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    The Atomic Bomb Helpful or Harmful Essay

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    There used to be a time in America when the name Atomic Bomb seemed fictional to some, non existent to others,and seemed only a dream to those in the science world. That time is long gone. The day that changed all ideas and opinions about what war was and what is has evolved to be was August 6,1945. President Truman had decided to drop the Atomic bomb in order to end the war and save as many lives as possible. The United States had dropped the bomb on Hiroshima in order to end the war almost instantly and avoid bloody invasion, thereby saving both American and Japanese lives.

    Whether or not to drop the atomic bomb was president Trumans decision, faced with this decision Truman researched and asked advisors to share their ideas about the bomb and then made the best decision for the American and Japanese people. In an invasion of Japan,the fighting would have been more savage, and the number of lives lost on both sides would of been tragic. (ONeal 35) The Atomic bomb was essential in helping to put and end to the war and saving lives. The decision to drop the atomic bomb was made by President Truman . In his decision he states, The only thing that was the right thing to do for the American and Japanese people was to end the war through the use of the atomic bomb.

    ( ONeal 36) Why all the controversy over the bomb? Historians and people today continue to ask this question along with others. Were the Japanese seriously considering surrendering before the bomb was let off, and was the only way the war could of been ended ended was throughout the bomb? The atomic bomb saved lives on both sides and served its purpose of helping to end the war. The facts remain the Atomic Bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima killed many civilians, but if the war continued to go on it would of killed many more. When President Truman walked in to the White House he had problems and decisions lying ahead of him that he knew little about.

    In his first few days of briefing from advisors and committee he had said,I have to decide Japanese strategy-shall we invade Japan proper or shall we bomb and blockade? That is my hardest decision to date . but Ill make it when I have all the facts. (Takaki 26) As you can see Truman had no intention of making uneducated decisions and he was by no means in a rush to bomb the Japanese with not being informed of the effects. The bombing of Hiroshima seems cold and heartless, but that is when one is not aware of the other facts pertaining to this war. An American military soldier stationed in Japan tells his of what he saw in Japan, The mass fire bombings that went on for days and would of kept on going if it wasnt for the atomic bomb. Our B-29s for months were flying over Tokyo and Yokohamama,dropping firebombs.

    We were deliberately trying to burn everybody to death in those to cities so what was worse?(Takaki 29)The Bomb put and end to the war, unlike the mass killings the air raids provided with no real accomplishments. As the war went on, the Japanese made it very clear to the Americans that they would not be surrendering and the Americans kept on increasing the military pressure. Truman believed that the attacking would not stop until Japan provided an unconditional surrender. On July 26,1945 Truman issued the Potsdam Declaration which stated that Japan accept unconditional surrender or be willing to face utter devastation of the Japanese homeland. (Takaki 38)Truman gave the Japanese ample time to avoid destruction and the deaths of their people, yet they did not respond, surrendering would only seem likea dishonor to their land.

    (ONeal 54) So with all the plans being thought up the atomic bomb was being prepared to go off. The Manhattan Project that was started in 1943 (Blow 53) to study and test the bomb was coming to an end as Truman made his final decision on whether or not the bomb should be used.Truman made the .

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