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    study guide for romeo and juliet Essay

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    Romeo & JulietStudy GuideCHARACTERS1. Stage Manager-When the play is read aloud, and the actors remain seated the stage manager reads the play directions.

    These are the words in italics that describe whats happening on stage. Capulets2. Lord Capulet3. Lady Capulet-his wife4. Juliet-their daughter5.

    Tybalt-Juliets Cousin6. Sampson7. GregoryMontagues8. Lord Montague9. Lady Montague-his wife10.

    Romeo-their son11. Benvolio12. Mercutio13. AbrahamOther14. Nurse-Juliets Nurse15. Friar Laurence-a holy man16.

    Prince-The Prince of Verona17. ParisAct1 Scene1: The scene is a street in Verona, Italy. Sampson and Gregory, 2 servants of the Capulet household, are talking. Romeo loves RoselineScene2: At the Capulet house, Lady Capulet talks to Juliet.

    Juliets unwise sisters. Scene3: Three masked Montagues hesitate outside the Capulet house. They are Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio. Act2 Scene1: Romeo enters the Capulets orchard.

    Scene2: Friar Laurence enters his room. He carries a willow basket full of fruit. Scene3: Benvolio and Mercutio walk along a street in Verona. Tybalt challenged Romeo to a duel.

    Scene4: Juliet is in her bedroom. Act3 Scene1: Benvolio and Mercutio stand in the street talking. Romeo and Juliet married. One hour later there is a fight. Mercutio and Tybalt fight then Tybalt stabs Mercutio.

    Romeo is mad and then fights Tybalt in which he kills Tybalt. Scene2: At the Capulets house, Juliet awaits for Romeo. Juliet has heard of Tybalts death. Juliet finds out that Romeo has been banished. Scene3: Romeo is upset and he wants to kill himself. Friar tells Romeo to go to Mantua.

    Scene4: Romeo says goodbye to Juliet. Juliets parents have arranged for Juliet to marry Paris. Act4 Scene1: Juliet talks to friar and finds away out. Scene2: Juliet is dead.

    Paris is angry. There will be a funeral. Act5 Scene1: Romeo hears the news of Juliet being dead. Scene2: Romeo kills himself after killing Paris and then Juliet kills herself (for real this time!)Shakespear Bio Notes:He was born in 1564 and he died in 1616. He wrote 38 plays.

    Strategy3 major ingredients:1. Story2. Performance3. AudienceA PLAY WILL USUALLY END IN A RESOLUTION TO A CONFLICTCategory: Shakespeare

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