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    Sakeena Essay

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    Lakishmi: Good morning Sakeena

    Sakeena: Good morning sister

    Lakishmi: I dreamt last night of my brother Retik. I cannot stand that cruel decision of Khan, I have suffered a lot. I miss you my brother.

    (Lakishmi snobs/cries)

    Sakeena: I miss him too, we all do

    Lakishmi: Doesn’t he have a heart. How did he leave him unburied in the desert? (Rises) Acha, I have made my decision. I will go burry him. My brother is not food for the vultures.

    Sakeena: Are you mad? You crazy fool! Khan will kill you.

    Lakishmi: I’d do anything for Retik my brother, who would’ve done the same thing for me and you.

    Sakeena: You are not strong enough sister; you’d be killed if you get caught. You know it’s forbidden, it’s against Khan’s law.

    Lakishmi: So, you will not join me in my mission?

    Sakeena: It’s too dangerous. We would die, so why go kill our self. Thank God I still have my brain to think with. Of course I will not come and you must not go as well.

    Lakishmi: But Retik is our brother. Don’t you want to burry him so he can go to heaven? Don’t be selfish Sakeena.

    Sakeena: Lakishmi baby, you are my young sister and I should protect you.

    Let’s just forget about this.

    Lakishmi: I will not forget about this. Instead, I’ll go on my own, I don’t even want to come, you traitor.


    Chorus: On the dusty field waiting for the battle, the weather is filled with fear.

    Rahul: The scream of Retik arose, announcing war filling the environment with tension.

    Chorus: The swords were picked by passionate and brave soldiers ready to hit battlefield.

    Rahul: The sounds of the sword clashing between one another playing the notes of blood. The ground was an ocean of the brothers’ blood.

    Chorus: The morning announced victory for the people of Mumbai.


    Rahul: God of many names

    Chorus: Please save Antigone and free Creon from the curse.

    Rahul: God of many names

    Chorus: A storm seems to be coming, please save us from all the misery that

    will be raining on us.

    Rahul: God of many names!

    Chorus: Open the skies of heaven and listen to our prayers. Don’t ignore us Gods; we need you to accept all our prayers.


    Dave: No man can foretell his fate. Creon was the most victorious in all battles, and now fate has changed this. Everything is gone and all his life’s joy has failed.

    Rahul: What news have you got us Dave, speak.

    Dave: They are dead!

    Rahul: Dead, who is dead?

    Dave: Raj is dead.

    Rahul: Raj! Who killed him?

    Dave: His own hands did. He killed himself.

    Rahul: Did Maduri hear about this? Where we too loud?

    (Enter Maduri)

    Maduri: I have fainted in the morning after hearing bad news, but speak again tell me what happened.

    Dave: Lady Maduri, I will tell you everything I have seen, but you may not like it.

    Maduri: Tell me everything

    Dave: I went with Khan to bury Retik, but it was too late. His body was eaten by the dogs, so we took all that’s left of his body and burned it.

    Maduri: May he rest in peace (prays for him)

    Dave: Then we went to the cave where Lakishmi was locked, and we found her dead, hanged by her own hands.

    Maduri: (Gasps)

    Dave: Raj was in the cave too. He put his arms around Lakishmi his bride and stabbed himself in front of Khan.

    Maduri: (Weeps and exits)

    Rahul: Poor Maduri is in shock for her son’s death.

    Dave: I am worried about her, I will go see her.

    (Exit Dave to palace)

    (Enter Khan with Raj’s body)

    Khan: Raj ooh Raj, why did you do this. Was I too harsh for locking up your fianc�? You are too young to die Raj, I blame myself for your death my son. You died because of my stubbornness. I didn’t listen to you when you told me I was wrong.

    Rahul: you finally figured out you were wrong, now you get it?

    Khan: The truth is hard to bear. The God’s have punished me now and took away my son.

    (Enter Dave from palace)

    Dave: I have more mad news.

    Khan: What could be worse than my son’s death?

    Dave: Your wife, Lady Maduri is dead.

    Khan: Oooh, my lovely wife. Why have you taken her away God’s?

    Dave: Maduri killed her self and her last words were for you Khan. She cursed you for being evil.

    Khan: I’m surrounded by sorrows. Why is the world so harsh? Is there no pity for me? My wife and son are both dead. They were both angry from me. I caved Raj’s fianc� so he killed him self, and Maduri killed her self for the death of her son. Ooh cruel world, take me away. I want to die, someone kill me. (Weeps) I know that I am guilty. I am cursed. Let death come in. I want to die. I was so foolish.

    Rahul: (To audience) Happiness can never exist without wisdom. Proud men should learn to be wise.

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