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    Strategic Analysis Of Siemens Commerce Essay

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    Mhos is now one of Europes largest technology pudding stones. Its international central offices are located in Germany. Siemens is a diversified and immense group, with concern in information and communications, mechanization and control, power, transit, wellness attention, illuming and fiscal service concerns. Its concerns have strong leading in electronics and electrical technology. Siemens has three chief concern sectors: Industry, Energy and Healthcare and it has a entire every bit many as of 15 divisions ( Barclay, 2000 ) .

    Worldwide Siemens and its subordinates employ about 420,800 people in about 190 states and reported planetary gross of 76.615 billion Euros as of 2009. Siemens AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since March 12, 2001.

    Mission and vision

    Highest public presentation with highest moralss – that is the criterion demanded by Siemens ‘ present president and CEO Peter Loscher. Its mission is to happen the best manner of uniting and developing know-how and expertness, so that Siemens can productively impart them into outstanding value for clients. It has three nucleus values — — Responsible: Committed to ethical and responsible actions ; Excellent: Achieving high public presentation and first-class consequences ; Innovative: Being advanced to make sustainable value.

    Strategic issues

    Pioneer of sustainability

    Sustainability is viewed as an of import factor for success. Siemens wants to be the innovator of sustainability. Sustainable development is the most of import strategic aim in the long tally. Sustainability serves as the footing for Siemens hereafter concern success and is the most of import facet of Siemens corporate scheme. ( Barney, 1986 ) . What ‘s more, in recent old ages, Siemens has applied this scheme into operation, with the Siemens environmental portfolio increasing, it has an exceptionally wide spectrum of merchandises and solutions for environmental and climate protection

    Great in diverseness

    Siemens is engaged in advancing diverseness in all degrees of the company to a greater grade than of all time earlier. Up to presents, diverseness has been given a lasting topographic point in the corporate degree scheme. In Siemens ‘ civilization, particularly for the increasing deficit of extremely qualified people and demographic alterations in the planetary concern, diverseness is a requirement for all the muti-national companies ‘ long-run success. Diversity is besides a requirement for its international concern.


    Invention has ever been one of nucleus competence in Siemens ‘ concern scheme. In Siemens ‘ civilization, Inventions are thought to be able to heighten the nucleus competency of Siemens. What ‘s more, Mhos have to maintain its advantage over its rivals in this technological product-dominated market.

    Strategic analysis for Siemens

    First, PESTEL will be applied to measure the microenvironment of Siemens, for Porter ‘s five forces analysis, the electrical equipment division will be taken as an illustration and a complete SWOT analysis will follow to measure he strategic options for Siemens.

    PESTEL analysis of the macro-environment

    The external environment for international concern is ever complicated and dynamic. The PESTEL analysis of the maco-environment of Siemens is based from two positions: one is that Siemens run its concern in German and the other status is that it runs its concern internationally or in other finish states.

    PESTEL analysis for Siemens




    Germany authorities policy on subsidies ; lessening policies for German houses

    Different states has different policies ; the relationship between the authorities of finish state and German ; grade of local authorities ‘s intercession in the economic system ; the quality of service that local authorities provide to foreign houses ; lessening policies for domestic houses ; duty barrier of non-tariff barrier from finish state ; the instruction of the work force, the wellness of the state and


    The economic system in Germany ; the growing rate of German economic system ; involvement rate ; rising prices rate ; domestic rivals.

    Global fiscal crisis ; Overseas economic growing ; the construction of local economic system ; the quality of the substructure of the economic system such as the transit and electrical system ; degree of national income ; involvement rate ; exchange rate ; rising prices rate ; Market demand and sections for Siemens merchandises ; local and international rivals.


    Structure and size of population ;

    Structure and size of population ; Availability of local human resources ; Migration flows ; civilization differences ; trade name image of Siemens in finish state


    New engineerings related with Siemens concern in German ; any engineering that could cut down cost, better quality or service and assist selling such as online engineering.

    International technological discoveries ; New engineerings related with Siemens concern in German ; advantages and disadvantages of Siemens engineerings when compared with international rivals ; any engineering that could cut down cost, better quality or service and assist selling such as online engineering.


    Weather and clime in German ; hardware such as land available for Siemens concern

    Global clime alteration ; weather and clime in finish state ; natural environment ;


    Environment ordinance ; related Torahs in German.

    Related international and local Torahs and ordinances.


