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    Strength And Weakness Of Electronic Human Resource Commerce Essay

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    In our study discusses about strength and failings of electronic Human Resource and discusses some deductions for future research. e-HR ‘s package brings a high grade of homogeneousness and standardisation platform for smooth working in an organisation. It helps to convey the control and efficiency required by HR. An initial model the reappraisal analyzes HR professionals at organisation introduced a engineering based direction information system ( MIS ) . This system enabled the employees to be more expeditiously administered ( in theory ) through an impersonal system to convey into conformance with regulations for paysheet, attending and promptness. Hence, e-HR package interface in salary determinations and others linked to people. The e-HR systems are core applications who cut down the complete clip of Human Resource Management. It has achieved informations from an administrative map, which responsible from paysheet to assist in strategic determination doing that can add value to an organisation. Companies have now realized. The function e-HR has developed as grow of organisation the chiefly administrative becomes concern spouse. At same clip e-HR provide the concern possess such as stable, dependable which makes high acknowledgment within the organisation.

    After execution e-HR in any organisation, company can easy salvage there cost. Because e-HR usage endeavor and cyberspace, expeditiously connect people such a manner if gives all information they need. It besides manages relationship, streamlines procedures and improves the Se of information to do strategic and operational determinations. e-HR about linking people – clients, providers, employees – with information. It ‘s about doing organisations more efficient and more profitable


    Due to market development, the director roles has changed in recent old ages, and partially besides due to new engineerings being used by the organisation that they are working in. As a consequence, organisation demands to analyze their ain organisational Human Resource function. ( Alleyne et al, 2007 )

    In today planetary markets, organisations and companies recognize that in order to vie, are based on the quality and effectivity of their employees to win. Human Resource directors today need a universe category Human Resource direction system to assist them in day-to-day strategic and operational determination.

    Over the last recent old ages, with the progress of Intranet and Internet engineerings, Human Resource tools known as electronic Human Resource direction ( HRM ) emerged. ( Hooi, 2009 )

    Recent Development in E HR or HRIS

    In the 1990s client/ waiter systems are the ideal constellation for most companies. But in recent old ages, companies are get downing the undertakings of migrating their bequest systems to new bundles designed with more beforehand construction. And they are normally what we know today as Human Resource Information System ( HRIS ) , which is portion of the Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) . ERP are able to offer companies the advantage in term of functionality, storage capacity, public presentation and an chance to reengineer their HR processes.

    Due to the fast rapid development of engineerings and alterations in the fundamental of concern, the Human Resource Department today can non run like the old yearss. It is non plenty to hold a group of people who merely need to cognize all about the benefits programs, salary plan, and calling chance within the organisation. The demand for skilled workers, particularly “ cognition ” workers, besides helps to speed up the demand for HRIS to help in strategic function of HR. ( Stone et el, 2006 )


    Tocopherol HRM Harmonizing to a group of Researcher from Singapore Ministry of Manpower, Human Capital Development Division, E-HRM refers as active usage of electronic media and engagement of employees with engineering to assist to lower disposal costs, and better the communicating of their employee with quicker entree to information, and cut down clip needed in processing. ( Hooi, 2009 )

    Human Resource Information System ( HRIS ) fundamentally is a human resource database system that allows you to maintain path of all types of Human Resource information related to the organisation and it ‘s human capital. However, non all companies that name their system an HRIS – Human Resource Information System are comprehensive plenty. If the human Resource system, are merely able to manage one or two maps, illustration such as benefits like disposal or paysheet, so we do non see it as a comprehensive HRIS. ( Bondarouk & A ; Ruel, 2009 )

    Electronic Human Resource ( EHR ) it refers to carry oning concern dealing in human resource related utilizing the Internet. ( LengnickHall & A ; Moritz 2003 ) Normally refer normally to Employee Management System that is usually refers to browser based Human Resource web portal. Unlike HRIS, E-HR or Employee Management System can normally manage limited maps or benefits, such as paysheet and leave application. The growing of E-HR was due to the rapid development of Internet engineerings in the ninetiess. With point and click easiness of usage, E- HR are normally really user friendly and easy to utilize. Widely used by companies particularly little and average endeavor, who ca n’t afford a comprehensive Human Resource System such as HRIS.

