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    Report on Human Resources Management Practices of the Burberry Group Essay

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    Burberry group is a prima luxury fabricating company in UK. Burberry group established in 1856 and late it celebrated its 150 old ages in history. In this twelvemonth it announced the closing of its Welsh mill. A PESTEL analysis is conducted to measure the external environment of China. It assists the house to run the concern in host state. SWOT analysis besides plays an of import function to happen out the company objectives and identifies the internal and external factors that are favourable and unfavourable to accomplish that aim. For the entry in the market of China and enlisting of managerial degree employee, company uses the geocentric attack. This attack helps to happen the best and see employee for the company.

    Table of Contentss

    Executive Summery 2

    Table of Contentss 3

    Introduction 5

    PESTEL Analysis 5

    Political: 5

    Economic: 5

    Social: 5

    Technology: 6

    Environment: 6

    Legal: 6

    SWOT Analysis 6

    Strengths: 6

    Failings: 7

    Opportunities: 7

    Menaces: 7

    Key Issues 7

    Sourcing Scheme: 7

    Equal Opportunity: 7

    Trade Union: 8

    Supply Chain: 8

    Advantages of Factory Move: 8

    Disadvantage of Factory Move: 8

    IHRM Approach 8

    Geocentric Approach: 8

    Recommendations 9

    Action Plan 10

    Clarify Goals: 10

    Recruitment: 10

    Coaching the Employees: 10

    Motivation and Performance Appraisal: 10

    Employee Satisfaction and Feedback: 11

    Decision 11

    Mentions 12


    Burberry is a taking and luxury trade name name in UK, trades with the different trade names that attack adult females, work forces and childs. Burberry was established in 1856 in England and celebrated its 150 old ages in fabricating the life style merchandises and its accoutrements for adult females, work forces and for the childs. Burberry has about 260 straight operated shops. Addition, the besides sold its merchandises through grant with a broad web of 71 third-party operated retail locations and sweeping clients. All the jobbers of the house are taking prestige retail merchants.

    At the terminal of financial twelvemonth 2006, the company generated ?743 million gross. This gross generated by the company from Europe, Japan, North America and from Asia ( Burberry, 2010 ) .

    PESTEL Analysis

    The PESTEL analysis of China and UK are as follows:


    China is governed by the Communist party. The Communist party is non back up the foreign participants in domestic market. Some political determinations, revenue enhancements, policies are non back up the environment of concern. Equally good as in the UK, authorities has a major impact on concerns. The political party provides the best supportive substructure to the companies ( Cardinal Intelligence Agency, 2010 ) .


    Economic status is good in China. It shows changeless growing rate in GDP with 7 to 8 Percentages every twelvemonth. GDP per capita income is besides shows the growing at US $ 6,100 in 2008 and US $ 6,600 in 2009. UK is one of the most powerful economic systems in the universe with a gross national per capita income of US $ 41,520 in 2009 ( Gross National Income Per Capita, 2009 ) .


    China is a civilization with high power distance, reflecting that there is a big difference between consumers ‘ societal position. Language barriers are one of the challenges when western companies entered in Chinese market. In UK, societal position of consumers is high and uses the luxury merchandises for the societal position symbol ( Central Intelligence Agency, 2010 ) .


    China has become one of the powerful states in inventions and engineerings. China ‘s 60 per centums of engineerings including atomic energy, infinite, high- energy natural philosophies and biological science, computing machine and information engineering have reached or are close to the universe ‘s progress degree. UK is a develop state in the universe. UK houses are at or near the head in engineering progresss, particularly in aerospace and military equipment. In UK, cyberspace users are increase with the population of 48.755 million and the cyberspace hosts are 7.03 million in 2010 ( Central Intelligence Agency, 2010 ) .


    China faces the environmental jobs like H2O deficits, H2O pollution from untreated wastes, and loss of one 5th agribusiness land since 1949 due to dirty eroding and economic development ( Cardinal Intelligence Agency, 2010 ) . UK seeking to cut down its nursery gas emanations and authorities besides seeking to cut down the sum of industrial and commercial waste ( Cardinal Intelligence Agency, 2010 ) .