    Political factors ever have great impact over the maco-environment in which the concern tallies, so muti-national companies need to make research on political environment before their international selling planning. Siemens is making good in measuring political hazard before it enters a new market. If necessary, a study sing the political hazards demands to be completed before its international selling ( Bell, 2001 ) .


    The economic state of affairs in finish states, the impact of currency fluctuations on exchange rates, the development of local market, the local market construction ( Barney, 1996 ) , the local human resources and the sensitivity of local consumers are all really of import issues for Siemens to see ( Bierly,1996 ) .

    The planetary economic system merely experienced the fiscal crisis ; although Siemens got a steady fiscal public presentation for a batch of old ages before the fiscal crisis, Siemens ‘ concern in most states still experienced a downswing. Another job is that, together with the fiscal crisis is the tightened recognition system for Siemens, which brought a batch of problem to its concern.

    The high spot is that some new markets such as the China market are still turning fast and these new markets provide good chances for Siemens ‘ gross coevals.


    The cultural difference is frequently a tough job that all the muti-national companies have met with ( Choi, 2000 ) . Culture, faith and society are of great importance to us. Will and how the local cultural differences affect Siemens ‘ concern should besides be evaluated.

    One of Siemens ‘ schemes is Diversity as a factor of success. Siemens is advancing diverseness in the direction ranks of the company to a greater grade than of all time before.

    Besides, the trade name image of Siemens is really good and besides means high quality by many buyers ( Davenport, et, 2002 ) , which is one of Siemens ‘ advantages from the societal position.


    Mhos still have great technological advantages in its professional field such as electrical equipment. It is still keeping an advanced place in the international competition in this field. It besides has been viewed as a top pioneer in the Fieldss of mechanization, buoy uping, wellness attention and fire safety for a batch of old ages. Keeping technological advantages over its rivals has ever been its nucleus competence.

    However, its technological advantage is non that obvious in some market sections. For illustration, in some states where authoritiess are non willing to afford high cost of new equipments, some smaller companies gained advantages over Siemens. Some clients are more interested in solar energy, while Siemens is non making good in the solar energy field. On the contrary, smaller companies like First Solar ( FSLR ) are more feasible than Mhos and their engineering are cheaper.


    With increasing attending from all states in the universe on planetary heating and with greater environmental consciousness, environment is going a important issue for muti-national houses to see ( Michael, 2003 ) . The turning desire to protect the environment is holding a great impact the industry. More environmentally friendly merchandises and procedures are in pressing demand. All of these external factors can convey good concern chances for Siemens.


    The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ( WEEE ) Directive of the European Union ( EU ) makes manufacturers of electrical and electronic goods financially responsible for specified aggregation, recycling, intervention and disposal of past and future covered merchandises. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006, which implement most facets of the WEEE Directive, came into force in 2007 in most Europe states. Several merchandise divisions of Mhos are capable to the WEEE ordinance ( Hofee, 2003 ) .

    Porter ‘s five forces

    As Mhos have several of import sectors, and the 5 forces analysis for each sector are pretty different. As one of the most of import divisions of Siemens, electrical equipment will be used as the research aim for Porter ‘s five forces analysis here.

    Porter ‘s five forces

    Degree of competition

    The grade of completion in this industry is pretty high and there are many large participants in this market

    Dickering power of clients

    The infinite for clients to deal is limited as the merchandises are extremely specialised and it hard for clients to happen comparable merchandises at lower monetary values

    Dickering power of providers

    Suppliers who supply natural stuffs or parts to industries have small bargaining power

    Menace of new entrants:

    As the equipment is of high engineering, in the early phase of this industry, the entrant barrier of this industry is high. Mhos and GE have dominated this industry for decennaries.

    Menace of replacements

    However, with the popularity of new energy engineerings, some little companies besides entered this market with lower-cost engineering and energy, so it is acquiring more and easier to happen a substituted in some limited field in a little graduated table.

    Degree of competition: In this industry, Siemens competes with large participants. GE has a strong market place in this industry, while ABB has great advantages in power coevals and transmittal. The figure of market participants in this field is large and the grade of competition is high ( Barney, 1995 ) .

    Dickering power of clients: In other industries, it is easy for companies to cut the monetary values as they compete for the same trades, which is less possible to go on in the industrial electrical equipment industry. These merchandises are of extremely specialized and professional engineerings, so clients find it is really hard for clients to buy merchandises of comparable quality at the same or even lower monetary values.

