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Short Story – Sophia Takes a Stand Essay

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    Sophia walked outside with her class for recess. It was a cool October afternoon in South Arkansas. The sounds of children playing and yelling were roaring through the playground. Sweet Sophia had no idea she was about to take on the playground bully. Sophia was happy to have a break from her school work. She hurried to find Mary so they could play basketball and just as they started playing, Sophia caught a glimpse of Jessie and her posse approaching from the foggy shadows. Sophia smiled at them.

    “Hey what are you doing? ? Jesse says to Sophia. Mary and I are playing basketball, you guys wanna play? ‘sophia replies. “No, why don’t you come over to the jungle gym and play with us? ? “Hold on, let me go get Mary. ? “Um, no Sophia, my mom doesn’t allow me to play with kids like that, you know, black kids. ? “Oh really? Well I can’t play with people who are assholes. ? After the confrontation, Jesse and her posse were astonished at what Sophia said and they ran to tell the teacher on duty.

    Everyone was talking at once as the girls told Ms. Parker what Sophia said. As we all know there are two sides to every story, so Ms. Parker asked Sophia what happened and Sophia relayed her side of the story to Ms. Parker. After Ms. Parker got all of the facts, she decided that it would be best for the girls to go to the office to see the principal, Mrs. Reynolds. Ms. Parker went into the office first by herself, to discuss with Mrs. Reynolds what took place on the playground between Sophia and Jesse. After Ms. Parker told the principal what happen they called the girls into the office.

    Tensions were high as Sophia and Jesse walked into the principal’s office and sat down in front of Mrs. Reynolds sitting at her desk. Conflicted Mrs. Reynolds stood up in shock. “Girls I am saddened to see you in my office, after hearing what Ms. Parker has told me I have no choice but to call your parents. ? Mrs. Reynolds said. “Yes ma’am. ‘sophia and Jesse said in unison. “Please go wait outside my office until your parents arrive and I contemplate the consequences of your actions. ? “Yes ma’am. ‘sophia and Jesse slowly got up and walked outside of Mrs. Reynolds office to sit down in suspense to wait for their parents and the punishment they both knew was coming.

    Back in the principals office Mrs. Reynolds and Ms. Parker were contemplating what to do. “I can’t help but be proud of what Sophia did. ‘says Mrs. Reynolds. “I have to agree with you. ? Ms. Parker said. “What Jesse did was bullying and Sophia put a stop to it, I don’t agree with how she worded it but I just don’t feel right punishing Sophia for standing up against bullying. ? “You are right Mrs. Reynolds, while we need to let her know there are better ways to words things we need to reassure her that she was right for standing up for Mary. ?

    “Yes you are right Ms. Parker. Ok, the girls parents are here, I think we have come up with a punishment, so please go ahead and bring them in. ? “Ok I will be right back. ‘sophia’s and Jesse’s parents walk into the office with disappointment on their faces and are lead into the principal’s office without saying a word to the girls. Sophia and Jesse follow their parents into the office to learn their fate. “I am sorry to see all of you under these circumstances but after learning of what happened on the playground today I had no choice but to call you in. ? Mrs. Reynolds said. Let me inform you as to what happened between Sophia and Jesse. ?

    Mrs. Reynolds told Sophia’s and Jesse’s parents about the confrontation on the playground and let them all know what the consequences would be. Mrs. Reynolds said “We usually give detention to a child for using profanity but in Sophia’s case she was shutting down bullying and I am highly taking that into consideration. We have decided not to give Sophia detention, but I will suggest that Sophia choose her words more wisely next time. What she said was highly inappropriate, so consider this her first and only warning. Sophia’s parents said “We are shocked because that’s not even on of the top three cuss words we use. ? Not smiling Mrs. Reynolds said “As for Jesse I have decided that she will serve three days of detention as we have zero tolerance for bullying and I hope you will agree with me. ? Jesse’s parents just nodded in agreement and glared at Jesse. “I hope everyone here has learned a valuable lesson about bullying and in the future will take everyone’s feelings into consideration. If that is all, the girls need to get back to their classes and I’m sure you need to get back to work as do I. ?

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