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    Siberian Husky Dogs Is Our Pet (1774 words)

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    The Siberian Husky is a breed of dogs that must be well fed, exercised much more often, and looked after with extreme care if kept in a house as an inside pet. This breed is extremely beautiful. They have different colored eyes and beautiful, soft fur. This breed is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. This strong working dog has a medium-sized body type, averages 22 inches in height, and typically weighs around 45 pounds. This breed has two coats. First coat is weather-resistant double coat with thick and fluffy layer. Second coat is medium-length with heavy and mushy outercoat. The fur may be black, tan, gray, white, or combination of all four colors (Lagasse, 2018). Even though this breed is mostly for a dogsled racing, it is becoming more common to see them in households as pets.

    Dogs of this breed are not prone to manifestation of aggression. Therefore, they are not suitable for use as security dogs, or watchdogs. All attempts to teach them to show aggression through prolonged training can lead to serious behavioral deviations and uncontrolled aggression on the part of the animal. Even in relation to strangers, Siberian Huskies behave, as a rule, extremely friendly. Siberian Huskies can be taught obedience but, these are not the dogs that can take first place in this sport. They have a completely different mind. That is why owners of cats and other small animals must be very careful when these dogs are nearby. Siberian Huskies love people and get along well with other dogs. Unfortunately, the Siberian Huskies are fighting with small dogs, as they are too similar to cats or rabbits. Therefore, such dogs need a preparatory period, or Husky should be kept away from smaller dogs.

    Siberian Huskies are very clean dogs. They do not smell, do not suffer drooling. There are only two points to which an owner should pay special attention. The first is the grooming. Dogs of this breed have a thick undercoat that needs to be combed out with a special comb. Siberian huskies shed twice a year, and during these periods they will have to be combed several times a week. The second point is related to the state of the paws and claws. The claws should be trimmed regularly, and the condition of the pads should be closely monitored, as the dog experiences severe pain when cracks or lesions occur.

    A lot of people breed, buy, and adopt Siberian Huskies as pets. Huskies can be kept as indoor pets with certain conditions. First, the dog needs daily long walks in the morning and in the evening. Secondly, the dog should not be left alone for a long time, otherwise it will find an occupation for itself, and it is possible that it will be devastating consequences for the interior of the house. Thirdly, Siberian Huskies are powerful sled dogs, and therefore they need to be provided the necessary level of physical activity during walks. Otherwise, the dog will just wither and ache. Usually, owners do not provide much time that these dogs need. As nature dictates, Siberian huskies are sled dogs and have a lot of energy. That is why they need more walk and training time. According to Caldwell (2013), “The Siberian’s instinct is to run. Providing a daily outlet for physical exercise is an absolute must and the Siberian Husky Club of America strongly advises owners to fence in yards and keep their Siberians on leash or under control.”

    When it comes to diet, it is important to buy a special dog food that is not a regular mix. This is the most common mistake of the owners of these animals. Mixed diet leads to problems with the digestion system and the body overall. Also, an owner must remember that Huskies are fed only after a walk. If the dog exercises after eating, there may be a twisting of the intestines, which will lead to severe problems.

    There are six main points that a pet owner of Siberian Husky must know. First, huskies are social dogs. They will fall in depression if they left home alone, which may lead to several problems. Second, huskies are smart but, they need constant training. More training will lead to a better behavior. Third, huskies have an extreme amount of energy. It is a necessity for them to do physical activities. E.g., running twice a day, walking, or playing with toys. Fourth, Husky dogs shed twice a year. If kept as an inside dog, an owner must comb their fur or see a dog groomer. According to a Dog Time website, huskies double coat features medium-length hair. The top coat is straight, and the undercoat feels soft and dense. There is lots of hair, lots of shedding — especially during spring and fall when they blow their coats (Dog Time website, 2018). Fifth, huskies, like most of pets, require a correct diet. If they eat on time and get all their vitamins, they will stay healthy and energized. And the last point is that huskies are not guard dogs. Even though they are large sized animals, they are friendly and gentle.

