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    Sexual & Asexual

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    Question Answer
    The study of how traits are studied Genetics
    Structures in a cell's nucleus that are made of DNA (the genetic material). Chromosomes
    A distinguishing characteristic or quality; eye color, face shape. Traits
    The passing of traits from parents to offspring.

    A type of reproduction (regeneration, budding, binary fission, vegetative propagation) in which a new organism is produced by 1 PARENT!! with identical DNA to the parent. Asexual Reproduction
    A type of asexual reproduction that produces a bud that breaks away from the organism to live in its own Budding
    A type of asexual reproduction, uses cell division to regrow body parts. Regeneration
    An organism spitting, making 2 identical organisms. Binary Fission
    The ability of plants to reproduce by producing new plants from existing vegetative structures.

    Vegetative Propagation
    Children or young of a particular parent descendent. Offspring
    A type of reproduction in which 2 PARENTS!! form a unique offspring (offspring is diverse) Sexual Reproduction
    2 Alleles in a gene pair are the SAME!! for a particular trait(EX: rr or RR) (can also be clarified as purebreds) Homozygous
    2 Alleles in a gene pair are DIFFERENT!! for a particular trait.(EX: Rr) ( can also be clarified as hybrids) Heterozygous
    Describes a trait that is often covered up, is only seen when both alleles in a gene pair are recessive.(EX: lowercase 'r') Recessive
    Describes a trait that is always seen anytime it is present in a gene pair.

    (EX: uppercase 'R')

    An organisms genetic makeup, or alleles for a trait. Genotype
    Physical appearance & behavior of an organism because of the genes it has. Phenotype
    Another name for heterozygous, alleles for a trait that are different. Hybrid
    Another name for homozygous, alleles for a trait are the same. Purebred
    A tool used to predict probability of certain traits in offspring. Punnet Square

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