    China governed by one Communist party so, the companies in China lawfully bounded with the jurisprudence of China and work harmonizing to the jurisprudence. But in recent old ages in UK, there have been many significance legal alterations that affected steadfast behaviour like debut of age favoritism and disablement favoritism statute law, an addition in the minimal rewards.

    SWOT Analysis

    The SWOT analysis of Burberry Group plc is as follows:


    Harmonizing to Pahl & A ; Richter ( 2009 ) Burberry group is a prima luxury trade name in UK. Company ‘s major strength is its trade name name, hallmarks and other rational belongings. Company turning its licensing channels worldwide, those presenting high incremental return on incremental capital. The company manufactures the heritage merchandises in vesture with the quality, map and modern authoritative manner.


    Harmonizing to Bohm ( 2009 ) company has a perpendicular integrating that reduces the net income border and the value from fabricating. Company has an dress section in its profile that has increased manner hazard and affects the company ‘s net incomes.


    The Company has a good chance of enlargement of retail web and sweeping distribution in other states. Company has an chance to restructuring of its Spanish operations in order to derive Spain to its planetary concern modal and present the Burberry planetary aggregation in the market. Harmonizing to Ferrell & A ; Hartline ( 2008 ) Company has an chance to extension of its dress offering to the bing and future clients.


    Harmonizing to Henry ( 2008 ) the chief menace of Burberry group is to command the over licensees and sweeping histories. The company refines its sourcing scheme that procedure affects relationship with providers. Company is single-channel trade name and hallmark that increasing in manner hazard in the market. Company faces the job of forging in the market.

    Key Issues

    The cardinal issues of Burberry group are as follows:

    Sourcing Scheme:

    The sourcing scheme affects relationship with bing and possible providers during the passage period because there is grounds in instance survey that the company polish its sourcing scheme for choice of providers to keep and increase merchandise quality and bettering sourcing efficiency ( From Case ) .

    Equal Opportunity:

    Company creates the policy of equal chance to enroll the most capable campaigner for the occupation and develop competent employees. In this policy all employees receive just and equal environment in the company ( From instance ) . There is an grounds that company believes, the communicating is of import between company and the employees for edifice relationship and motivation employees.

    Trade Union:

    Trade brotherhood played a powerful function in a company determinations and schemes. Employees make a trade brotherhood to protect the rights in organisation. There is grounds in instance that GMB trade brotherhood was successful in detaining the closing day of the month of the Burberry mill and warehouse in Treorchy.

    Supply Chain:

    There is grounds in one-year study 2005/06 that company come with some enterprises to redesign its supply concatenation. The corporate societal duty commission of Burberry Company considers supply ironss that include maintain acceptable labor, environmental and societal patterns.

    Advantages of Factory Move:

    Move the mill in other state ; derive the market repute in other state.

    Company additions the competitory advantages

    In China natural stuff and labor is inexpensive instead than Treorchy. So, company additions the cost efficiency in their production.

    To traveling the mill in other state, company can increase in market portion.

    Disadvantage of Factory Move:

    To traveling mill in other state, employee losingss his occupation.

    Company faces the cultural differences to travel the company in other state.

    Company faces linguistic communication differences to travel the company.

    China is communist state, there are some policies, regulations and ordinance for set up a company. This makes trouble for Burberry group to travel the company in China.

    IHRM Approach

    Company can follow the geocentric attack for the international human resource direction in China. The geocentric attack is as follow:

    Geocentric Approach:

    Harmonizing to Briscoe, Schuler & A ; Claus ( 2008 ) geocentric attack, the house can engage best people in all executive place harmonizing to their ability and cognition instead than nationality. Burberry group can utilize its human resource most expeditiously by reassigning the best individual to the occupation. In Geocentric attack, company coordinates its subordinates and central offices for determination devising activities. It can be helpful to do a stronger relationship web among the full planetary direction squad because of continues interaction and networking aid to understand the state civilization and work topographic point among the squad members ( Briscoe, Schuler & A ; Claus, 2008 ) .

