis and teachers are leaving in droves. In fact, this is not the first time this has happened. As a 2017 The Guardian report, about half of teachers are considering leaving. This is mainly because of the heavy workload of keeping track of students, the endless testing, and all the extra work that has nothing to do with what happens in class, but is test- centre. The teachers themselves are said to suffer from fatigue and mental illness. In 2018 it was widely reported that British students were suffering from anxiety and depression due to recent exams. We looked at kids’ SAT scores in 2014.Look at the following scores: critical reading scores in traditional schools;492 homeschooling: 535, etc., home-schooled students scored higher in all three categories. NHERI told us, ‘home-schooled people are typically 15 to 30 percent more likely than public schools, which have standardized achievement tests.’

    Why does this happen? What is the magic of home schooling’so let’s analyze that. In our country, family education is all about one child, or at most one child. But parents can focus on their children’s weaknesses. If the parent knows what he or she is doing, it will be easier for the child to pull through. They face each other. Education becomes orderly. No class clowns or outside attractions interfere with learning. Every day a child can focus completely on the subject at hand. Parents can also instill and ensure the importance of self-study, reading books, and curiosity. That’s not to say that kids have a lot of escape routes, or let ‘the dog ate my homework’ become an excuse. In addition to creating your own curriculum based on your child’s needs, the other thing is to know how well your child is learning. There are many teaching methods, and we all respond to them differently. A high school teacher has a way with the whole class, of course his or her fault. But this approach may not be right for your child.

    Most importantly, as we know, some schools are not filled with cherubs. At home, your child is less likely to skip classes to smoke. Within their range, they are less likely to face bullying or fighting in their home. They don’t experience racism or prejudice; They don’t have to be stressed; All those childish hierarchies can be a minefield for young people. They probably won’t get a bullet from a quiet kid; They don’t get upset about being dumped by a girl in chemistry for a year. The question is: is it possible to keep a child away from these obvious dangers in themselves, and is it dangerous to the child’s development? After all, workplaces, rat RACES, dating games, they can all be minefields. Do children need to go to school to learn how to navigate tricky social and workplace situations?

    Most people think of homeschooling as negative, a loss of social interaction. Not to mention, your child may resent you for taking him or her away? from their friends, from their soccer team, their after-school photo group, their high school PROM, maybe even their first kiss? Do parent-child relationships grow and flourish, or do they feel hostile to each other all day long? Have you ever tried to hang out with someone? Arguments happen all the time, just because there is not enough space. We might also ask our parents if they were laid off as teachers. One needs not only knowledge but also patience. If impatience is lacking, unlike at school, where the teacher is gone, the bell rings and the children are trapped by their angry targets. Again, if you’re a super cool parent and fit for the job, you might realize that when things get tough, it’s just, ‘school’s over, go out and have fun!’ It’s not something that happens in a traditional school setting. Family education offers flexibility. Home schooling, of course, costs money in other ways. You have to have a lot of cash to do that, because it means one parent can’t work anymore. Outside your home, you need something relatively comfortable. If you do, then you must also be the kind of parent who fully understands the subject matter, such as physics, chemistry, calculus, the industrial revolution, and can decipher some great literature or know how to write a compelling short story. Can you even teach your kids to swing a baseball bat? Do you have time to visit the fields and help your children exercise? Do you know the rules of football and tennis? Can you teach chess strategy? Do you know how search engines work? Your child may not study these things, but other children can learn a lot from socializing at school. Basically, if you want your kids to be homeschooling, you have to be talented, especially as they get older. But the statistics are not a lie. Home-schooled children tend to do better than their traditionally educated counterparts.

    So, what do you think about that? If you had a child, would you let him go to the New Lanark character edifice, or would you stay at home with him through his infancy? Or perhaps what really makes home schooling magical is the companionship of parents. A complete family and a complete childhood are the keys to a healthy child’s growth.Just like the cartoon Peppa Pig, which is popular in our country all over the world, the harmonious lifestyle of Peppa’s family, the way of education of mother pig and father pig, and the unsparing expression of love between mother pig and father pig, may also be the reason why Peppa and George can grow up happily and healthily. I will be willing to explore more information with you if you have more to study about homeschooling and traditional education.

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