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    Roald Dahl Biography (502 words)

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    Roald Dahl was the author who wrote famous books like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. He was an author that was British and has written over nineteen. He married a woman named Patricia Neal who was an actress. He wrote ‘Someone Like You,’ which was also the best-selling book in 1953. ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ became a film later on. There were two versions of the book.

    When he first starting writing stories, he started out with short stories. C.S. Forester was the one who cheered on Roald Dahl to begin writing books. In Dahl’s beginning stage, he shared his first book in a magazine. He also started writing for other magazines . He has written for big companies including one of the most well known called The New Yorker. Dahl made a total of nine short stories.

    Dahl realized he liked fantasy more than he liked nonfiction. He felt that the less realistic his stories were, the better they would become. He’s said he most likely wouldn’t write if he wasn’t asked to do so when he first began writing. He and his became more successful when he stopped writing nonfiction. This is why ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ was very popular.

    Roald was Norwegian. He was born on September 13th, 1916. His birth place was Llandaff, South Wales. His father died when he was young and he would tend to visit his grandparents often. He went to Llandaff Cathedral School. He would get in trouble there and the principal would spank him for the littlest things. With that happening to him, his mom took him out of that school and took him to St. Peter’s.

    Later on he went to Repton which was a private school. He did not like the school and couldn’t wait to get it over with. He wasn’t the best student ever so his mom tried to pay for him to go to some different colleges for when he graduated but he didn’t want to go to college. Instead of going to college, he wanted to go work at a place that would let him explore and go different places. When he graduated, he went to go work at an oil company.

    After working at the oil company for seven years, he joined the Airforce. He then became a pilot and later on crashed which gave him several injuries. Due to his injuries, he became an assistant air attache. With all that happening as time went by, he ended up having five kids but one of them had died. He would tell his kids stories before they would go to sleep. This is what made him want to become a children’s writer.

    As he grew older, his wife had brain problems. She eventually recovered but about twenty years later they split up. Not that long after that, Dahl got married again around 1983 to a women named Felicity Ann Crosland. Seven years later in 1990, he died because of an infection the doctors were unaware of.

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