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    testosterone Essay

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    TestosteroneHypogonadism (Testosterone Deficiency)In men, hypogonadism is a condition in which the testes produce a less than normal amount of testosterone, the male hormone.

    When too little testosterone is present, men tend to undergo a drop in sexual desire and performance. They may also experience depression, fatigue, loss of motivation and osteoporosis. The size and strength of their muscles may diminish and their body hair may become sparse. These symptoms are not specific to testosterone deficiency, however, some men with hypogonadism often don’t recognize that they have a medical problem that is treatable. Copyright 1999-2000 LifeSpan all rights reserved. Revised February 19, 2002 Treatment UseTestosterone LifeSpan offers both injectable testosterone (testosterone cypionate) and testosterone cream.

    While both forms of testosterone have proven benefits in hormone replacement therapy, each has distinct advantages. The transdermal delivery system of the pure micronized testosterone cream provides a non-invasive method of application along with a more consistent level of testosterone absorption. The cream is applied twice daily, in the morning and before bedtime. We recommend that you use the testosterone cream for eight consecutive weeks, then take two weeks off.

    During the two weeks off interval, we recommend that you administer HCG therapy (see below). It is recommended that you follow this cycle throughout the duration of your prescription. You will receive a 200 mg/60 gram tube of testosterone transdermal cream that will last approximately four weeks. Your prescription will be valid for six months; however, because testosterone is a “controlled substance”, you may only receive a four weeks supply of testosterone at one time. For many people, testosterone replacement therapy via injection provides the quickest and most dramatic results in optimizing hormone levels.

    We provide testosterone cypionate in 200 mg/4ml vials. The usual prescription is for 1cc per week, which means the vial would be a one month supply. Whether you choose testosterone in injectable or transdermal cream form, the use of HCG is highly recommended. Physicians are witnessing an explosion of interest in testosterone replacement therapy for both men and women.

    This is due in part to medical recognition of the condition of andropause – which has been described as being the male counterpart of menopause and is precipitated by hypogonadism, or testosterone deficiency. The primary reason, however, seems to be the growing awareness that testosterone, as with other hormones, declines with age and that such declining levels can result in serious physical and mental health problems for both sexes. Many of the symptoms that we have come to accept as part of ‘normal’ aging are the result of a decline in testosterone levels. Such symptoms, while not necessarily specific to low testosterone levels, include decreased sex drive and performance, depression, fatigue, loss of muscle size and strength, increase in body fat, osteoporosis, and a lessened sense of well-being.

    The good news is that hormone replacement therapy has proven effective in halting and even reversing many of these conditions. The following overview is presented to help you better understand the role of testosterone in anti-aging and overall health and well-being. For more information on TestosteroneTherapy click each topic below. Testosterone – What Is It?When Does Testosterone Decline?What Are Signs ; Symptoms Of Testosterone Deficiency?What Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Accomplish?Transdermal Testosterone CreamTestosterone replacement therapy or supplementation can play a vital role in helping to preserve and restore sexual function as well as in halting and even reversing many of the bio-markers of aging. Contraindications are few, and with proper medical screening and correct dosages, adverse side effects can be eliminated. Of particular note is the fact that testosterone replacement therapy for women can produce results similar to those experienced by men, including enhanced libidio, decreased body fat, and increased bone density without virilizing side effects.

    In addition, testosterone appears to enhance the functions of estrogen.

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