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    The Bloodcurdling Spirit Of Humanity: Feeding Off Essay

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    GreedMany people believe that, we humans are the greatest animal on this earth: Humans are able to think for themselves, create inventions for the necessities of life, and have wants and needs to push them foreword. It is told that the human brain and soul far surpasses any other animal in the universe (I never believed this), unlike other animals like lions and wild dogs, humans arent savages.

    In the novel The Pearl, author Steinbeck uses the interactions of the protagonist, Kino with his world to examine the magnificently horrifying traits of humanity. Kino first interacts with the doctor when Coyotito (Kinos first born son) is attacked by a vicious scorpion and is poisoned. Kino begs the doctor to cure his son, but has no money; therefore, the doctor shuts him out coldly. leaving Kinos son with death waiting for him around the corner. Later, Kino finds the pearl of the world and it is believed to be valued greatly.

    The doctor takes great interest in the pearl and decides to help Kino due to greed. The doctor even poisons Coyotito even more with white powder, so the doctor can come back to cure Coyotito and charge Kino expensively. (How cruel is that?) Kino then has to sell his pearl for money and he arrives to his second interaction with the pearl buyers. When Kino meets the pearl buyers, many conflicts arise. The pearl buyers try to deceive Kino of his pearl and explain that his pearl is valueless. They all work together to set-up the perfect situation to influence Kino to sell the pearl for a small amount, so they can give it to their boss.

    Kino is much lower-class then them and can barely live with the profit he gains from his pearl hunting job, yet the pearl buyers have no care for him and they dont even offer him an average amount for his pearl. Kino suspects this, so he decides to go elsewhere to obtain a greater amount for his pearl. Now, Kino awaits even more conflicts while he has to protect his pearl from heartless thieves. Kino faces thieves who want to strip him of the pearl which can save his life and earn an education doe Coyotito. Find the pearl was a once in a lifetime event and Kino is over-joyed by finding it.

    The thieves ruin his mind and forces him to be ready for anything: Kino isnt even safe in his own home anymore. He has to hide his own possession, the pearl and watch out for thieves lurking around the corner. Kino cant even sleep correct anymore and wanders through the darkness searching for neighbors who wants to take his pearl. These evil stealers are cold-blooded and would even take a mans dream to earn some money for themselves.

    These pick-picketers are taking from their own kind, ruining anothers life just to benefit their own. Many people still believe that humans are the greatest animals in the universe. This is not correct at all: many traits of a human are heartless. Kinos conflicts with the doctor, the pearl buyers, and the thieves implies how greed takes over, destroying the human spirit and heart. It all leads to one question, How can the greatest animal be willing to destroy their own kind just to benefit themselves in anyway? Greed is a trait that humans have and it is disgusting.


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