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    Schools Don’t Need Dress Codes

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    Throughout this first month of school, in English, we’ve read a number of short essays dealing with very controversial issues.

    A few of these examples are how some people are starting to change their names back to the originals, or how married (involved) men shouldn’t be looking at pornography, or how Dress Codes Essay are affecting students learning, and even women’s struggle with their self image due to movies, magazines, and advertisements. People have very strong opinions for these issues. I am one of these people when it comes to dress codes. There should not be dress codes in school because it stops people from expressing their own individuality. The schools that have dress codes, which tend to be private schools, usually have them because they want everyone to look the same, or don’t want to have “cliques,” or simply just like them.

    A lot of the institutions feel that this can also reduce the trouble students get in or trouble the school might have with them. All of these reasons that they have are all false. If anything, the dress codes do the exact opposite of what they were intended to do in the first place. With my experience with dress codes (not personally, but a lot of my close friends attended schools with dress codes) I found that the most troubled and most rebellious students seemed to have come from a school that had a dress code. What everyone needs to understand is that young kids and teenagers are very rebellious as it is.

    So if they are put in a strict situation like this one, they will do whatever is necessary to do the opposite. The idea of having everyone dress the same works to some extent, but students will do anything to get out of looking like everyone else. The other idea of not wanting “cliques” or little groups of friends in their schools is impossible to solve; especially with dress codes. No matter what type of school you are in or where it is, there are always going to be “cliques” and there always will be.

    The other reason of having the dress codes just because they think it will help the school or kids is totally wrong, too. Dress codes have no affect on how students do in school, or how they will act in class, or any positive affects for that matter. The major reason I feel school dress codes are wrong is that they take away from people’s individuality. I feel that I am a perfect example of how they can take away someone’s individuality. In many cases I am different from a lot of people. I have my own style of dress, my own personality, my own way of doing things, I am my own self.

    I am someone who likes to wear earrings and baggy clothes and shave my head. What’s wrong with that? I don’t wear anything that is offensive to anyone. Most people, including myself, will soon have a job in a work place that has a dress code. For that reason alone schools should not have dress codes. We are only kids, who will soon be wearing a suit and tie to work for 40 years. Don’t make us wear them during the one time in our life where we should be able to express ourselves the most.

    Another example of why this whole dress code controversy is wrong, is expressed in the book, Animal Farm. In this book, the animals take over the farm that they live on because they don’t like what is being done by the humans. To sum up what happens throughout the book is that the pigs begin to take control of the farm and slowly, but surely, they start walking, talking, and even living like the humans they had thrown off the farm. Though not an exact example of the dress code controversy, it takes it to the next level.

    This is next point I would like to make, that the dress code is just where it begins.First they take away people’s individuality with the dress code, what’s next they make everyone start talking the same, or acting the same, or just basically being .

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