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    Social Inequality : A Social Condition

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    MS13 is the largely growing gang who seeks power mostly through the drug trafficking privileges. Power is also granted by “owning” certain territory around the city, and claiming the area as your own. Once the area is claimed, they strictly force all business to give them somewhat of a profit for having money come in on their territory. This gang recruits all of their members who volunteer and by the completion of their jobs given to them.

    The MS13 will go to local playgrounds to pick up children around the age of 9 to join the gang. Why at a young age? This is around the age where they are learning the most about adulthood, and the places they recruit from are the ones who need the guidance. These children they find are already troubled and become part of the gang for companionship, to be noticed, or because they simply don’t have anything to loose. Whatever you were raised without, you will get out of MS13 they say. The reason why social inequality falls within this scenario is because of the age of the newcomers. They won’t send a 9 year old on their first day to do the deadliest and kill the meanest.

    You have to earn your position into the MS13, meaning some hold bigger titles than others because of how long they have been in the gang. Those who hold big titles have the big responsibilities and are given the complex or risky jobs. One day these children will take power for their elders who are weak and do the biggest jobs for themselves. They play their cards right by letting children in at a young age because they sign their life over without fully understanding the consequences. You are in the gang for life. //301//b.

    Manifest Functions/pg. 81: The intended beneficial consequences of people’s actions. Basically I look at this term as a cause and effect analogy. Because one of the members, a female, has gotten pregnant; she no longer wanted to be part of the gang life so she surrendered.

    When she surrendered she was put under protection by the government and paid but that wasn’t enough. She had released all the information of what symbols mean, how you get into the gang, the myth of an ultimate ruler, and why they are doing this. Because of her actions, she was murdered with her child by her friends. She knew this game was for life when she started, there is never a way out unless its death, jail, or to the hospital.

    Even while being placed under protection, she managed to use the money she was given to party. She thought by turning the gang in, she would receive the money to party with her friends. She didn’t realize her friends were so into the gang that they picked it over her. I think she saw what she had coming, “join us or die.

    ” Manifest functions also play a role in recruiting individuals. The leaders are putting in the minds of the young statistics. To tell someone about the gang, you have to tell them all of the statistics known by society. When recruiting, the say “join us or die”, and I think they are delivering the message that this is a worldwide gang. There are over 10,000 foot soldiers in the United States, in 33 states, and in six countries of the world. Whether they succeed or not, the goal is to exceed world power.

    So the question is left, would you like to join them or die? MS13 has higher, unidentified power. They have power everywhere, we just don’t know where it is. So if and when they revolt, would you like to be safe? The viewpoint on a member is that MS13 is the safe haven, not the rest of the world. //331//c. Resocialization/pg.

    84: The process of learning new norms, values, attitude, and behavior. Resocialization must happen quick in the life of MS13 because of roles, rules, and rituals. The value of your old life is much different than the value of your new life. MS13 must be put before your values now, because their values are your only values to stay alive. Brenda Pause turned informan because once she became pregnant, her new resocialized life had no room for a baby. The values resocialized in MS13 would be presumed on drug trafficking, how blocks are marked, underground business, geography, cliques, and loyalty.

    They also would need to know the knowledge of rival gangs and the history of their characters as to why they are such rivals. You are to join the gang to show you have no fear, and then protect it. To resocialize your life to fit the MS13, there has to be a set of information to follow, handed down from someone who is trying to have a universal army. The higher power recruits its victims by changing the behavior and thoughts they acquire.

    Hitler didn’t like a certain type of people, so he persuaded the rest of the world to follow his opinion. The MS13 leader is trying to make his one distinct group hate the rest of the world. The leader has the values of street characteristics to gain money to overrule whatever it is they are trying to take. By making the group of individuals that follow him into a certain type of person, he can easily say he has an army of ants.

    If you can talk 10,000 people into believing your morals, they will talk to 10,000 more people into believing in what they now believe. To resocialize his or her army, they aren’t letting teaching them to be unique, they are teaching them to be part of a whole and to speak on behalf of a whole. //312//d. Social Structure/pg.