    The advantage of geocentric attack is that this attack offers the good chance to all executive degree employees work in different states. This attack helps to construct a squad of executives who understand the international operations. Harmonizing to Vance, Vance & A ; Paik ( 2006 ) this attack helps to construct a planetary limited vision and trueness for the company. In this attack the HR manager can follow the standardisation policy for enlisting of executives. In this policy, HR manager can follow the criterion standard for enlisting of managerial degree employees.

    There is grounds in the instance that Burberry group established a corporate societal duty commission in 2005 for giving the equal environment and chance to the employees in the mode of money and installations. In this environment employees are rewarded harmonizing to their part in the company. Company has some criterion to enroll the campaigner to derive the most capable occupation campaigner and develop competent employees.

    China is a communist state so, most of the big foreign company, particularly multi-national companies operate its concern with the association of china authorities spouses. In this attack company can confront the deduction of transverse civilization struggle and control. In an analysis of high executing companies with the transnational direction squads proved that civilization difference gives the advantages of concern. There is grounds Wei ( 2001 ) that this civilization difference might even lend to a competitory advantage by supplying a broader scope of positions for pull offing the company within such complex economic and cultural system.


    On the analysis of China HRM and the market place of the company, it is recommended that the company should carry on a market analysis in the China. It can be helpful to understand about the rivals in the market. Harmonizing to Wei ( 2001 ) in order to come in in the Chinese market, company should utilize the joint venture scheme with Chinese luxury merchandise industries. It would be helpful in the growing of the house in Chinese market. There is grounds in instance that Burberry group has worldwide web of licensed straight operated shops, grants, 3rd party operated retail location and a web of sweeping clients. This would be helpful to growing in market portion of China.

    Harmonizing to Courtis, Ratcliffe & A ; Allsop ( 2006 ) China is a figure one in population in the universe so, the labour easy available at less cost for the production. It would be helpful to bring forth the merchandises at cost efficiency. That will be helpful to increase in market portion and competitory advantage. In China, company should come in with the joint venture with other company ; this can be helpful to derive managerial advantage in the market because the employees of other company and direction know about the civilization and linguistic communication of the state. They have a deep cognition about the market and state of affairss, it would be helpful to turn in the market and increase in market portion.

    Action Plan

    The Burberry group PLC makes the action program to pull off the people facets in both Wales and China are as follows:

    Clarify Goals:

    To pull off the people facets of this job, HR manager should specify the company ends to all the employees in the organisation. It will be helpful to understand about the mission and vision of the company. By the clarify ends, employees will be motivate to make work with efficaciously and efficiency ( Bratton, & A ; Gold, 2001 ) .


    The HR manager should enroll the most skilled and motivated employees for the organisation. The employees should hold the cognition of their field every bit good as functions and duties. The full procedure of enlisting is monitored by the human resource director.

    Coaching the Employees:

    Training of the employees is another map of the HR manager. By the preparation, an employee can pass on and develop strong dealingss with the other people. Training provides the cognition about the organisation. It defines the company ‘s long term vision and mission.

    Motivation and Performance Appraisal:

    By the motive an employee can give the best public presentation in the company. A human resource manager should form a session and lectures that maintain the employee update about the competition in the market ( Bamberger & A ; Meshoulam, 2000 ) . Performance assessment and compensation is besides one of the chief duties of the HR manager.

    Employee Satisfaction and Feedback:

    A HR manager should supply the installations to the employees for actuating. It should be in term of pecuniary and other standards. HR manager should take the feedback from the different sections about the employees ( Courtis, Ratcliffe & A ; Allsop, 2006 ) . HR manager should understand the feedback of the workers and this lead to a well-organized direction of the workers.


    From the above treatment, it can be concluded that Burberry group Plc is a taking company in fabricating the luxury merchandises for adult females, work forces and childs. Its corporate direction scheme involves selling high quality merchandises at lower cost to the clients. Company operates its concern through licensed retail web and has a good chance to use this web in other states. Company gives god working environment to employees through corporate societal duty commission. Burberry group is traveling to redesign its supply concatenation web and sourcing scheme for deriving the competitory advantages from the market.

    It can be concluded that company decides to cloture its mill in the other state to derive the planetary competitory advantages and bring forth the low cost merchandises. For this, company should unify with other planetary based company and unfastened new shops in state.

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