    Human Resource Management ( HRM ) it refer to a signifier of support map that services its ain internal clients, illustration employee. ( Alleyne et al, 2007 )

    Critical Analysis of Electronic Human Resources ( e-HR )

    In recent old ages, with the promotion of intranet and cyberspace, enable a new moving ridge of human resource ( HR ) engineering to emerge, with the purpose to help human resources administrative maps. With these e-HRM maps, HR service is expected to better by both the direction and employees. ( Hooi, 2009 )

    As more and more Human Resource Departments traveling toward Internet or Web-based Technology, we need to measure and do comparing between the Online Human Resource Management and Traditional Human Resource Management System. ( Payne et al, 2009 )

    Background Strategic human resources and e-HRM


    The major functional functions of E-HR are to back up Human Resource processes such as are enrolling, preparation and public presentation direction. ( Stone el, 2006 )

    The turning tendency in E-HR allows the development of tools such as

    Employee Self- Service ( ESS )

    Employee Self Service or ESS gives the employee of the organisation the ability to entree, keeping his or her ain personal HR Information online. The employee self-service ( ESS ) capablenesss allow and enable the employees to make, position, and modify informations anytime and anyplace by themselves, utilizing multiple engineerings. With easy or easiness of accessing to the information they need to make their occupations, the employees can besides pull off responsibilities that were antecedently handled for them by forces from HR section, with an employee centric portal. ESS besides helps to hasten life, and work alterations, liberating the HR professionals from everyday HR related administrative undertakings and leting them to give more of their clip and resources to a something more strategic enterprises.

    Managerial Self-Service ( MSS )

    Enable the directors to entree a assortment of HR-related tools and information online. Most director HR-related undertakings can be done via MSS applications illustration like paysheet disposal or compensation, staff public presentation direction, hiring, and employee calling or preparation development.

    Overall, the chief strength that an Electronic Human Resource System allows:

    Employees to better or keep occupation public presentation

    Set criterions for Human Resources work procedure

    Give acknowledgment to occupation related achievements

    Enhance Communication and working relationship between employee and sections

    Identify the public presentation of single employee

    Outline the duty of employee and supervisory.

    ( Payne et el, 2009 )

    Developing human resources:

    With the aid of cyberspace and intranet in development and preparation is the largely examine component of e-HR and without any uncertainty the 1 with the most existing in possibility in footings of cost and benefits. The web-based package can be used for assessment preparation, and direction calling of all e-learning activity. For the less paperwork and more benefit including acquiring more information on preparation, and appraisal it provide e mail and electronic signifiers of intranet or the restricted web site. Lower disposal cost, shorter distribution and response clip, and higher response rate ( McClelland, 1994 ) .

    Changes in the function of the HR map:

    They all agreed that the acceptance of e-HR will decidedly back up HR maps. It will assist doing administrative undertakings easier and more productive. Apart from the administrative procedures, other HR procedures such as invention, communicating, and larning

    and calling planning will be improved and supported with the usage of e-HR. So the consequence, e-HR usage can back up non merely the traditional HR function but besides the alliance of HR maps with the organisation ‘s strategic aims. However, two of the participants commented that HR “ has a long manner to travel before consequences and benefits of e-HR acceptance, particularly for HR development, will be touchable “ The benefits as show in fig:


    The list below summarizes the grounds for following and non following e-HR for users and non-users severally.

    Companies utilizing e-HR:

    facilitation of the enlisting procedure ;

    benefits for communicating ; and

    Cost effectivity.

    Companies non utilizing e-HR:

    limited utility ;

    security concerns ;

    incompatibility with patterns used ; and

    Other practical jobs.

    Their lone disadvantage is to loss of confidentiality. E-learning includes the acquisition activity supported by information engineerings. It can take local intranet computing machines, or full entree to internet, pulling upon a full scope of multimedia, links to other sites and resources, downloadable streaming picture and communicating systems ( Sambrook, 2003 ) . E-learning offers a solution to preparation in remote.

