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    Social Issue of Animal Abuse (743 words)

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    I have chosen the social of animal abuse and if you look around today you see lot of that going on with the way people treat animals.  Animal abuse is considered to be a social issue because the rise in animal protection laws has given reason to be that people are petitioning their local, state, and federal leaders to mandate stricter and harsher sanctions against anyone that is found to be guilty of animal cruelty (Lokwani, 2017).  Animals are creatures of nature that should not be harmed in any way, because if we can harm an animal then who to say that we want harm a human being.  So the big question is how can we help keep animals safe from enduring cruelty?  It is important of the issue of animal abuse because of the fact that even animals should be treated equally as humans do.

    One should be interested in animal abuse simply due the fact that if we take care of our animals they will surely to take care of us.  Just like we want to be treated a certain way, then think about an animal they want the same mutual respect.

    As Mary Lou Randour stated in her article, “Pet abuse is one of the forms of intimidation listed in Power and Control Wheel which is used by advocated for victims of domestic violence and is one of the four significant factors related with battering” (2017).  The benefits of service learning in causing positive change for animal abuse are as follow:

    1. To realize the cruelty that threaten animals
    2. Take a class on how to care for your animal the right way
    3. Support campaigns and programs that are out to help keep animals protected
    4. Help animals by purchasing cruelty-free products

    The organization for which I have chosen is The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals.  This was the first humane society established in North America and still remain to be as today being the largest in the world.  ASPCA was founded in the belief of that animals are qualified to be treated with respect at the hands of humans and need to be protected under the law. Being the largest is the world, its headquarters are located in New York City continuing to keep a strong local presence with programs that extends their anti-cruelty mission all over the country (recognized as an animal welfare organization).  Lastly but not least, this organization is privately funded not-for-profit corporation and are proud to boast over 2 million supporters all over the country (

    In conclusion, animal abuse today can either be deliberate abuse or just plain failure to take care of our animals. Either way regardless if these animals are pets, a farm animal, or wildlife the victim can suffer terribly (    Deliberate abuse to an animal can be considered as many things, but to name a few it can be considered to be as shooting or stabbing, beating your animal, and etc.  But when you tend to neglect your animal then you depriving them of food, water, shelter, care of a vet, and keeping them clean.  If you look at it in a way as to deliberate abuse and neglecting of the animal, neglecting them suffers just as much as the ones that are deliberately abused.

    The benefits for students of performing service learning at ASPCA is with the idea of gaining academic knowledge and skills needed in knowing what to look for as to animal abuse as well as how to prevent it from happening.  By working with others they can all learn together of how to better care for their pets and help others to know how to care for theirs.  Now as for the community benefitting of performing service learning at ASPCA, they can enhance their quality of teaching and finding opportunities for research and outlets for professional expertise as to animal abuse. Not only can they do that, they can also even get educated on how to handle animal abuse that they may encounter.

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