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    Stem Cell Therapy Essay

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    One of the most popular clinical studies being researched these days is stem cell transplantation.

    Until recently, moral issues of states and countries haven’t allowed research to expound deeply into the unknowns. Within the last ten years though, scientists have made leaps and bounds in finding out concrete facts that this stem cell research has supplied. Tommy G. Thompson, Secretary of Health Services states; I believe it will open up a world of opportunity for scientists, not only at the NIH, but elsewhere, because it demonstrates a cooperative atmosphere among academia, the private sector, and government that will allow us to move ahead; (;sign stem;1).

    New ways of conducting stem cell research have made the healing and repairing treatment for many diverse applications. To prove their point, scientists have broken down the basic facts of their studies throughout the last ten years. Embryonic stem cell transplantation is a related course of cells that are in charge of certain functions and systems of the body. The cells used in the transplantation process are contrived from; cryopreserved suspensions; from the fetal liver, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, brain, and the pancreas. Introducing these cells to the body can be approached in different ways. The first step taken is engrafting or multiplying cells in the affected area.

    These cells will then supplement missing or declining cells and replace/repair missing functions of the body. Production then commences with considerable amounts of biologically active substances such as nerve growth factor, tumor necrosis factor and interleukins etc. When these cells have been transplanted, they are capable of migrating, establishing intercellular links and responding to various effects. However, because of their immature transplantation to the human body, these cells cause a weaker immune response than mature cells.

    Alexander Smikodub, a doctor of Medical Science at the National Medical University states, ;cells that we use are not considered by the immune system of the recipient as foreign, therefore, they can survive, multiply, and develop full function in the body of a new host; Smikodub). These cells can then survive and multiply, capable of lasting for months and years in the body of the recipient. In the areas where tissue or organs have been damaged or lost, they substitute the lack of functional activities. These cells can also produce new generations of cells that are needed by the patient.

    When strategically placed, they can support, restore and replace the functions of their specialization in the body. These methods have never received such success with amazing reparative and rejuvenating actions and effects. Scientists working with this field for the last decade have explained the steps observed from their view in detail. After the transplantation occurs, there appear positive changes in emotional and psychological sphere of the patient. In this period, the disappearance of depression, improvement in mental creativity and an inner feeling of strength are a few of the results immediately noticeable. In all of these changes occurring, there is a substantial reinforcement of the will and spirit of the person.

    With some diseases, these changes are very drastic and very important due to the grim and psychological background of the case. Mental capacity also increases quite soon, creating better concentration and ability to maintain attention, thinking, speech and memory. Some of the neurotic manifestations of the patient tend to disappear beginning with irritability, easy fatigue and apathy. At this time sleep improves and insomnia disappears with sleep becoming refreshing and recuperative. While their sleep is improving, patients also find that their physical activity likewise increases. Desiring to move, they persistently increase their physical load of bodily functions and workouts.

    In this process, overweight people tend to become more in shape and skinny people increase weight. Overall, their appearance gains freshness and rejuvenation of presence. Some of the biggest changes taking place at this time are movements that the patient could previously not accomplish at any level. The coordination of movement being restored, the nerve system is directly affected for the better.

    These changes that are occurring can happen quickly of over an extended period of time depending on the patients’ situation. On the interior of the patient, recovery commences at a steady pace beginning with weakened or damage.

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