    96: The framework of society that surrounds us; consists of the way that people and groups are related to one another; this framework gives direction to and sets limits on our behavior. MS13 has affected the social structure of our society. By marking blocks, the gang controls the businesses on their turf and who sells what in their area. This affects the way communities are ran.

    When paying the MS13, you are guaranteed protection from them and rival gangs. They came into the territory to protect us from a situation that hasn’t occurred until they started it. Because of the growing population of MS13, there isn’t the option to say no. There is too many of them.

    The gang is controlling the way money is distributed throughout its own community. If a business, legal or not, was to make around 500 dollars for that day, MS wants around 250 dollars. To tax drug dealers, majority of their profit is maintained illegally but logically. MS13 plays a big role in the drug trafficking, saying who can and cannot sell in what area.

    MS13 is said to have every drug maintainable from a prescription drug to a made drug, taking control of the illegal substance distribution. The MS13 likes to be known in the area by tattooing themselves and putting graffiti on their turf. If MS13 is in the area, you will know because you will be affected by them whether or not you have joined the brutal gang. This gang has found a way to build their empire into society, and by controlling it. We once created our society to fit the ways we communicate with each other, and gangs like MS13 come in to threaten and destroy what we built. There is no way around them, because there are so many of them.

    Our social structure is being reconstructed to fit the life of a member in the MS13. This is happening, and they aren’t doing it quietly either. Because most of the leaders of the gang are in jail, they don’t feel threatened to be detained. //315//e.

    Master status/pg. 98: A status that cuts across the other statuses that an individual occupies. The gang of MS13 has taken their master status as illegal immigrants who don’t deserve a place in this world, to the one who is controlling and choose where they want to sit. Because these gang members are foreign, they took the racial discrimination many have and turned it into fear. They took the little power they could maintain and turned it into an army against our well beings. By changing their master status, they made it possible to control basically any territory they desire or want to own.

    This is very interesting in history, because they are taking racism and turning it into power. When Martin Luther King asked for equality, he did it through the power of speech and determination. The hierarchy of MS13 doesn’t want equality, but rather power. In El Salvador, the majority of the prisoners are members of MS13 if not all, making that a goal.

    By populating all areas with these members, they are about to reach control just about anywhere. By reaching this much control, they have a bigger picture in mind that members only see. To get recruitments, they fill the thoughts of victims as cowardess without them. With our aging country, we have successful been able to maintain racism rights, and the MS13 is basically trying to overrule them.

    The master status of an illegal immigrant has changed the way we view them. If MS13 gets all of the power to control the boarder, they will have the initial status to make every illegal citizen in this country to be a crimed MS member. If situations like this happen, the United States master status will be affected as well. This crisis of the MS13 having too much power is serious, because even locked up they still manage to get a step ahead. //300//f.

    Social Institution/pg. 100: The organized, usual, or standard ways by which society meets its basic needs. Social institution plays a role in MS13’s future. Although they yet have effected religion, education, science, and military; they have affected the law, religion, economics, and our family life.

    The goal of this gang is to eventually reach all aspects and control as much as they can. By labeling what is theirs, they can continue to advance their forces. They have effected law by being the biggest drug trafficking agency, effected religion by rerouting children into thinking there is nothing but evil (being shown in their symbol as devil horns), our economics by charging current stabilized businesses a fee to stay in business, and family life making MS13 their main priority. We can’t meet our basic needs because MS13 is a roadblock to that goal. Society won’t meet its basic needs if the social institution is targeted. Once it is changed, society is no longer organized in the standard way we presumed it to be.

    The way gangs organize their society is by scattering important people in specific places to alter our society. When two societies intertwine, basic needs are claimed and distributed however the higher power chooses. The goal of MS13 is to occupy the needs of small societies throughout many cities to largely effect the way our resources are presented to us. They will eventually ration our basic needs if they are not stopped soon. By doing this, they can control just about anything.

    With power of the streets and a few prisons, MS13 believes they cannot be stopped, only gain more power with the illegal immigrants coming into the border. A higher power of MS13 wants to control basic needs as well as any, not wanting to stop until its army is fully built with hate. “Rooster” is said to be consulting many more people to build his army of ants. //304//

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