    Dickering power of providers: those companies that provide equipment parts and natural stuffs to these companies ever have small bargaining power. As the equipment parts and natural stuffs are easy to be found in the unfastened market, so the providers are easy to be replaced by other providers.

    Menace of new entrants: Mhos and GE have dominated this industry for a batch of old ages. To run with the large participants, a new company would necessitate a great trade of investing. The company needs to hold really good credibleness and connexions of both established houses and authoritiess. So the entrant barrier for this industry is high.

    Menace of replacements: some new engineerings from smaller companies, which focus on green energy, have posted menace to large companies that lacks a viing merchandise. In solar equipment, for illustration, some smaller companies are going more feasible as their engineering becomes cheaper, while solar companies may shortly hold the strength to vie with traditional power beginning on monetary value and public presentation, the menace from substitutes station force per unit area to supplier like Siemens.

    In drumhead, although the completion in this industry is ferocious, the entrant barrier for new entrants is high, what ‘s more, both client and provider have limited bargaining power. The force per unit areas from little companies which focus on green energy maintain increasing as they have advantages on monetary value and cost.

    SWOT Analysis



    Large company graduated table and market portion ;

    Strong trade name image ;

    It has a batch of divisions ;

    Steady fiscal public presentation.

    Strong R & A ; D capablenesss

    Good at diverseness

    Less advanced in the low-priced new engineering

    Low in recognition evaluation

    Weak in internal control

    Depend upon third party service suppliers for bulk of its operational activities



    Increasing demand for environment friendly merchandises

    Bankrupt of some local companies in other states

    Joint venture with other large playes

    New ordinance ;

    Completion from new and smaller rivals ;

    Ill-defined tendency of planetary economic system


    Siemens is a German technology pudding stone with considerable graduated table and market portion ; Siemens is a diversified group, with concern in information and communications, mechanization and control, power, transit, medical and lighting concerns.

    It have strong trade name image. The trade name of Siemens has good planetary market incursion. The trade name is ever connected with merchandises of high quality in a batch of markets.

    It has steady fiscal public presentation in recent old ages ( Dess, 2008 ) . Over the old ages, Siemens has delivered steady fiscal consequences. Siemens ‘ net net incomes have a similar tendency in recent old ages. Steady fiscal public presentation enables Siemens to pull off its operations good and besides better the fiscal flexibleness in the following a few old ages.

    Mhos is celebrated for its Strong R & A ; D capablenesss, which is besides an of import factor for its concern success. Its research and development ( R & A ; D ) investing keeps increasing in recent old ages ; the mean figure of employees engaged in R & A ; D besides keeps increasing ( Grant, 2008 ) . The group ‘s focal point in R & A ; D facilitates development of new merchandises and sweetenings to bing merchandises aid in keeping its strong market place and functioning a new section of clients.

    The planetary economic system needs diverseness. Siemens has given diversity a lasting topographic point in the corporate degree scheme. In Siemens ‘ civilization, in position of the deficit of extremely qualified people and demographic alterations, diverseness is a requirement for Siemens ‘ long-run success.


    Siemens is less advanced in the low-priced new engineering. For illustration, smaller companies like First Solar ( FSLR ) are more feasible than Mhos as their engineering becomes cheaper, so Siemens now face the force per unit area from smaller companies.

    Mhos is low in recognition evaluation. Siemens ‘s recognition evaluations were downgraded by some major planetary evaluation bureaus in the recent old ages, which is partially due to its capital construction ( Hungenberg, 2008 ) . In November 2007, Moody ‘s Investors Service downgraded Siemens ‘ long-run corporate recognition evaluation from Aa3 to A1.Its finance is non good at bring forthing hard currency flow, hence, Siemens ‘ ability to obtain new support and investing from external investors may be negatively affected by its low recognition evaluation.

    Its internal controlling manner is non every bit effectual as expected. Some referees said Siemens ‘ revelation controls and processs have been non effectual due to material failing in its internal control. In the country of anti-corruption and fiscal study, Siemens got a batch of problem due to its failing in internal control.

    Mhos relied on 3rd party service organisations for most of its operational activities. It buys 3rd party services for fabrication, piecing and proving its merchandises, while these 3rd parties ever have sorts of tie ups with multiple companies. Any jobs from these 3rd parties could adversely impact the group ‘s operations. Heavy dependance on 3rd party reduces the group ‘s control over its operation and concern costs. The consistency of the merchandises could non be guaranteed, either.