    Issues: available on

    Presents, organisation reaches capableness of bing to run HR operations more expeditiously. For more expeditiously work we need to unite together in one manus for this gather the information and communicating engineering. The chief issue is fleet development of electronic HR systems ( Stanton and Coovert, 2004 ; Fletcher, 2005 ) .

    The E-HR provide the facilitate to more efficient and strategic manner of working for HR. since vitamin E HR engineering runs parallel to the debut administrative support of the HR. it really hard to map it. For illustration Reception and assimilation by employees is considered to be an of import factor when implementing E-HRM. The ability to get by with alterations in the HR map and The current issue and full text archive of this diary is available at the support that is provided to employees during E-HRM execution is besides deemed indispensable ( Haines and Petit, 1997 ; Fisher and Howell, 2004 ; Ruta, 2004 ; RueA?let al. , 2004 ) . However, there is small empirical cognition on concurrent employee

    Brief Analysis of whether e-hr is lending towards HR going more strategic

    Most of us, I believe will be convinced that utilizing E-HR will significantly assist the company to better the bringing of the HR services to the organisation. Higher efficiencies, and higher client satisfaction, no uncertainty will assist to take down costs, due to redesigned procedures and extinguish manual work procedure.

    Decidedly e-hr has the possible to be able contribute towards HR going more strategic. But for E-HR to be able to play a more strategic function, there must be a strong concern instance. Emerging strategic e-HRM research tend to suit and concentrate on concern scheme. ( Marler, 2009 )

    A concern instance can be perplexing. For the instance of web-based or E-HR concern can be used to turn to all types of inquiries, for illustration:

    Do we truly necessitate a Web-Based solution?

    Do we necessitate to implement employee or director ego services?

    Can we utilize our bing intranet for HR dealing?

    Are we traveling to utilize the bing bequest human resource system as the implicit in database for web solution, or a Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) System?

    Can we be after and implement a shared services group as portion of the Web enterprise?

    Should we travel for one-vendor HR portal scheme, or should we travel with a “ best-of-breed ” attack?

    A concern instance must ever, built around aims like type of concern, fiscal, functional, operational, or some combination. Meaning we need to supply the concern direction with cost benefit and return on investing informations in difficult economic footings.

    How can E-HR assist the organisation in strategic function? To concern, the nucleus aim is to do more money. The concern and inquiries inquire by direction is how E-HR can assist the concern to cut down disbursals or increase in their gross strategically?

    Questions on the head of the direction like, what can we derive from:

    Productivity nest eggs

    Improve quality and decreased rework

    Sourcing Salvaging

    Make services more stingily and higher quality

    Information System Saving

    Reduce the care of bing systems

    Other Saving.

    Salvage the cost of stuff like paper, computing machine printout.

    But the most of import facet and nucleus maps of E-HR strategic benefits can convey to a organisation are:

    Recruitment – What endowment do we necessitate?

    Sourcing and pulling – Who is the right endowment? Where is the right endowment? How to pull the endowment to articulations us.

    Appraisal and rating – Identify, evaluate and select the right people we want.

    Hire – What is the right offer that we can offer attracts the campaigner to fall in the organisation?

    Deployment – Move people into the right place in the organisation that can use their endowment.

    Retention- How can we maintain the endowment invested, and engaged in the organisation?

    In today ‘s globalisation competition, the strong demand for skilled workers, particularly “ cognition ” workers, besides helps to speed up the demand for HRIS to help in strategic function of HR. ( Stone et al 2006 )


    The HR plays a really of import function in any Origination, every bit good as HR builds a span between top direction and employers. Nowadays there is a large competitory market for any organisation. So they want to spread out their organisation up to certain degree to run into their demands. Once the organisation grows the work burden for HR will increase and they will be unable to pull off all the work manually. So for avoiding this sort of state of affairs in the organisation they need a incorporate system in their company. That clip e-HR comes in the image, which suits their demands, Such as

    Employee Self- Service ( ESS )

    Managerial Self-Service ( MSS )

    Management Information system ( MIS )

    Developing human resources

    Changes in the function of the HR map

    The future E-HR will go more sophisticated, and more individualised tools for both directors and employees. Improved determination devising tools will profit both the organisations and employee. ( LengnickHall & A ; Moritz 2003 )

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