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    Tanpin Kanri: Retail Practice at Seven-Eleven Japan Essay

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    1. Briefly describe Tanpin Kanri.

    Tanpin Kanri is a demand-chain direction system that uses POS to place which points are selling and which articles are shelf-warmers. It is used to replace the slow moving ware by different wares. Those new orders are predicted by employees’ hypothesis of what it is traveling to be sold in the hereafter. instead than by orders of points that have been sold successfully in the yesteryear.

    2. What would you make to better it?

    As the system was being improved and the jobs were being resolved since it was created. there are non a batch of things that can be improved. One thing that can be improved is the relationship between the clients and the shops. It is necessary to utilize a system that collects more specific information from the clients. For illustration. information about merchandises that clients would purchase but the shop does non offer and about things that could be changed inside the shop in order to hold a better purchasing experience.

    This information that comes from the sentiment of the consumer can be combined with the information that the system already gather. This will supply a better penetration of what is necessary to alter in the shops. what merchandises could be sell in the shop. and what selling schemes are necessary to implement to better client trueness.

    Furthermore. we suggest linking the U. S. shops with the Nipponese 1s. since information sharing can ever be utile. Nipponese shops can larn from the U. S. shops and can besides avoid jobs that U. S. shops already had.

    Finally. we recommend doing the system less employee-dependable. Classifying shops by similar client demand and analysing the information from each group of shops wholly could centralise determinations and do the system less employee-dependable. It is non recommendable to make a system where employees have to do a batch of determinations since most of the clip they are non loyal to the company.

    3. What are the hazards associated with your suggested betterments?

    Implementing betterments means passing money and besides making hazards. The hazard with the information aggregator. the first betterment. is that it could fulfill some clients while let downing others who were satisficed before the alteration.

    The hazard with the information sharing system between Japan and the U. S. . the 2nd betterment. is that it could take to do erroneous determinations if there is non a really deep and cautious analysis before.

    Finally. the hazard with the making the system more centralised is that shops could lose their remarkable features.

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