    During the fiscal crisis, a batch of little companies went insolvents, some companies are of great value to heighten Siemens ‘ competence. It is a good clip to purchase these companies with low cost.

    Ally with a strong participant is a good manner to portion the resource and heighten the competence of both companies. For illustration, joint venture is a good manner. Nokia and Siemens established a 50-50 joint venture in 2007. The joint venture is called Nokia Siemens Networks, which combined Nokia ‘s webs concern and Siemens ‘ bearer related operations for fixed and nomadic webs. This joint venture is expected to supply important long term returns to both groups.

    As all the states are caring more about the environment, There is a increasing demand for environment friendly merchandises, which is related to several merchandises line of Siemens.


    The new ordinance of manufacturers of electrical and electronic goods financially responsible for specified aggregation, recycling, intervention and disposal of past and future covered merchandises post ample costs and liabilities to Siemens.

    Small companies are deriving market portion by their merchandises with lower monetary value, which make the competition more intense.

    The planetary economic system has non to the full recovered from the fiscal crisis, so the market has non to the full recovered, either. Besides, the recognition is still tight, and it is really hard for Siemens to acquire new support from external capital market.

    The strategic options from SWOT

    By the SWOT analysis, assorted strategic options could be draw from different positions: on one manus, Siemens could be advised to mean to beef up its advantage ; on the other manus, scheme of weakening its failing is besides a good pick. Besides, as for external analysis, Siemens need to seek to do best of the timeserving external environment offered. What ‘s more, antagonizing the negative impact from external menace is a manner for Siemens to accomplish its success.

    Strengthened advantages

    Weakening the disadvantages

    Promote its company size

    Increase its market portion and maintain gross turning

    Restructure the organisation to do its division more diversified.

    Build even strong trade name image and make better in trade name market incursion by sensible public relation activities and selling publicities

    Update its R & A ; D capablenesss to a even stronger phase so as to heighten its nucleus competency

    With steady fiscal public presentation, work hard on high RIO for interest holders.

    Take actions to do both its concern and organisational civilization more diversified to accommodate to the development of planetary economic system

    Develop new divisions in charge of new merchandises with lower-price to vie in the low-price and new energy market sections

    Better its gaining control construction, do more rigorous control in its finance procedure and make better in finance revelation

    The operational parts of Siemens need to be restructured to acquire better inner control, and procedure modeling of Siemens besides needs to be modified.

    Move some of the activities from 3rd parties into in house so that Siemens will non extremely rely on 3rd party suppliers

    Make best usage of chances

    Counteract on menace

    More investing on the R & A ; D for the environment friendly and new energy merchandises

    Develop better populace relationship with local authorities

    Make sensible investing on some smaller companies which have been in insolvent

    Ally with some strong participants to portion the resources and cut down the hazards.

    Enhance its ability of defying the negative impact of fiscal crisis or economic fluctuation from planetary economic system

    Do better on the research of new ordinance and do readying every bit early as possible.

    By and large talking, every scheme has its cost and benefit, it is ever had to make an all unit of ammunition cost and benefit analysis for all the schemes listed supra. It will do Mhos expose to less hazard by the scheme of beef uping its advantages. What ‘s more, as one of the market leaders in the industry, Siemens has advantages over its rivals in many facets and do best usage of market chances can ever assist a company to achieve a batch in a long tally. However, supporting schemes from its failing and external menace besides have particular significance for its success. Based on all the analysis, suggestions for Siemens scheme are as followers:

    Inner control

    It is advised that Siemens need to make some alterations to internal control so that it can make better in commanding internal information and direction ; the procedure modeling of Siemens besides needs to be modified.

    Transportation activities from 3rd parties

    it could reassign some of its outsourced activities into in-house so that it wo n’t extremely trust on 3rd party suppliers, which bring a batch of hazard to Siemens ;

    Restructure the capital construction

    it need to curtail its gaining control construction so that it could upgrade its recognition evaluation, which help it acquire steady support in the low tally ; for external competition.

    Found new divisions for new merchandises

    Found new R & A ; D divisions to research new merchandises aimed on the low-price engineering and new energy market cleavage to vie with some smaller company with low-price merchandises.

    Joint venture

    Joint venture with other strong participants is a good scheme to portion resources and bring forth gross with lower cost.

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