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    Robin Williams in Man of the Year Essay

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    In the 2006 film, “Man of the Year”, Robin Williams plays a comedic tv show host, Tom Dobbs who decides to run as a third party candidate for president when a member of the audience jokingly suggests it. Dobbs is liked by many and very popular due to his television show causing him to have many supporters in the election. He went to schools, towns and other public areas to promote his candidacy. During the presidential debates he broke the rules and gave a speech to persuade the American people to vote for him. While running for president he falls in love with Eleanor Green, a women that worked for Stewart, owner of Delacroy.

    Delacroy is a new system of voting through the internet. Despite the doubt Dobb’s campaign manager, Jack Menken had, Dobbs’ won the election. Before Eleanor met Dobbs she found an error while testing the Delacroy system. She learned that the winner of the test elections as not actuate to the amount of votes she had for the loser. She reported the problem to the president, Steward who told her the problem was only on her computer. They were worried that she would tell the public of the faults with the Delacroy system so they drugged her to make her seem crazy.

    Once Tom Dobb’s won the election she told him the truth that he wasn’t really the president. Dobb’s had to make choice of wether to tell the American people that he wasn’t president or continue to act as America’s elected president. He decided to make the right choice and give up being the president. I personally think that it is possible for a man like Thomas Dobbs to become elected as president in America. Many people like him and support him on his tv show. His job is to talk about politics and many people end up agreeing with him by the end of the show. I also think it would be easy for him to become elected by his image.

    I believe that nowadays the true meaning behind voting is lost. Most people just vote because it’s a popularity contest. They for someone because they are a republican or a democrat but they understand what the candidate truly believes in. That’s why I believe people would vote for a man like Tom Dobbs, because they know his name and they know his face. There have been many man whom, like tom Dobbs, we’re a successful actor loved by the American people that seeked a job in politics. For example, the famous action movie actor in The Terminator and Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was California’s 38th governor.

    Also Ronald Reagan America’s 40th president who stared in the popular General Electric Theater and Kings Row as well as many others. The reasoning behind their succession is likely due to their popularity and charisma. Just like in fist TV debate in 1960 between Kennedy and Nixon. Kennedy was more prepared and looked more presentable then Nixon most likely leading to his success in the election. Image and appearance has a lot to do with the election process and they know how to charm a crowd because of they’re experience in acting.

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