    Since almost every pet owner has a job to go to, they leave their pets inside their houses for a portion of the day. These owners are used to that schedule and don’t warry about their pet’s mental state. Also, a lot of people do not have time and do not bother to train their dogs, nor provide the time for regular walks and physical activities. They feel that walking a Husky dog for an hour a day is plenty. When it comes to combing the dog’s fur, people more often do it partially. They do it little by little, day by day, and save money on grooming services. The dog is very neat, not slobbering, the coat and skin are odorless. The diet part is tricky and depends on a dog. Some huskies cannot digest some products, that is why an owner must keep an eye on how much and what food their pet eats. A lot of people buy cheapest food on the market and are fine with it but, dogs don’t get the correct nutrition and lose interest in walks, training, and toys. According to American Kennel Club, feeding a high-quality dog food is essential for the Siberian’s healthy skin and coat. Adjustments in the level of protein in the food is required for the working Siberian, based on the level of activity (American Kennel Club, 2018).

    Most of dog owners do not have space for a second dog but, if there are two or more dogs in the house, Husky won’t feel lonely during the day while the owner is at work. Also, they will spend time together, which will help them to stay social. People who do not have time for training, walking, socializing or grooming their dogs can use different services from local businesses. E.g., a pet hotel where a pet is socializing with other dogs, playing, doing different physical activities, or being trained by a professional. This breed needs a lot of exercise. According to Diane Morgan (2000), The Husky is a dog built for both speed and endurance. He is one of the smallest working dogs but also one of the quickest (Diane Morgan, 2000, p.9). Huskies have two coats. According to Lorna Winslette (2003), this breed has double and medium in length coat, giving a dog well furred appearance. The undercoat is soft and dense and of enough length to support the outer coat (Lorna Winslette, 2003, p.3). If a dog sheds, an owner may use a grooming service. Also, there are plenty of different studies on the internet about best nutrition for huskies, which may be extremely helpful for a new Husky owner.

    Every puppy or adult dog needs a place and a bed. A plastic bed with a nylon-padded mattress is best suited because these materials are hardest for a dog to tear apart. Traditional baskets and modern beds are easily broken, and those pieces can damage dogs’ intestines if swallowed. Water and food bowls must be metal for the same safety reasons. It is necessary to purchase a collar and a leash, as well as a leash-roulette, brush and comb. Small and flexible combs, whose teeth have rounded edges, are suitable for the hair of the husky, so as not to damage the skin. Before using any grooming tool on a dog, an owner should try it on the back of his or her hand. If the comb or brush is too coarse, an owner should avoid it. A comb with sparse teeth is also effective, mainly for brushing the main grooming brush from the hair. It can also comb long hair on the tail and rear legs. It should be remembered that many dogs really do not like when someone is combing their tail. The tail is a continuation of the spine, so combing it must be very careful.

    Also, there will be a need for a cage, especially to teach a Husky puppy new house rules. Or to accustom a Husky to new pets. The cage is extremely valuable resource if an owner is always at work. It can serve as a safety for the dog when left alone. Naturally, no dog can be left in a cage for hours but, if a dog accustomed to a cage from a puppy age, it will impact less stress on a pet while an owner is at work. Before bringing a Husky to a new home, an owner must be sure that the fence is in order and that the garden is well protected. These measures should not be postponed until the moment when the puppy is already in the house, because puppies can jump out even through a tiny hole, and adult Huskies can easily jump over a half meter fence or undermine it.

    Huskies love to gnaw in any age. It becomes a huge problem when a Husky puppy is teething. It is best to have special toys which Huskies can chew on. The adult Husky can do a tremendous damage to a house if left alone. That is why Husky owners either put them in cages, or buy different toys, including the ones that can withstand their vigorous jaws. When keeping a Husky in an apartment, an owner must provide a spot that will be comfortable for his or her pet. Huskies have double coated fur, that is why they need a cool place. Also, there should be a bed. It can be anything as long as its not completely flat.

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