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    Science vs Nature Sample Essay

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    The Birthmark” was a great narrative that written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Throughout this epoch of history. huge development was being made in the part of scientific discipline and engineering. which lead to ground-breaking and enormous finds. It besides opened doors to legion of new subdivisions in the scientific field of research. The scientist. Aylmer. the cardinal character in The Birthmark. efforts to take his experimental survey to the upper limit of scientific discipline in a venture to run Nature. Aylmer becomes intensely enchanted in a battle which scientific discipline opposes nature in an attempt to derive control over nature. Aylmer awfully tries to bring forth a universe of perfection in his blemished universe. He engages in the clang of scientific discipline versus Nature. he thinks his feel fondness for scientific discipline can equal. his married woman Georgiana. Aylmer lives and works in a period in which scientific discipline is comparatively new and misunderstood at the clip.

    Science is described in this narrative as “mystical” and “mysterious” . with turn outing that the work Aylmer was making was good thought-out to be a sort of thaumaturgy or juju by the people with no sort of scientific civilization. Near the beginning of the narrative. Aylmer has been impregnated by the thought that important flawlessness has been within range through scientific discipline. This becomes the dynamic force following Aylmer’s motivations. With his matrimony to Georgiana. this driving force of flawlessness becomes an compulsion that takes over his head. Aylmer loved Georgiana profoundly but he could non digest her individual imperfectness. Georgiana was about perfect from the manus of Nature. but on her “left cheek there was a individual grade. deeply interwoven. This bantam. irrelevant nevus was so gross outing to Aylmer that he

    refused to snog her on the cheek. or even look at it in daytime. It drove Aylmer mad that his married woman was so close to flawlessness. His mission was to explicate a mixture to take the nevus separating his married woman as the lone most perfect being of all time formed.

    On the other manus. Georgiana does hold some step of power over her husband’s spirit. a power that comes non from scientific discipline but nature. For illustration. when Aylmer’s spirits flag. he asks Georgiana to sing to him. and the beauty of her voice restores his good temper. Unlike her husband’s potions. her voice is wholly natural but has a much greater consequence. In add-on. Georgiana’s nevus besides demonstrates the power of nature because it captivates and intoxicates about everyone who sees it. In the terminal. Aylmer’s effort to command nature with scientific discipline terminals merely in decease and unhappiness Georgiana’s nevus symbolizes humanity in my words. Every life thing is flawed in some manner. nature’s manner of reminding us that all populating thing Oklahoman or ulterior dies. The hand-shaped grade on Georgiana’s cheek is a blemish that marks her as person. Aylmer’s disgust for his wife’s nevus suggests the horror he feels at the chance of decease. He is a smart adult male. but his misunderstanding of the symbol on Georgiana’s face leads him astray. If anything. the symbol of decease on her cheek clangs with her natural kindness and cheery spirit. Aylmer’s ain accomplishment in scientific discipline and the medical field finally led to an single catastrophe.

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